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Little “Per” competes on children’s television program

Written by PerAndren on May 3, 2001 to .

A little six-year-old boy will imitate Per Gessle as a solo artist on the TV4 show “Småtjärnorna” (“Small Stars”). Oscar Berander, complete with long blond hair, will compete with the song “Kix.”

  Geared for children 5-12 years old, the show features kids imitating famous musicians and dressing like there favorite stars. The winners of these contests will advance to the final round later this Spring.

  The show airs Friday at 8 pm (20:00 CET).

  • TV4 (Search [sˆk] for “smÂstj‰rnorna”)

12 comments, i was going to do the same thing, when i was 13 years old..:)



This guy has the haircut like Per has had 7 years ago. It was his best one. All the best wishes, kid.
And what about Marie? Who will represent her?

He finished second. The jury said that he was the best look-a-like they hade ever seen, they also said that he played gitarr exactly as Per.

Oh my god...he really looked like Per gessle!!!!!

That sounds so nice. I wish I had the channel but I am from the US


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