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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

The South African leg of the tour keeps growing

Written by egmond on February 10, 2011 to and .

After selling out 3 shows of 4 in sunny South Africa, Roxette has added two more shows to their South African leg of the Charm School World Tour. According to Jacaranda FM, local radio station, the demand was so huge that they have added more shows.  The station, alongside other SA radio stations, have also started playing the new single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)".

Grand Arena, Grand West, Cape Town - Western Cape
Sun 08 May 11 8:00 PM
Tue 10 May 11 8:00 PM  (SOLD OUT)
Wed 11 May 11 8:00 PM  (SOLD OUT)

Sun City Superbowl, Sun City - North-West

Fri 13 May 11 9:00 PM
Sat 14 May 11 8:00 PM  (SOLD OUT)
Sun 15 May 11 6:30 PM


I thought the gig on May 15th was sold out as well?

btw Live Nation Sweden mentions about a gig in Uruguay - does TDR know anything?

I have not gotten Uruguay confirmed.

Yes, May 15th is also sold out, according to

Interesting, since Per told that Marie doesn’t want and can’t sing 2 days in a row. so I hope she gets enough time to rest for herself and her voice. But I’m glad for the south african fans. :)

Uruguay is confirmed, and so are extra gigs in Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo.

Still no west Europe dates. Are we outcast or something? Very dangerous to leave out of the tour four of the most important economical countries in Europe (UK; France, Italy and Spain). It would be a good way to promote the ambum sales, but no way for us. As I told before, I feel we are outcast from them.

They should play in UK, Spain, Portugal and Italy, but I don’t see a reason why they should tour France, they’ve never been popular there, have they?

@Tev Great news!!! but for Buenos Aires We always have from the beginning April 4th & 5th, Are they adding extra gigs other than this 2?

@Tev: you wrote that there will be probably an extra gig in Buenos Aires. Are we talking about a third concert besides the two already confirmed? Because the Argentine media revealed the second show as a “new date” but we all knew it was already planned.

Another couple in SA and still nothing for the UK. Iz not optimistic at this point :(

I don’t know yet, the press statement does not contain dates.

tev, by the way: where have the ingolstadt and neckarsulm concerts gone? cancelled? first they were added and then... gone on the q.t. any infos?

That’s secret I’m afraid.

@the big D: I don’t know the reason eighter, but I gotta feeling ... Since Austria’s biggest radio station HITRADIO Ö3 (about 3 million listeners a day) supports Roxette quite a lot the last couple of weeks, I have the feeling, Roxette will be this year’s headliner on their “ö3-stage” at the Vienna Donauinsel-Fest, the biggest Open Air festival in Europe (and it’s free, btw) on that weekend. But it is just my INTUITION ... This years bands are still top secret though ...

Another potential place to have a roxette concert at the end of June: The Tollwood Festival in Munich! .

hhhmmm... well, so we are sure that something is comming. there is a “suspicious” hole in the calendar... could be a break, could be the fact that some dates are missing... we’ll see.... :-)

The (Un)Official South African Fansite:

What’s this I hear about the tour going on until November?? Any truth in the matter??


Paul, yep, it seems it’s true. Per revelead in Austrian interview that they will visit Vienna in October, I think. So more European dates to come. Let’s hope there will be dates for UK or Spain.

Well, there are lots more dates to come then...



Per appeared on german TV this morning. There were two things he mentioned that might be of some interest. He was asked about his favourite song from the new album and he replied it is “Speak to me”. Then he was asked if Roxette is coming to Germany on the upcoming world tour and he told (like we all know) there will be some concerts in the summer and he also said that they will “hopefully” come back to Germany for more concerts in autumn. So it seems the tour will grow...

Awesome!! I wish I could be there for at least one show!! instead I will have to settle for not having them here in Lima


“First there was the wheel, then fire and now Roxette!”


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