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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Concert tour now a virtual certainty - at least in Europe

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on April 30, 2001 to .

The Daily Roxette has already reported that plans for a tour are underway. Further confirmation came over the weekend.

  “I can reveal that we’re negotiating a European tour, since their album is doing really well on the Continent and sits at number one, two or three in several countries,” said Tomas Johansson, head of EMA Telstar, in an interview published Satuday in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri.


I believe it when I see them on stage and when they are playing the intro to the first song and not before.... But I think it´s sure now that they will do a european tour.....

Visit Saint-Petersburg, Russia!
We all love you and need you so much!

Make a stop in Greece first... Preferably in Athens.

Yesssssssssss! Please come to Greece since you have sooo many fans there!!!! Please, please, please! Roxette are the best!

Hey, hey, South America, cool down a bit! How can you say you love someone and then tell such awful words! This is selfish, what is Roxette, you own them or what?! Love has *no* limits. I have never seen them live, neither have all my friends, cos they’ve never come to Bulgaria and though it’s in Europe, it hurts to say, but I’m sure they won’t come this time too... But life’s a cruel thing, we have to face it... I’ll always love them no matter if I ever see them live...

aaaaaaah it’s a great news, i’m goig to buy a news shoes and a pants for the concert

Lucky Europe....!!!!Good for them...But I’m from Argentina and I would really like them to come here...I want to see would be really cool...there are a lot of people here that look up to you and they would be really excited if you came...PLEASE, MARIE AND PER, COME TO ARGENTINA!!!!!
Another thing...I just like to say something to this guy Mauro Almeida from Brazil:
No fan is south america thinks that way...If they come, it would be really nice, but if they don’t come I will wait for them next time...this is how this things are...Besides you are talking like they owe you something...They don’t owe you a thing.

COME TO ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, come to Hungary!!!!!!!!


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