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Gessle among Sweden’s most exported song writers

Written by tevensso on May 8, 2001 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to STIM, the people in Sweden who made the most money on their music in 2000 were Max Martin, Per Gessle and Benny Andersson, the “Swedish pop music giants.”

  In total, STIM paid 910 million SEK ($91 million USD) to Swedish and foreign composers and publishers, which was an increase of 11% compared to 1999. 2000 was also the first year ever that fees for Swedish music played abroad exceeded fees for foreign music played in Sweden.


Throw a party and we rejoice.

WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! Per, you’re so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!

Per & Benny... sure... no-brainers. But, who the heck is Max Martin? I’m in to a lot of Swedish music (Richi M, E-Type, Tess, Ace of Base, Antique, Dromhus, Drangarna, Caramell, Antiloop) but don’t recall hearing his name before. (please excuse my ignorance)


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