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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Tour to premiere in Stuttgart; first of 12 dates in Germany

Written by Starrox on May 28, 2001 to .

KOBLENZ - Per and Marie held two press conferences in Germany on Monday (one in Munich, the other in Dortmund), announcing that the premiere concert of their upcoming “Room Service” tour will take place in Stuttgart on September 25th, the first of 12 concerts planned for Germany.

  According to reports in the German press, Swedish stars Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle announced a show that will include numerous “world-wide #1 hits.”

  Roxette wants to celebrate with 33 new and old chart-toppers such as “The Centre of the Heart,” “Sleeping in My Car,” and “Fireworks.”

  “We missed the feeling of being with thousands of fans singing on the stage,” said Gessle and he added, jokingly, that he has a very “expensive woman” and must finally raise cash again.

  Fredriksson, addressing the question “Why is Roxette starting its world tour in Germany, answered: “Germany is one of our largest markets. We have so many fans here, and we like the country.”
  Some of the other questions reporters asked included: “How do you keep yourselves fit?” - “Sleep alot, from time to time go to parties,” answered Per. “Why do you look so young, Marie?” - “That’s only make-up”, she said. “How do you spend your money?” - “I have five autos”, said Per. “And your wife?” Gessle laughs. “She drives a bicycle.”

  For the fans, a “Best of…” tour waits, with songs from Roxette’s 15-year career. Besides the new songs, “it’s really fun to play the old songs also” confessed Gessle. “We must absolutely play ’It Must Have Been Love’, for example.”

(TDR Reporter: Tina Engmann. Westfaelische-Rundschau photo: Althoff; used with permission.)

  The Daily Roxette will have a more comprehensive list of concert dates for the forthcoming European tour later this week. These are only the dates for the twelve concerts to be held in Germany that were announced yesterday:

Sept. 25 Stuttgart, Germany, Schleyerhalle
Sept. 26 Freiburg, Germany, Messehalle
Sept. 28 Munich, Germany, Olympiahalle
Sept. 29 Hanover, Germany, Preussag Arena
Sept. 30 Mannheim, Germany, Maimarkthalle
Oct. 2 Oberhausen, Germany, Arena
Oct. 3 Schwerin, Germany, Sporthalle
Oct. 5 Kiel, Germany, Ostseehalle
Oct. 6 Leipzig, Germany, Messehalle 7
Oct. 7 Berlin, Germany, Deutschlandhalle/Arena
Oct. 28 Dortmund, Germany, Westfalenhalle
Oct. 30 Frankfurt, Germany, Festhalle


Now we know whom to thank for the tour: it’s not the fans that made them go; it’s mr. Gessle’s “expensive woman”. Thank you Asa, for having expensive taste.

They’re not seriously going to play 33 songs at each show, are they??! That would be insane... like, a 3 hour show! (Not that I’d complain...!)

Well, Bryan Adams play about 28 songs per show(Including songs with more than 7 minutes) and he plays around 150 minutes, why not Roxette? They have songs enough, and i´d love to listen June Afternoon Live! Is a must play song!


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