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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Full tour schedule includes Spain and Switzerland

Written by roxeteer on May 31, 2001 to .

UPDATED As we reported earlier, Roxette’s forthcoming “Room Service” tour – reported to feature 33 songs – will premiere in Stuttgart in late September. After touring in Southern and Central Europe, Roxette will visit Russia, Estonia, Finland and their home country Sweden in November. The last concert - at least so far - will be in Gothenburg on November 17th.

  Roxette ended their last world tour in Moscow in May 1995. Exactly six years later, Per and Marie have been in Germany to announce that they will embark on a European tour later this year. With a dozen tour dates in Germany, it made sense for them to announce the tour there, in order to generate coverage in the German press.

  Read the full article for tour schedule and Per and Marie’s comments.

  Photo of fans enjoying Marie’s concert last summer in Stockholm by Lars-Erik Olson.

  UPDATE - We have now added links to sites offering tickets to Swedish concerts and some of the German concerts.

“We have missed the Roxette concerts so much,” said Marie and Per. “We started out as a live act so being on stage has always been a natural force for us. The recent years we decided to stay at home and raise our kids and lead a pretty low-key life in terms of touring but now it feels definitely right to have a go,” they continued. “We had so much fun playing together again (on the showcase gigs we did when launching the album) so we’re naturally thrilled over our heads to hit the road and meet the fans again.”

  The live band will feature familiar names:

Marie Fredriksson - vocals
Per Gessle - vocals & guitar
Clarence Öfwerman - keyboards
Christoffer Lundquist - bass & vocals
Jonas Isacsson - guitar
Mats Persson - percussion & vocals
Pelle Alsing - drums


“Room Service” Tour 2001 schedule

Sept. 25 Stuttgart, Germany, Schleyerhalle
Sept. 26 Freiburg, Germany, Messehalle
Sept. 28 Munich, Germany, Olympiahalle

Sept. 29 Hannover, Germany, Preussag Arena
Sept. 30 Mannheim, Germany, Maimarkthalle
Oct. 2 Oberhausen, Germany, Arena

Oct. 3 Schwerin, Germany, Sport & Kongresshalle
Oct. 5 Kiel, Germany, Ostseehalle

Oct. 6 Leipzig, Germany, Messehalle 7
Oct. 7 Berlin, Germany, Arena

Oct. 22 Brussels, Belgium, Forrest National

Oct. 24 Barcelona, Spain, Palau San Jordi
Oct. 25 Madrid, Spain, Palacia de los Deportes*
Oct. 28 Dortmund, Germany, Westfahlenhallen

Oct. 30 Frankfurt, Germany, Festhalle
Oct. 31 Zürich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion
Nov. 1 Innsbruck, Austria, Olympiahalle
Nov. 2 Wien, Austria, Stadthalle

Nov. 7 Moscow, Russia, Olympinsky
Nov. 9 St. Petersburg, Russia, New Arena
Nov. 10 Tallinn, Estonia, Saku Suurhall

Nov. 12 Helsinki, Finland, Hartwall Areena

Nov. 14 Karlstad, Sweden, Löfbergs Lila Arena

Nov. 16 Stockholm, Sweden, Globen

Nov. 17 Gothenburg, Sweden, Scandinavium

* Venue to be confirmed.

(Thanks to OIRFC for some of the links.)


i am very disappointed that they will skip Hungary while traveling from Austria to Russia...

it sucks
12 concerts in Germany
and skipping the whole center-europe?
what is this, Roxette?
why are you go touring?
I must say it is all about the money
but it should be for the fans
maybe i will not even go to Wien, cause I am so fed up with it

I would not say a single word, if they were to visit at least one or two of these countries:
Poland, Chech Republic, Slovakie, Roumanie, Hungary, Bulgarie, Croatia, Slovenie, etc

because THIS is centre europe
ok, I can understand that they cannot go to every small country there, but skipping all
I hope it is not their last word because if it is, they will not see a single dollar from me in the future

Yeah, this Central-Europe stuff should really be reconsidered (although I’m sure it won’t). C’mon, now all fans from Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia (or from countries even further) shall go to Vienna. Where only 1400 fans allowed. This is ridiculous.

Ignoring Holland, England, France and those other central european countries won’t do them no good! Why is it necessary to give 12 concerts in Germany, they should do less there and filling these up with the left-out countries.

It seems like it’s more a “Germany-tour” instead of a European Tour....

LOLOL!!! this picture wasn’t here before!!!! hahaah andi I can see 3 of my friends there LOLOL!!!

Yeah! Not even Italy and Fracne! I know that in an interview last autumn Marie mentioned that Italy is one of their biggest markets.
Maybe the tour would continue next year?

money is money... i hate roxette... WHAT ABOUT POLAND ??? shit !!!

I am from Spain and I have to say that i am very happy because Rox are going to perform here, but here is a list of cities that the MUST play...

- Oslo (How can they forgot Norway???, Marie also sold many albums there!!!)
- Amsterdam and Rotterdam , Incredible to forget this
- Paris and burdeaux , I think too many people would go to a Roxette concert there, to the concerts go more people than sold albums!!
- British tour (Or London only, but no concerts in England...)
- Dublin
- A Portugal city (Maybe Lisboa or Oporto or both)
- Praga
- Italy (No concerts in italy!!, hahaha, this is for laugh)
- Poland (or at least Warsaw)
- Coppenhague (Or they don´t sell albums there???)
- Budapest and Bucarest
- Estambul (Turkey is growing)
and at last , Athens or another Greek concert. With all those cities it could be maybe an european tour but this... half of the concerts will be in Germany!!!

And, maybe, why not a World Tour? Forgot the great times in South Africa and China???
And so, visit Japa, australia and South America...

It could be that the tour will be a “test” for see how roxette smash in Europe, followed by another album, and maybe, World tour

Now, I’m very very happy! I’m gonna see my favorite band live!!!

And everyone, stop complaining and be happy! I understand why you aren’t happy, but at least there will be a Room Service Tour!!!

Just be glad you don’t live in the USA like me. i saw them twice during their promo tour for US DBUTTC Greatest Hits release and don’t ever expect to see them again. :(

Of course I am complaining! You might be happy with your 12 concerts - and I’m not saying that Germany doesn’t deserve 12 concerts - but still, I want concerts in Central Europe!!!

Ok. You guys are bitching cos Roxette isn’t coming through the Netherlands. I have a little news for you! It seems youre all being childish when it comes to the tour. I am in Canada and have seen bugger all of Roxette since the “Join the Joyride” world tour. To just be there and able to go see the concerts is great enough. To boot I also couldn’t go to the concert. I am not alone in my isolation, what about the huge fan base they have South America? I think you guys are lucky to have them tour anywhere after they have been idle since 95. Sure the Canadian music scene is a little homegrown now than it was at the time. Its my opinion, I think if EMI got OFF THEIR ASSES and promoted Roxette like they should, then they may of had a world tour. One example. Room Service is not yet released in the Canadian Market. Since these dipshits when computerized, they don’t know there elbow from a hole in the ground. I am severly pissed off about this. I am tired of listening off the net for the album. Then everyone is saying, oh there not coming here. You guys are lucky and youre whining. They are touring, trying to reconnect with the fans. Sure Per and Marie aren’t super human, they are doing the best in there means. Don’t look at opportunity so jaded. Just cos Per is making cracks about Asa’s spending habits, it just a joke, since being a rock star is his job. He’s as human as the next guy — cuter I might add. Don’t sit there and complain when you have a great opportunity to see them live. Not all of us fans in Planet Earth get that chance.

Why? WHY? WHYYYYY???????
I was so glad Roxette decided to do a tour... but... ONE DATE IN ITALY? ONE!!!! I’m not asking 20 dates, but ONE DATE! Milan, or Rome... why not? Per & Marie, WHY NOT? Here in Italy you’ve been venerated... we love you... why not? I can cry now...

33 songs????? won’t it be a bit too long concert? approx 3 hours??

not that i wouldn’t like it, but wouldn’t it be too much for them?? where does it come from?


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