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Written by onlywhenidream on January 19, 2011 to and . Source: EMI.

LONDON - In a release issued by EMI Music today, confirmation is given that the European launch of Charm School will be on 14 February, while the UK will see a spring launch.

As we approach the release of their first new studio album in a decade, Roxette have just released the video to their new single, "She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)".

The European release date for the top-selling Swedish duo’s new album, Charm School, is February 14. In the UK the album and single will be out in the spring.

The official Roxette Facebook site is now live as well which you can check out here.


I suppose thats something I suppose, but having to wait until spring, come on thats not fair

Good to see confimation by the label. I guess the decision was made between a February release without single/promo or a later release with the full package. Must have taken a bit longer to get EMI UK aware of Roxette’s qualities.

Interesting. When I emailed EMI they were vague about if there would be any publicity in the UK (exact words being ’there may be some publicity’), which perhaps means either they haven’t planned that far ahead, or they’re waiting to see how the Single/Album does in other territories to decide how much to push it in the UK. Of course that is just pure speculation on my part.


Up on the 101

It is not great news having to wait officially till Spring, it’s most likely most die-hard UK fans would have bought the album elsewhere and imported it and therefore I suspect it won’t chart well, I mean you only need so many copies of a CD album...

What we really want is tour information I am guessing maybe they will hold out till the album is released see how it does which seems a little unfair.

*Edit* Removed email address as per last post!

I can see the cost of the CD/LP/Single/Denmark trip coming to over £400 already!

I’m not surprised really. They probably arent interested in “Radio” and will wait to release the 2nd single. Let’s hope they actually release a single to promote the album BEFORE the album is released this time, unlike they did with room service! Of course stations like radio 1 wouldnt touch roxette with a barge pole, but if they pick the correct song there are some stations that would.

I will still be buying it from CDON. Partially in protest at EMI UK’s wilful mistreatment of P&M - and also because there’s no mention of the 2CD deluxe version in this. Or the tour, depressingly.

If it does appear here (’cos I still don’t trust EMI), I will get another copy to help with the sales figures - my niece can have that one as part of her ongoing education of Cool Stuff (Summer Wars, Tron, Prof Layton, anime, Mille Bornes, hanafuda...). Will be buying the iTunes version for extra content too.

In truth this statement only got released today because someone in promotions (no names will be mentioned) got several emails (maybe more) this morning about the Roxette release in the UK... she was emailed by me around 10.30 and this press release went out at 11.26am (how ironic!)

@rossyrox £400 that’s cheap, my trip will cost around £600 for Denmark and Sweden by the time I have booked my hotels... maybe more when I’ve added train fares on there for the planned day in Halmstad!

We have to wait to get the CD here? Why am I not surprised. I will probably get it by “other means” and then buy it when it gets released. Still no news on Tour dates here yet?

thank you Linda06 ! my thoughts exactly !! i wrote in ages ago saying how concerned i was that the tour was already nearing the end of the year with no mention whatsoever of the uk. im going to stockholm for easter so i might as well wait to get my copy of the album there. PS i will also buy one here too to boost sales figures.

Well i aint gonna wait. I dont trust EMI no more. Uk will be left behind again its just like what happened with ’Room service’

I have posted this on another part but as it involves the UK release then im copying and pasteing here, sorry to admin :-)
“I was actually offered the chance today by a UK Radio DJ to listen to all the album as he has been sent it by a certain someone in EMI so they can get a feel of the songs, and I can say he said “I am shocked in a good way at the way that Roxette sound in 2011, they will never get to the hey day of IMHBL, but they can still kick ass”, the release date in the uk as has been stated by EMI is spring but he said March the 28th, the single near that date but he is not sure on the date, but he is hoping aswell that Rox get some decent promo as he really likes SGNO(BTR) I hope you can see this Mr G, you actually have someone in radio in the UK rooting for you :-)”


Which station colby? What genre music?

Never Left The Joyride..

it was a certain presenter of Lincsfm 102.2 which is one of the local radio stations in my area, and covers about 400 miles I think so quite afew listeners and the radio DJ also works on the sister stations to Lincsfm.


It is a very varied station, it plays just about anything and everything from the 60’s-present day, and yes Roxette gets played at least once a day, heres the address for it, so that you can see yourself,


It seems that people/Dj’s/EMI are really liking this album. Very interesting indeed.

People - OH yeah
DJs - Uh-huh
EMI - Aye

EMI *UK*... ah. Er. Yeah, I think I’ve spotted the flaw in your logic there, Robinho...

PS: @ RossyRox - £400? Pfft. My typical drop at an anime convention dealers’ room dwarfs that, dude. Y’all ain’t even trying ;-p

@colby1982 Spring is around March / April so sounds about right for a release!

Please tell me you didn’t turn down the chance to hear the new album before everyone else...

Will just buy an import...I did read some record companies are now very soon gonna make songs available when they hit radio in the UK ( sony etc) so we dont have to wait. MAYBE TIMES ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE. :-)

I will be buying from CDON as usual. Not going to wait longer than have to for new material - not interested in sales charts anymore - i don’t really think it means anything to most people probably not even Mr. G.

Its the tour dates I’m more annoyed about.... as somebody mentioned before flights/hotels and trains fill up and are more expensive everyday!

A little off topic - You can still buy ’Radio’ from

Tried it out yesterday, ended buying a fifth copy by accident, so its available somewhere in the Uk still...


Spring! All we need to know is WHEN!, A date would be helpful. Maybe when they have tidied up the broom cupboard and sorted all the paperclips.
RE local radio. I contacted Palm 105.5 and the looked into getting SGNO(BTR). they seemed very interested but couldnt get hold of a copy (as we now know why). They are alwas playing Roxette especially HDYD?, sounds great after the news.

@ Ally, what do you take me for,lol, of course I didnt but to do a review I believe I need permission of Mr G, which shouldnt be too hard, but I can say I love all the songs except 2 and rather suspect that there is something going to recorded during the tour (needs verification from Per) lol, ,it was like the album could continue for another albums worth, but there was a certain song that Marie sings that really had me in tears, it is beautiful and I hope it is either the first release in the uk as it would get far or that it is released next,, can someone from the team please ask Mr G if it is ok for me to do the first british review, thanks,


Amazon have it listed as April 4th for £11.99


According to Play the release date for the Album is 04.04.11, that’s ages to wait!

It’s hideous having to wait another 2 months after nearly everywhere else.

Maybe Tony Blair shouldn’t have invaded Iraq. Everywhere hates us now.


I found out yesterday that HMV in England are now going to have “Charm School” due for release 4th of April as is said and it is also on their site, Link at the bottom before my name, according to my friend at HMV they are getting posters handed to them for Roxette ready for April, he hasn’t had the chance to listen to the cd, no shock there but according to him it is topped to be a “massive seller” this year so they are going to push it, does this mean that Roxette will be properly back in a massive way? well we will have to wait and see,

I did post something to Admin to tell them, but it must not have got through or they ignore me (Colby whistles and plays deaf game with Admins like they are with him :-) )


Forgot to say it is actually on their main computer system now, derr me, I went into my Local HMV which is how I found out and it was Monday that they got the posters ready etc, so could be intresting, Im tired and have my next set of Injections for my travels tomorrow so im now going to bed now I have said my piece, sorry for my sloppy error :-)



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