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“M&T&H” remix on Brazilian radio station

Written by administrator on June 11, 2001 to .

GUARULHOS, SP - Brazilians are really enjoying Roxette’s song “Milk and Toast and Honey”… so much so that there’s already a remix version. The last Roxette remix to play in Brazil was “How do you do” in 1992. This time, radio station Metropolitana FM is playing a version that is, in this reporter’s opinion, one of the best dance remixes ever done for a Roxette song. The DJ said it was created by Fragma. It is uncertain at press time whether this remix was commissioned by EMI, or is simply an independent project.

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I hope to hear it on the single.

Great if they’ve done a great remix, but Fragma is just a crappy eurotechno group which maybe has sold a couple of million records. It is Fragma who should be proud for remixing Roxette.

You’re right,

Has M&T&H been released as a single in Brazil?

Come on now, Fragma is not “crappy”. They may not have the history behind them that Roxette does, but I think they’ve put out some pretty good material over the past few years. I’m looking forward to hearing their remix. What I’d really like to hear, though, is some of P & M’s fellow swedes do remixes of their songs. Two great ones would be Richi M and E-Type!

E-Type?? Never!
If someone from Sweden, it would be Antiloop. But Europe is full of great remixers so why bother some dull Swede??

*The last Roxette remix to play in Brazil was “How do you do” in 1992*, No, no, no... one or two months before ROOM SERVICE release, some radios were playing a remix of see me. I don´t know if this remix was made here, but i remember a girl call to the radio and they said that was a NEW roxette song of NEW album, sure wasn´t but... =)


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