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Official Roxette app for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone

Written by roxeteer on January 20, 2011 to .

(Updated) - Mobile Roadie is releasing an official Roxette app for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

Official Roxette app! Stay up to date with all the latest news from Marie and Per. Sing along to your favourite tracks with lyrics

Connect with other fans and share your favourite Roxette stories, post photos and discuss the tour.

The Android version is already available (but on hold) on the Android Market, but we'll still have to wait for the iPhone version to appear on the iTunes Store.

Update:  The app is now available on iTunes.  AndroidZoom has screenshots.


I have the HTC Evo through Sprint (Android Based) and no... I have not been able to get this yet. Yes, I’ve searched for it. I clicked on the Twitter link on my phone and followed it that way and it tells me it can’t find it. So either it’s carrier specific, or it’s not live yet.

(I’m finding that there are “carrier specific” apps. They’re similar from one carrier to the next, but not found for all carriers: Sprint / Verizon / T-Mobile / Cricket / Boost Mobile / etc)
Tattooed White Trash

Probably not live yet.

Hope that’s the case... cuz I’m gonna be SEVERELY disappointed otherwise.
Tattooed White Trash

Well, after about an hour after this was posted... still nothing on the Android Market for Sprint. Wow.
Tattooed White Trash

Same here just searched and it does not find yet, hopefully it will soon... will be great to have an official Roxette app!

The Android app is blocked until the iPhone app is approved.

I plead the 5th cuz I’ll just get in trouble....
Tattooed White Trash

LittleSpooky, haven’t seen you for a while round here! Hello!!

Wonder when the iPhone one will be released?


I just check it too..still nothing


Heyas. Well, I can be found on Facebook (Tara Hatch - Profile Pic has me in a grey T-shirt that says; “Notice I Decided” before trailing off) and I’m on twitter too as CSIShadow

And I hope soon (it’s safe to say I don’t like the iPhone and I almost pity those who have em because of the grief the iPhone 4 had and the LACK of support they got for that problem)
Tattooed White Trash

Great News!
looking forward to the iPhone-App.

Nothing wrong with the iPhone Tara!! Never had any problems with my iPhone4!! :-)


nothing wrong with the iphone 4? how about apple have made users buy 4 versions of a phone that still can’t do simple things, like video call over 3G, sorry I won’t go on as I hate apple sooooo much.

WHAT, no Symbian?

Dude, I’ve had three 3G phones and never made a single video call. Never felt the need to; the networks just aren’t stable enough for them as they stand - people have been expecting to make video calls to the definition of Trek Next Gen’s.

My iP4’s fine, and Apple sent me a cover to beat the Death Grip issue (Vulcanised rubber, ironically). I’m more bothered about the mobile interwebs, and the iPhone kicks all other phones up in the air for accessibility. Besides, I had an iPod Touch already. Would’ve been kinda stupid to have to buy apps from scratch for a ’droid phone.

After years of swearing at PCs, my Apple gear is a godsend. Keynote dumps on Powerpoint from the top of Tokyo Tower.

Can I say that it sucks horse pucky to have to wait for iTunes or what ever other monkey nut to approve this app?

Forget them and release it for everyone else and let them sort it out... cuz I’m not thrilled about waiting no more.
Tattooed White Trash

I have a Blackberry phone....what do I do to get this application??? I’m a bit behind with cellphones... Can anybody help??

It’s not released yet, but when it is I’m sure you can download it here.

I switched to a smartphone with Android in December it’s fantastic, my only downside is I just can’t get use to other models of phones other than the Nokia and this is an LG, only bought it to finally try a smartphone, but intend to upgrade my contract as soon as I can in September and want a HTC after playing with a friends...

Nothing in the App Store yet...


In all honesty, I still find this ’app’ thing totally useless. Do I need the Roxette’s discography in my cellphone? I know it by heart, I could read the lyrics backwards, if necessary :)

The iPhone App is out now!

Just downloaded it on android, what an awesome app this is.
I love it just for the sound clips of the new album. Roxette are back baby!

Good point, but i quite like the video feature in it :)


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