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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

European “Room Service” tour set to begin in September

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 22, 2001 to .

TDR BREAKING STORY – Without even a press release – let alone a press conference – to formally announce that a tour is planned, tickets for certain venues of Roxette’s upcoming “Room Service” tour have already gone on sale!

 As first reported in The Daily Roxette weeks ago, Roxette and EMA Telstar have decided to mount a European tour. Dates and venues for the autumn tour are being added – Per has said that the rest of the dates are 99 percent in place – and it is expected that a formal announcement will be forthcoming Tuesday, probably at a press conference in Stockholm.

  TDR learned today (see story above) that the tour will begin in Germany in late September and that the concert date for Helsinki will be November 12th.

  Last week, during an online chat session in Austria, Roxette announced these two dates: November 1, Innsbruck and November 2, Vienna.

  Yesterday, tickets went on sale for an October 22nd performance in Brussels at the circular-shaped Forest National concert venue. The general admission tickets cost about $35 USD with fees included.

  The “Room Service” tour will take Per, Marie and the band to most of Europe’s major cities.

EDITOR’S NOTE: TDR will, of course, publish additional tour particulars as soon as they become available (Peter Aspeslagh and Visa Kopu contributed to this article).


Great News!! Hopefully they will come to the US or closer.

very cool. really looking forward to it! anxiously waiting for the concerts and some nice, casual fan-meetings...

all the polish fans, you know what that means - they have no other option - i want to see them playing live in Poland!!!!!!

YYYYEEEEESSSS!! Thats fantastic. I can´t wait any longer.

Saint-Petersburg RUSSIA

waits for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vienna is a bit too far for me, but I’ll go to the concert in Innsbruck. I’m excited how many concerts I can visit this time. It depends where they’ll play.


YESSSSSSS!!!!!! This is great!! Thankyou so much Per & Marie! You´re the greatest! I´ll be in Zurich waitin´ for ya!! Keep it roxin´! ( ;

Tammie, I think the key words there are “once speculated”. Given that it would take a few months of advance planning to release another Roxette CD in the U.S., a Room Service release here – anytime soon – is looking more and more unlikely. The answer to your hypothetical question would be that the release date would be postponed.

Visit ASIA too pleaaase!

Nej, glöm inte Sverige!
Vad kul det ska bli!!!

Hi! Is there someone travelling around Europe by car? Is there someone who can help me to get the tickets?
Awaiting answers...
Alejandro from Argentina
email: [email protected]

I hope that Budapest is among “Europe’s major cities”. Vienna isn’t far anyway, however, it’d be great to welcome them here in Hungary.

No comments about a South American tour yet?. Anyway, kewl logo design for the tour. Hopefully it will be a blast.

I hope this time the tour will take them to some South-East European major cities....

BREAKING NEWS!!! What a nice day today!!!

This is great news. Can’t wait to see the guys in the UK. /SB

hey, I LOVE the promotional poster!
that should have been the album cover

BEST NEWS TODAY !!!! Let’s see, how many concerts I can visit !

This is totally great! I’ve been a fan for 11 years so this will be my frist concert!! I’m really excited. Anyone going to Finland’s concert, contact me!


i seen it on video text on tv1
i call to buy 2 concert tickets
i’m haappyy


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