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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

New concerts added to the tour

Written by tevensso on January 25, 2011 to and .

Ostrava in the Czech Republic, June 27 has been added to the tour. That's the second concert in the Czech Republic.

Update: A third concert has been added in Norway: July 29, Rådhusplassen, Haugesund

Check for tickets.


Congrats Czech people!

Spainn, pleaseeee!!

4 tickets in my drawer... yes! Ready for the charm teachers!

And what about Barcelona? Come on!!

Welcome to my hometown, Marie and Per. :) 4 tics bought.

This concert is getting bigger and bigger but STILL no dates for the Spanish fans and Brits...

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Great for the Czechs, but I will also join the claim for concerts in Spain (yes, Barcelona, definetely!), UK, Australia...

Request for Indonesia and more Asia and also Australia please..its one package route tour

greeting from indonesia

The tour is getting bigger and bigger but i still miss a date in Spain and in UK.

How cool is that! See you there, too then :-)

Still two more than in the UK (HIIIIIINT!)

Jag har bott vid en landsväg i hela mitt liv, och sett människor komma och gå.

hej hej hej!
What about the rest of Europe??
Are you forgetting the south?
And what about UK?
It’s really strange the music market!


2nd one in Czech, so still believe in Bratislava :)

I’m getting tired of time passing by without dates in the west Europe. It really is a clever movement to leave out the tour three of the bigger and richer countries of Europe: France, UK and Spain. How many Cds are they going to sell in countries like Poland or Czech (no problem for me with these countries) comparing to the mentioned three? Clearly a clever movement. And don’t tell me it’s not a Roxette problem, as they can insist in going to a certain country if they really want to. Maybe it’s better to lose some money on organizing the concert, and then sell more CDs with the promotion done with a tour. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going to buy the CD until I get a date in my country. That’s my opinion, now blame me about this!

Not sure about leaving the major countries out (so far) maybe its just a case of been there done that but anyway here’s hoping they return to the UK.

I’m sure there will some concerts west and south Europe too!
But some places where they going to this year, Roxette was never(Romania,Slovakia) or just many-many years ago(Hungary)! These fans bought all albums and they travelled to concert other countries.... .ROX ON!!!

Nevertheless, I am still wondering where the 5th and 6th German concert, Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt, have gone. I already informed lots of collagues- and now the concerts are gone- really embarrassing for me somehow... :-(

Again, what about ISRAEL?


You’ve been here only -once- and that is surely not enough!!!

Must must must, you’ll be stunned by how many are roxing to your music here!

Looking to a gig in Canada soon...

By the way, new guy here, but a Rox fan since a couple of years later to the “american-exchange-student-episode”.
Cheers folks!

Sunshine is a lady
Who rocks you like a baby

I think there is no country more important than the other ones. But it’s difficult to understand why there are some big countries (where Roxette has sold very well) without concert dates. I’s so sad and it’s a Roxette’s problem too...

Great to read there is another concert sold out. I hope there comes a proper concert in Holland, not on a festival. I hate festivals.....

Lisbon, Portugal....or if not.... Spain at least!!!! PLEASEEEEEE

It’s normal that artists that are not so popular as in their hey days start to promote themselves in the eastern Europe as it’s still easier here to be noticed than on the west. It seems like tour promoters are not interested on the west, unfortunately. Hope it will change slightly with the album release...

They will play for the 1st time in the eleven countries....Its a huge number!!

The concert in Prague is SOLD OUT too.
No tickets available now ( ).


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