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Roxette on VH-1: Greatest Hits during June

Written by HeartCentre20 on June 21, 2001 to .

VH-1 Europe will present again today (June 20th) at nearly 11pm (23:00) a Greatest Hits program with the following videos: “Joyride,” “The Look,” “Dressed for Success,” “Sleeping In My Car,” “It Must Have Been Love” and “Listen to Your Heart!”

nbsp; This program was first broadcast back on June 4th, so if you missed it then, this is another chance to see it.

  “Real Sugar” has started to have airplay on VH-1 Europe, just as TCOTH did.


Well I actually called it Vh-1 Europe cause that is i believe the VH-1 version we all have except for the UK (just like the MTV Europe and its UK version)! So i’m not really sure wether the version i have is the UK one!! Sorry folks...
So has anyone seen last night VH-1??? the list given here in my article was the 4th June one but if the one given yesrtday is different don’t be upset...i wish i could have seen it!
Have a nice day!


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