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New DVD sums up Roxette videos

Written by roxeteer on September 27, 2001 to .

According to EMI Austria and the Official Fanclub, Roxette will release their first DVD on November 5th. The disc, possibly titled “All Videos Ever Made And More…”, will include 40 videos and “most likely 1 documentary.”

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Will it be available for order for those of us living in the US?

Dumb question, but let’s not speculate....

US? A real hard thing to happen! but this DVD is confirmed by roxette?

Does anyone know if this will be released in the Netherlands?

are they goin’ to release this in Asia? Specially in the Philippines???

Will it be available in the UK? Will it have the proper version of IMHBL and Almost Unreal (ie with film clips)? Will it really be ALL videos - ie Pearls - Room Service?

damn this is good news i hope it will be available in the asian region, and 40 videos wow thats gotta be hell of a dvd set

wow. that’s great!!. when they gonna release it? hope it’s soon. and 40 videos. i always dreamed to have their video.

I can’t wait for the DVD but what I want to know is if they are going to re-release Rarities!


Does any 1 know are they going to release it on VIDEO???




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