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Holland to be passed over on concert tour

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 25, 2001 to .

The Netherlands, home to the individuals who run Roxette’s International Fan Club, is being passed over on the upcoming tour. The OIRFC is reporting today that a spokesperson at EMI Netherlands has told them that Roxette will not have a “Room Service” concert date in Holland. They also will not be releasing “Real Sugar” as a single, deciding to wait for “Milk and Toast and Honey.”


This is soooo unfair!!! EMI Holland hasn’t even bothered to promote the single and cd! Cos NOONE here knows they’re having a new album and single out it flopped! And now they won’t release the Real sugar single and no concert!!!
Rox’ll get EASELY the Ahoy’ full again! Rox has an audiance who goes to ALL the tours they do in our country.
Can’t believe they play in small countries like Estland and skipp us!!! It’s so unfair! Concerts in Ahoy’ Rotterdam are THE COOLEST!!! oléé

No, they also didn’t promote Have a nice day well. “Anyone” wasn’t played on the radio either! They don’t give Roxette the chance they deserve! They get paid to promote the cd and they just don’t!! Per should fire them!!!

you can find phonenrs. and websites to book the tix for Brussels on this site or
Of course we’re goin’ to Brussels, but we would go there anyway, even if they would play in Rotterdam. (my hometown...grrrr I’m so upset!!!)

Now that EMI fails to promote Roxette, leading to the unacceptable fact that they won’t perform in Ahoy, we should take initiative ourselves. Die-hards of Look-Sharp/Joyride times should join and try to reach “new” Rox-fans. It should be possible to raise the record sales if Rox did get any airplay on the radios here. Maybe we should start our own promotional campaign: Rox on your beach radio, email bomb EMI ([email protected]), start a protest march at Marathon 11, Hilversum... ANYthing to get them here!!! Let’s put an end to this unfair situation and show Holland some guts!

It really is unfair, perhaps they are a little less popular then years ago, but that still doèsn‘t mean they can‘t do a concert in Holland!
Indeed, the e-mail address mentioned is the only way to inform EMI Holland! So lets all send mails!!!!

I want Roxette at 10 kilometres from my house (Ahoy‘!!!)!!!


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