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MATAH to be released in Australia

Written by roxeteer on September 28, 2001 to .

After skipping “Real Sugar” as a single release, EMI Australia has finally revealed the release date for the second single from Roxette’s “Room Service” album. “Milk And Toast And Honey”, the ballad already in the record stores in many European countries including the UK, will see daylight on October 29th. The single is going to include 4 different edits of the title track, plus a CD-ROM part with “Milk And Toast And Honey” video.

  (David Di Troia contributed to this article.)

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And again not the Fragma mix. Sad very sad

The Actual Tracklisting is :

2 (3.49) MILK AND TOAST AND HONEY (Active dance remix)
3 (4.18) MILK AND TOAST AND HONEY (Shooting Star Treatment)
4 (4.20) MILK AND TOAST AND HONEY (Tits & Ass demo, August 2 & 3 1999)
5 (3.54) REAL SUGAR (Video clip)

So There is no M&T&H Video Visa. Am I correct is sayign that this is the same as the EU Tracklisting, Cos the UK one doesn;t have the Demo.


Horray, at last EMI Australia has decided to do something more for Australain Roxette fans, lets just hope EMI Australai will give Roxette the support they so rightly should have. Has Anyone heard if they plan to release the new Roxette DVD here, Come on EMI, dont let us down.


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