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Swedish papers claim Roxette are finished

Written by roxeteer on November 15, 2001 to .

2 out of 5 in Aftonbladet, 1 out of 5 in Expressen… “Roxette is over,” say the Swedish tabloids. Both Aftonbladet and Expressen have almost identical reviews of yesterday’s Karlstad concert, their first “Room Service” tour gig in Sweden.

  Aftonbladet’s review is written by Per Bjurman, who’s been long known for his negative attitude towards Roxette (see TDR’s old articles 1, 2). Both Aftonbladet and Expressen say that Roxette is boring and lame and they’re playing the same old songs again and again. According to Bjurman, Roxette still hasn’t gotten over the 80s. (Even though most of their hits have been in the 90s… - Ed.)

  It seems that it’s still the same old problem of not gaining critics’ respect in their home country. To gain some perspective, Finnish papers had only positive reviews of their Helsinki concert and the Swedish public still seems to love one of their biggest exports; all their three concerts in Sweden are sold out.

  Hallandsposten was the only Swedish paper with a positive review. Hallandsposten is published in Halmstad area where Roxette is from and the review was written by Jan-Owe Wikström, the co-author of “Roxette The Book”.


I have to agree to a certain degree - it does feel strange to hear a set list almost identical to a set list from ’88 or ’91. Yes, Per calls this a “greatest hits tour” but shouldn’t it be named that then? I personally want to hear new material instead of The Look, Dangerous and Joyride again and again.
I’m sure the show is great anyways, but still... :)

There’s only one word that comes to mind that can describe Bjurman and thats WANKER!!!!

Hell Gary writes better than he does!!

Don´t worry, people!Critics need a lot of inteligence and not all reporters have got it.

Tevensso, you’re a genius... I totally agree with you, this set list is awfull... “Dangerous”, “Dressed For Success” again ?? Enough is enough !!!

It is true, the hitlist at least in Helsinki included many old hits like Joyride, Dangerous, Big L and The Look, but on the other hand, those were the songs that made the public crazy and Roxette played many new songs as well... just to mention a few of them: Crush on you, Milk and toast and honey, Little girl, Real sugar, Anyone... and so on. So not all of the songs were “old hits”! Personally I loved how they combined the new and the old songs! And I really loved the Helsinki concert. And having read most of the Finnish papers that had wrote something about Roxette, I can agree with the editor... they only had positive things to say! And so did all the fans! After all, Roxette was cheered twice back to the stage!!!!!!!!!!

Show in Helsinki was amazing! I loved it. And why they shouldn’t play old song? Older are better. RS songs are great too e.g. Real Sugar was better in live than recorded.

Urrghh... RUBBISH!!!!
I think we fans know best where Roxette stands these days. And the atmosphere at the show made it really clear how great they still are! :o) To some extent I agree there should be more 2001 songs from RS, but as it was said before it was a gig for everyone, not only hard core fans, hence the 90ties hits were needed.
Bjurman has got a problem again, he’s a bit “different” I would say...

Dont worry peopel THEY ARE WORKING ON NEW MATERIAL that got me jumping up and down of joy


sorry for big letters just had to express myself;)

well I guess everybody knows pop music is business... and is there a better way of selling tickets than a hits setlist? anyway, I think these new RS songs are not really “playable” live, and that reporter must have serious brain damage for judging the future of the band by a setlist...

The playlist is boring.... they have new songs..... they should play them.... for example Dressed for succes totally bores me... SDLHA or cinnamon street or a lot of new ones are a better replacement.

Let’s send e-mails those assholes Bjurman&co!

Unfortunately I also agree with what is written in Aftonbladet and Expressen. 5 HAND-songs and 4 RS-song (9 new songs) out of the 24 songs of the set-list is nothing. A tour is for showing the new material, and not the old one.

the room service tour was just great. well, more rs songs could be included (looking for jane or fool) but the old ones sounded a bit different (dressed for success) and hotblooded was a big surprise. i think rs tour is the best tour they ever have. for marie&per: please, keep being that great, thank you

There is nothing wrong with the playlist, I think, although I would also have preferred some more new songs, especially from the RS album. But it was okay!!
And let the stupid reporters talk - build your own opinion about Roxette and their tour and let the others just talk... everybody is free to have an own opinion (even these reporters...).

i agree with you, Marlin. and i’m sure that Roxette will release a new album. they were successful. and they’re still succesful. i love Roxette. and i’ll support them forever.

There are so many songs...they can’t play them all. I agree with Anonymous...because I know the fans here in the States were disappointed with Depeche Mode Tour because they were playing most of the new material and some of the old stuff was left out. People just felt that the Depeche Mode concert was just okay.

It was a nice mix of the songs.


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