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Brazilian cover of IMHBL projects unique sound

Written by GustavoCosta on February 22, 2002 to .

RECIFE, BRAZIL - A Brazilian band called Capim Com Mel has recorded a Portuguese version of “It Must Have Been Love” in a musical genre known as “Forró” – a characteristic style of music
from the northeast region of Brazil.

  Along with a previous rap version of this same song, this is perhaps one of the most unique covers of a Roxette song that’s ever been made. It’s not a piano-based, but rather an accordion-based version. The song’s name is “Como Esquecer” (“How To Forget”), and you can listen to it via the link provided below.

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I’m Brazilian. It’s a shame. I can’t believe that terrible song will be heard everywhere. I’ve got two friends that hate that kind of “version”.
Warning: Do not follow this link if you wanna keep your ears clean. Take the Greatest Hits and listen to the original version instead.
Peace & L.

Patricia: I strongly disagree. I found this to be a VERY enjoyable cover of IMHBL... and I especially liked the saxophone solo. Is it better than the original? Of course not. Is it fun to listen to? Absolutely!!

I listened to it - adt I must say I liked it! I agree with you Lars, it’s fun to listen to it.

hehe. Now that was fun. :)

Its not too bad... I didnt like the sound of it to start with, but its really not that bad... :)

Well, what can I say, brazilian roxette fans are most likely to deslike this kind of music since it’s usually related to a poor, yet popular, genre of music called “Forró”.

The lyrics are awful, too ;)

BTW, the name of the band means: “Grass and Honey”

Not very tasty... Well, for cows maybe

sticking to cow-subject: It should be “Milk and grass and honey” :) I am sorry, I couldn’t help myself...
the cover itself... well-well... not that funny according to my ears.

@gyllene_tjej: I think I like that title better! *lol*

The sound of it reminds me of Lambada though.

Well you can always give the cow some grass and wait for some Milk in return

yeah, and then some like drinking milk with honey, so we are back to where we came from ;-)))
Ahhh. what a enseless name, otherwise I wouldn’t have such crazy thoughts! ;-)

it’s bizarre, it’s the most uncool thing i’ve heard ever.

@Anonymous: CALM DOWN!! Thanks god I am not americanized. I just don’t like Forró.

There’s a lot of good brazilian music I like to hear rather than Forró. Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque, Pato Fú and classic songs by Villa Lobos.

Even Kid Abelha and Legião Urbana have better songs. Forró lyrics have 3 main subjects:

1 - “I wanna sleep with you”
2 - “I am sleeping with you”
3 - “I slept with you”

But it’s ok if you like it, I just don’t.

Hi, here I am to put the transcription of the song =)
a translation will follow soon ;)

Recife - Brazil
Real Sugar: A Roxette Forum

Como esquecer (Capim com Mel)

hoje eu sei
não me queres
sente a falta
meu calor
já lutei
fiz loucuras
te amei
mas por favor
esqueça as mágoas do coração
e vem pra mim
se eu te perdi, me ensina a esquecer das noites de amor que vivi com você (2x)

o teu cheiro
minha pele
não consigo mais fugir
das lembranças do passado
quando te fiz tão feliz
esqueça as mágoas do coração e vem pra mim

se eu te perdi, me ensina a esquecer das noites de amor que vivi com você (2x)

(Capim com mel) (narrator)
(NOTE: we have so many bands and so many awful singers that they need a narrator to say the name of the band!!! huahuahuahua)

se eu te perdi me ensina a esquecer das noites de amor que vivi com você (4x or more... dunno)

Hi everyone!
I’ve just downloaded this cover song, and I like it very much. I don’t know understand a word of the song, but I think that the rhythm of this new version is gorgeous!!



i cant believe!!!!!!ROXETTE AND FORRO together???hahahahahahah
by the way, i know its not that big difference but it is grass WITH honey, and not AND honey.

Now what in the world was that???? I live in houston and i heard IMHBL in spanish and it wanst roxette singing, it was some lady, with her own lyrics and it was SALSA!!! ANd i thought that was BAD until i listen to roxette in Forro
thats so hillarious!!!
sorry my brazilian friends , i know im braziliam, but i dont have to listen to those kind of music, it doesnt matter how “native” it is!!!
see ya!


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