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“Real Sugar” single features unreleased versions of album tracks

Written by Krystian on May 6, 2001 to .

EMI Svenska has revealed the track listing for the “Real Sugar” single and maxi-single. The single won’t be released in early May as previously stated, but on June 18th.


Single (8793642)

  1. Real Sugar
  2. It Will Take A Long Long Time (Modern Rock Version)

Maxi single (8793650)

  1. Real Sugar
  2. It Will Take A Long Long Time (Modern Rock Version)
  3. I Was So Lucky (The Golden Blow)
  4. Enhanced video The Centre Of The Heart

The video for “Real Sugar” has already been shot and was directed by Jesper Hiro.

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They really should release it earlier!!! I don´t want to climb the walls!!!!

It really should be out earlier! In the beginning of June would be ok, so that they’d have time to promote it.

Once again, put some more tracks on CD-Singles (Pleezz)!!!

Well, I think they yes should include more tracks on single cd’ be honest they are just a few and the worst is that not always the maxisingle is available, now it’s a good thing that they include videos in the cd’s...that i praise !
Hmm, won’t there be any dance versions for “real sugar”?
I am from Peru so i doubt i can have the single by june so my waiting will be longer than you guys =) but it’s worth it .
Hermanos sudamericanos, esperemos e insistamos parav que haya una gira mundial y que toquen nuestros paises porque aqui los amamos.
That’s all folks!

I think they don´t release it too late. It´s the right time, summer starts, great weather and in the radio you hear those fantastic sounds from “real sugar”.

I think it´s ok., that they don´t put new songs on the singles! I think they wanna keep them to put them on a new CD next year, maybe.


Another single that the UK isn’t getting, if our first single is to be M+T+H in August.

A lot of people think that P+M read I don’t think so; if they did, they’d see the disgusting treatment we’re suffering at the hands of that grease-stain Nutley, and they wouldn’t stand for it.


This almost certainly means that “Fool” won’t be a summer single though. If “Milk” is single #3, then I assume it will be out in Sept, Oct. In October there is no summer left in Sweden at least.


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