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Roxette to perform on German television show

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 21, 2011 to . Source: ZDF.

German fans have long hoped that Roxette would be a guest on the televison show "Wetten, dass…"  Well, their dream has come true. Roxette will be part of the next show on February 12th, according to the broadcasting company ZDF. Roxette is expected to perform "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" along with a medley of other hits. Among the other artists to perform are Take That.

At least in the past, one of the conditions to perfom at 'Wetten, dass…' is that the featured song has never been perfomed in Europe before. Although its popularity has faded somewhat, 'Wetten, dass…' still reaches a huge audience and is the biggest Saturday night show on the German television landscape. For Roxette, this is an opportunity to step into the spotlight in Germany again.

RoXoR contributed to this article.


Just curious ... “Perform” or lip-sync?

That’s awesome” yes! yes! yes! :-))))
A really long-lasting dream has finally come true, fantastic!


it’s the biggest show in germany!
it’s a pleasure for Roxette, that they can perform there.

unfortunetly there was a tragical accident during the last show. a showguest was injured during his bet and it seems he will be invalid for lifetime.
but that is an other story.

a great event for a great band!

i am so excited :-)

Whilst I am not a fan of ’Take That’ perhaps Per can have a word with the lads about how great the Manchester Evening News Arena is up in the North West of the UK, Take That have played here many times (being there hometown) and I still wish Roxette would appear here...

MEN would be amazing! That and the Liverpool Echo Arena!


Wow, this is huuuuge news!! We always hoped for this! Even when Wetten Dass...? heydey is over, the show still reaches around 10,000,000 viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. :-D

Great news! And a perfect date to promote the new album. I’m quite sure that there will be no tickts left for the German concerts after their “Wetten Dass...” performance.

By the way: Where have the “Neckarsulm” and “Ingolstadt” concerts gone? They left the calendar on the q.t. ....

Have a nice weekend!

Wouldn’t get this happening in the UK. Partially because our media couldn’t give a stuff about Roxette, but also because I believe P&M would have a lot more integrity than to chuck in their lot with Simon Cowell’s perpetual self-advertising campaigns.

Still wondering, will they get the opportunity to play live or will Roxette be forced to playback?

Great news....
Can anyone please tell if “Charm school” the song itself will be released as B-side or demo?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be


BTW 1: They always have a great stage set up ...

BTW 2: The show will gain a huge audience next time – unfortunately due to a tragic accident in the last show and lots of media reports.

So Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm are gone? Maybe the are at the Vienna Donauinselfest instead?

It is difficult to say if the performance is going to be live or playback. There have already been live performances at “Wetten, dass...?”, but I would say that most artists lip-sync.
Perhaps it also depends on the location. I haven´t seen a whole show for years.
By the way: “She´s got nothing on” was voted “Song of the week” at the German radio station NDR 2. Roxette won with 72% of the votes against Amy MacDonald´s new single.

Oh my God - this is awesome news!!! I’ve been waiting for Roxette to appear on “Wetten, dass...?” for years and now my dream - and the dream of thousands of other German-speaking Roxette fans, I guess - is about to come true. So the mails to D&D have finally paid off ;-)

I agree with joyrider that most performances are in fact live. I’ve been watching the show regularly for as long as I can remember (I’m 24) and the staging indeed has always been fabulous.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show (and don’t want to read the whole of this:,_dass..%3F) - here’s a summary of the most important facts & figures:

- live show running since 1981
- simultaneously broadcast on national TV in Germany (ZDF), Austria (ORF 1) and Switzerland (SF 1)
- 9.61 million viewers = 31.6 % market share in Germany (based on the show on 02 Oct 2010)
- music acts usually sing live with music playback
- comebacks on the show: Take That, Robbie Williams, a-ha, Modern Talking
- some acts repeatedly on the show: Madonna (5 times), Phil Collins (7), Robbie Williams (7), Joe Cocker (9)
- selection of acts during the past season (2009/2010): Amy Macdonald, Shakira, KISS, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, Whitney Houston, Nelly Furtado, Bon Jovi

I think this speaks for itself. Performing on “Wetten, dass...?” is a great chance for Roxette to get back into public awareness!

Fantastic and great!!! Nothing more to add! I’m damned happy that this will happen finally!!! YEAHHH!!!!

I just hope that there won’t be any horrible accidents anymore like last time. I was sitting in front of the TV and got really shocked. Maybe we will get to know how Samuel Koch is doing.
And to all of you who don’t know the show :Nooooo no artists will get into risk to get injured!!!! It was a candidate of one of the bets who got injured really seriously in the last show. They had to stop the show.

Great news!

I don’t know where you got the info from but ZDF doesn’t say they are going to play SGNO. They are expected to play a greatest hits medley, nothing more, nothing less.


@ Kiwein1: If so, it would be the first time on Wetten Dass, a band with a new single/album would only play a greatest hits medley ...

I guess they get about 6 to 8 minutes for their performance. That would be a medley (TL, LTYH, JR, IMHBL, SIMC) and after that an edited version (shorter) of SGNOBTR and a small talk with the host Thomas Gottschalk. Like it was with Duran Duran a couple of years ago.

@joyrider: Possible. But so far this info is not confirmed.


As long as the producers don’t make people jump over cars...


We waited so long. Facebook Users “ROXETTE COMEBACK” are happy!

True, even if it might be expected or logic to play the new song, no newspaper/article talked about it, only about a medley.
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I’m pretty confident we get to hear SGNO in the end. The medley info doesn’t speak against it at all.


I will be totally in debt to whoever post a YouTube link of this performance after it’s done. I get updates on Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and others of the same vein. Ack!

I think i’ts very good move for Roxette to perform on a show like this!
I think some people in the Netherlands and Belgium can (The) Look to it to.
I will be watching it!

@Sascha: it’s said it’s a greatest hits medley so I don’t count SGNO in.


Great news! :0)
Is anybody going to record this show? Would be cool! ;0)

Is there a way to find out whether they will perform SGNO and whether it’ll be a live performance???
@ tevensso: If you “happen” to bump into Per or call him one day or another ;-) , would you be so kind as to ask him about it? This would be much appreciated :)

EMI today announced on that Roxette will play a medley incl. SGNO. No info about live/playback.


@ Sascha: Thanks for posting, this is good news! I’ve also e-mailed “Wetten, dass...?” about it. Let’s see if they are willing to give some information as to the live/playback question. Cheers!

Update: I’ve just posted this info to ROXETTE OFFICIAL and PER GESSLE OFFICIAL on Facebook. Hope you don’t mind.

28-01-11: According to a press release on EMI Germany’s website (, Roxette are performing a medley of “The Look” and “It Must Have Been Love” along with “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)” on “Wetten, dass...?”. What’s also interesting is what the article says about the German release of “Charm School”: The album is published by EMI Germany in co-operation with Starwatch Entertainment, which is a subsidiary firm of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. The latter also operates five private free TV stations - Sat.1, Pro7, Kabel eins, 9Live and sixx - whose market shares add up to more than 20 % (as of 2010). The article quotes Uli Mücke, Vice President New Music, EMI Music Germany, as saying: “The co-operation with Starwatch Entertainment is a perfect match when it comes to revitalising the brand ’Roxette’ and achieving successful sales. All the better that the album ’Charm School’ builds on the typical Roxette sound and the first single off the album, ’She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio),’ kicks it off perfectly. Their performance on ’Wetten, dass...?’ will add a finishing touch to the launch of the album.” It looks as though EMI would be doing a better job than they used to this time around... :)

she’s got nothing on is always played at tv channel pro7. for instance showing previews for desperate housewives and the likes, they play she’s got nothing on.. so all of this could actually mean that she’s got nothin on will become quite a big hit (at least in the german speaking countries)

It seems like all the promo is finally paying off. She’s got nothing on entered the German charts at no. 18. The upcoming performance on “Wetten Dass..” could actually push it into the top 10 and make it their biggest hit since “How do you do” almost 20 years ago.

According to this article, Roxette’s performance is going to be the most colorful and brightest one on Saturday!

Performance is over. A medley of The Look, It Must Have Been Love and She´s Got Nothing On. All lip sync.

It was a fantastic performance and those “CharmSchoolGirls” in the audience were great ;-)

Nice to see them back on tv here in Germany. First i thought it was semi-playback, because of Per’s “1-2-3-4”, but unfortunetly not :-(
But they were both great :-)

That was really Roxette-Fastfood. I’d rather prefer 20 seconds of personal talk with Thommy Gottschalk than a lipsync-medley followed by a 5 seconds goodbyetalk.


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