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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Room Service Tour begins today!

Written by roxeteer on September 27, 2001 to .

Roxette’s European tour (even though EMA still refers to it as a “world tour”) is set to begin today in Munich, Germany. This is their first full-scale tour since Crash! Boom! Bang! world tour ended in 1995.

  Swedish newspapers have published articles on their tour premiere. Aftonbladet has interviewed Per about his and Marie’s families on the tour. Both Per and Marie are taking their kids with them and that’s why the tour is not so intense. “We try to have 2 weeks of work and then a couple of weeks’ break,” says Per.

  Expressen tells that Per has been a little sick lately, but not as sick as on one of the previous tours when he had eaten old French fries and had a stomach ache for a week - just before the tour was set to begin. “I missed the final rehearsal and came to the tour premiere without practising,” says Per.

  Per also tells to Expressen that they are going to play 23 songs. The stage show, designed by director Jonas Åkerlund, will be “bigger and more trendy” than their previous tour sets. Per doesn’t want to reveal anything, but he says that the show will be “more boasting than before, that’s for sure.”

  According to Expressen, both today’s Munich concert and the forthcoming Brussels concert are sold out. The Swedish concerts in Karlstad, Stockholm and Gothenburg are nearing to be sold out with only a couple of hundred tickets left.


I was also there. I already came home a few minutes ago... I´ve met some TDR members there. I meet Bluesue, Leif´s Girl, TheBiggestRoxer, -Gee- and many many more. It was really a great concert and it was great to meet all those people I know from the internet...... But I was dissapointed that they played not many songs from Room Service! But all in all it was just fantastic.... I look forward to leipzig next saturday!

I live in Canada and i have no idea where to find anything about the rest of the world tour. i know that the Europeans and the South Americans are getting a chance to see them but, not to sound selfish, does anyone know if they are doing a North American tour?



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