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Argentinean fans caught by police

Written by roxeteer on November 15, 2001 to .

KARLSTAD - According to Hallandsposten, three Argentinean Roxette fans were caught by the police after walking on a motorway in the middle of the night, outside Karlstad, Sweden. With a small map in their hands, they were heading for the icehall in Karlstad where Roxette were going to have their concert - almost 24 hours later.

  “We wanted to be the first,” Maximiliano Alfaso said to the local newspaper Värmlands Folkblad.

  He and two other fans from Argentina had paid 900 USD to travel to Europe and see Roxette live. “We’re crazy,” said one of the fans, Lionel Zaragocin, with a big smile.


Three of you should start a thread and tell us all about it!

Ok! I must go and see Argentina and its big fans of Roxette.What a thing !!!

Laura ?


Morons is exactly the right description....Travelling in the middle of the night just to be the first. I was was there and it was bloody freezing in Karlstad. They’re lucky they didn’t catch pneumonia. And no-one else turned up until many hours later, so they were wasting their time anyway. How could they really enjoy the concert anyway after waiting out in the freezing cold all night.

Viva Máxima, the future queen of the Netherlands....

Vamos todavía!. Espero que la estén pasando bárbaro. Acá en Rosario los estamos esperando muy anciosos. Disfruten a full los días que les quedan y por favor, dejen de criticar a estos chicos. Son los fans más fieles y locos que conocí. Que cada uno disfrute de su fanatismo a su manera.

Hello everyone!!
I’m Maximiliano, one of the argetinians fans.
I want to say THANKS A MILLON to all the people that support us, here and in Sweden. I have no time now to tell you all that we lived in Sweden, but I promise you that I’ll will tell you all in few days.
Thanks again for all your comments, and for all those bad comments about us I have nothing to say, anyone think what he/she wants, but nobody will erase all that I have in my mind.
Best regards!!!


Ps: Sorry for my poor english =(

Lionel Zaragocin? I know him, and he’s a retard. What else were you expecting from him? Nothing but a weird behavior...


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