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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

December concert tour extension plans include UK

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on June 8, 2001 to .

UK fans may have reason to be optimistic about seeing a concert or two this winter. Per Gessle, in an answer to a question on the site, said “We’re quietly planning to do some UK shows in December. It will happen if “Milk and Toast and Honey” and the album get the attention they deserve. M&T&H will be out in August, by the way.”


I’ll believe it when I’m actually inside a UK concert venue and the show is about to start. ;)

Why be so bloody quiet about it.....why not tell us what’s really going on?

Hope they don’t go for Wembley or anywhere big though.

How about Earls Court? :)

Why waiting for M&T&H?? That are another 2-3 months! They should start with “Real sugar”!

But didn’t they have 2 gigs at Wembley in 1994?
I heard that Roxette was not THAT popular in England during the Crash! dayz.

Is anyone expecting M&T&H to do well here other than Per himself??? ;) hehehehe.
Anyway....juma - Rox played Wembley in ’91 2 dates....that was when they were popular and then again in ’94.....personaly for me the wembley date in ’94 was awful....not from a music point of view but because the crowd was so bloody awful to them that night, it was the worst concert so far as atmosphere goes that I’ve ever been too.
Shepards Bush Empire almost a year later though has to be one of the best I’ve ever been to.....because it was the sort of size venue that Rox should be playing here. I think holds about 4000 - 5000.

Vix, what happened in 94?
What did the crowd do then??
Just curious..

It’d be best if it was somewhere central to the UK, so yeah, I’d say Brum, Sheffield or Nottingham.

Be kinda cool to see them at the Stadium of Light, an’all, like... ^_^


juma - 90% of the crowd were totaly unintrested in Roxette. Thats what made it crap. Why half of them botherd going is beyond me. ;)

If they visit the UK, it would be nice to visit Rotterdam too (yeah!).

Why not play in Scotland they have sold out every gig they have ever played in Scotland and its a sure bet that they would again


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