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The unannounced tour... about to become public this week

Written by administrator on May 27, 2001 to .

EDITORIAL – We’re about to see the “Room Service” tour formally announced this upcoming week. With tickets already on sale for certain venues, and Per himself disclosing the Austrian dates, the fact that Roxette is indeed going on tour has been a badly kept secret. The Daily Roxette has, however, decided to hold off publishing further detail about the tour on our Front Page until the actual announcement. Until then, readers who “just can’t wait” will find rumors and factoids in our SmallTalk forum.

  In thinking about this tour, we wonder whether Marie would have toured Sweden last summer if there hadn’t been an online petition urging her to do so? Maybe so. But at the very least, the petition provided her management with a very good PR “hook” to give reporters to use when they announced the tour. They were able to say, “Marie’s fans are demanding it!” Such a hook played well in the Swedish press, especially in the tabloids.

  There was risk-taking involved in getting the trucks rolling for a “Room Service” tour. Obviously, there were many other factors that weighed more heavily than whether a core group of fans would enjoy seeing Roxette on tour again. This tour has to attract thousands upon thousands of people – people who would not necessarily consider themselves to be “fans.” Many others had to “buy in” to the idea of a tour besides Per and Marie, as the financial risks of a concert tour like this are high (as are, of course, the potential rewards).

  We know that Per skimmed through the petition that Sofia Björk and Judith Seuma created online and read some of the comments. Now that he, Marie, and all the other vested parties have decided to mount a tour… they’ll once again be able to point to the demand from fans… as part of the “hoopla” needed when the tour is announced. TDR appreciates the involvement of our readers, most of whom took the time to “sign” this petition. We think it was a worthwhile endeavor, and like the way that fans come together to support “causes” like this.

  While it may be a little geographically spotty, one only has to look at other articles on our Front Page to see that Roxette has other plenty of other successes to point to when announcing the tour. The Daily Roxette wishes them well, and looks forward to providing our readers with full coverage of the entire “Room Service” tour.


Tour is great!
Per & Marie, we wait for you!!!

....BIG GRIN...grabbing for Champaign....hey Boss...I have to change my holidays...ROXETTE are doing a Germany—ups..Europeantour....;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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