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“Room Service” finally released in Canada

Written by Sofaraway on June 1, 2001 to .

After a delay of two weeks, “Room Service” was finally released by EMI Canada on May 29th. Apparently, EMI Canada’s only promotion for the album was to announce it on their Web page. In most record stores the album can’t be found in the new release section. Disappointingly, TCOTH didn’t receive any exposure on radio or TV.

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tell me about it, I have been to two hmvs and each only had one copy of the album, both of which had already been sold. So now I have asked HMV to order me one, and they said it will take another 4-6 weeks! What is this? And I have yet to hear the song on the radio, very disapointing that EMI Canada can’t get their act together and promote this band the way it deserves to be.

EMI Canada *is* to blame for the lack of Roxette promotion in Canada... Per and Marie were well prepared to come over here to promote “Have a Nice Day”, but EMI said that before they’d “invite” Rox over here, “HaND” would have to reach “some critical level of success” (i.e., it has to promote itself before we’ll promote it) - I agree: place the blame where it belongs.


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