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“Charm School” definitely to be released in Australia

Written by ditroia on January 17, 2011 to and .

"Australia is definitely releasing Charm School, both versions of it" says Mark Holland, A&R rep at EMI Australia. "We are definitely putting some promotion into this album," he continues.

Marks also tells this reporter that there will be features in News Ltd Sunday papers, reviews to run in newspapers, women's magazines and the weeklys like Women's Weekly, NW, Who, Grazia etc. News Ltd. is owned by Rupert Murdoch and is the most read newspaper franchise in Australia.

Furthermore the single is being serviced to radio this week, so Mark hopes we'll be hearing it on the waves soon! Charm School is slated for release February 11.

More info will soon be available.


I think I may burst into tears :)

Also, the release date was confirmed by EMI OZ for the 11th of JAN (days earlier than Europe)


oh my gosh!!!!! Yayyyy, so excited!!!

oh wow...just like in the good old i can put the radio on and just wait for those 3 chords to sound!

Roxwriter...seems like we dont have to do much apart from listening and buying mags like teenagers again! :)

Key thing for me there is “both versions”... Sweeeet.

Now for the tour, it’s just a matter of if it is me to them or them to me.

We can hope.

Glad to bring the news.

Never Left The Joyride..

Mark Said Feb 11th Roxwriter.

Never Left The Joyride..

Wow. Amazing news. I so hope this increases the chance of the tour reaching Australia.


SORRY GUYS! I meant 11th FEB. Too excited to type properly. I called their offices a few days ago and they confirmed the date.

Nice to know we dont have to wait 2 months like we did for Have A Nice Day.

In fact, we’re gonna be the FIRST for a CHANGE!!!!!!!!!


Thank goodness for that, now all we want is a full Australian tour...and to quote one of the best songs ever recorded:
“Come on, join the joyride everybody
Get your tickets here
Step Right this Way”

Today, MTV Australia had a countdown of the top 10 duos and Roxette came in at #3 :-)

They played the live version of Joyride from Sydney 91!

Get ROXETTE TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! So glad I can go to a store and buy it in Aus. Can any Aussies tell me where to go in Melbourne to buy it?

I had to look at that title twice!

As far as the statement about promotion, i’ll believe that when I see a magazine or paper with something in it.

If it does indeed happen, i’d like to know what at EMI has changed since HAND -> Hits, that they’re now deciding to do some promo.

Great that they’re releasing the 2CD version as well, but Feb 11 is so far away though...

On a slightly related note - I received an email from CD-WOW re: most anticipated releases in 2011 and Charm School is listed :-) ($14.95 delivered, although even with the super cheap price.. i think i’ll buy locally just to help out the sales here :-) )

I preordered mine from bengans in Sweden a while ago.

should be able to pick it up from HMV/Sanity/Leading Edge.

The response I got from mark was the most detailed I have ever got from EMi oz in all the years I have contacted them, [since 97], plus a prompt reply, gives me hope.

I’ve asked for more details.

Never Left The Joyride..

Aside from the Facebook Group and emails to touring companies, what else can we do to get ROXETTE down here to AUSTRALIA?!?

There’s a month gap from Brazil to Sth Africa and Australia is smack bang in the middle!!!!!

C’mon people!!!!!!


Great news everybody!

Great! I think this speaks for the quality of the album. :-D

Bought new single from iTunes the day it was released!
You got to come to Australia, especially Sydney!
Have posted a YouTube link of the new single on my FBook wall!

If any of the other Aussie Rox fans wanna keep in touch of FB,

Never Left The Joyride..

Such good news for us Aussie fans!
Promo is what they need to chart here. I hope it all works out and we see them back in the top 40. Let all keep eye and ear out in our respective states. I’m looking forward to the Sunday papers!

@Peter: just like in the old times!! ;) have you seen what we are up to in Roxspain.. we miss you..
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Fortunately I have a Scanner.


Never Left The Joyride..

Awesome :-) Now if only the UK would give us some confirmation also. But what the heck’s with Amazon? They have the cd at £35.99 and the release date on 22nd February but cd wow has the cd at £13.49 and the release date at 14th February for the UK. I don’t think they know what they’re doing in this god forsaken Country.

Totally out of topic, but here you have more news from the Southern Hemisphere (Argentina):

- News about the tour/new album have appeared on TV and printed/online newspapers.
- Since last week, the song was available for dowload at Personal Música, that’s a music store for customers of Personal (cellphone company). Now it’s also available at Movistar music store too.
- According to the fans, the single is being played in Aspen Radio and Disney Radio. It’s curious, because the former is 100% oriented to the adult market (they play mostly classics) while Disney is totally oriented to the teens. Last week, it was the “Song of the week” in 100.5 FM-Córdoba as well.
- Since the official website of EMI Argentina is long gone, I have no chance to get in touch with the staff. But I’m guessing both versions of the album will be released here. They released the CD and CD+DVD versions of the latest hits compilation, and Marie’s Swedish-ballads collection, so why not?



Hear that?


It’s EMI UK.

Lucky Aussies can also buy the new video for She’s Got Nothing On... off of iTunes already (should they want to =p)
Here in the UK it’s very much tumbleweeds...

Great news oz has lots of people. It makes me sick that after spending a fortune on multiple trips to see Roxette and after dedicating so much time to collecting every release and where am I? Having to spend even more money importing to the uk. A week on I have still not heard a decent copy of the new single and it quite simply disgusts me.

I haven’t been able to buy the single until today as been away with work. I live in the UK and the MP3 seems to have been removed from Amazon, ITunes and HMV. Heeeeeelp! Anyone know where has the track gone, is very sad to think that with all the excitement elsewhere the situation is bleak here. Don’t understand why, there is a real fondness for Roxette in the UK and there is far more obscure stuff on the pre-mentioned sites.

I would believe it when i see it happen :-S Well Im off to Oz in March for a month so guess i will just have to see for myself lol

Ok I feel like doing a little dance right now!!! : )

That sounds VERY promising!!! Fingers crossed the media aren’t too negative towards them since they tend to be over here!! Hopefully they’ll maybe even get a little airplay would love to see Roxette in the top 40 again after sooo many years!!!

I also agree that EMI have probably heard the album & think it’s worth promoting unlike HAND & RS : P

The Joyride continues... : )

BTW: I also got that e-mail from CDWOW & Roxette were listed in the most anticipated albums of 2011 : ) I was wondering if i should order from them as they have the deluxe edition for $17.95 but now with this news I’m going to go & buy it in the store i don’t care how much!! Nothing beats the old feeling of going into a record store buying the hardcopy & going home lyric book in hand & taking in the new songs!!! So excited!! I feel like it’s 1991 again!!!

Also just checked iTunes & The Hits album is at #17!!! SGNO is at #166 well considering no one would really know about this at the moment it’s nice to see it in any chart!!

Will there be a review by Thomas or a Gessle track by track interview coming?

Yes but it’s good to have confirmation of the double cd version and promotion.



Never Left The Joyride..

To The UK Fans:

Corporate Communications Department
EMI Music
27 Wrights Lane
W8 5SW
Tel: +44 (0)20 7795 7000

Get cracking.!/parlophone?v=info

and for fans worldwide:

Never Left The Joyride..

This is great news. I live in Coffs Harbour and am in between Sydney and Brisbane. I do not get the big radio stations but do get print. If anyone hears the song, write on here or Fb so I can possibly hear it on the internet. Cheers.

Here you go, Giz:

Good to see SGNO on iTunes is still around 150-190. I checked over the weekend and it was down around 185-ish. Hopefully once the promo starts it’ll start heading towards #1 :-P

Hits! seems to be going well. It’s been top 30 for a while now.

This is good news, so glad Roxette are finally going to get some promotion here in Australia. From memory the last promotion they got in this country for a release was Don’t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus adverts on TV back in ’95.

Where is everyone else from in Australia? Im in South Australia.

Melbourne here...

Melbourne here as well....

SYDNEY here :-)

Like RobS I’m the same. As far as the statement about promotion, i’ll believe that when I see a magazine or paper with something in it.

The last time that EMI Australia did a promotion on Roxette was CBB. They (EMI Australia) NEVER prommoted HAND, RS, BH, PH or Roxbox Set.

Adelaide Here:

And promo for DBUGTTC didn’t start till mid 96, tho I bought the album December 95.

The album was triple platinum in oz, and charted at number 3 in SA, and as high as 5 in other states.

Never Left The Joyride..

Brisbane here

@Ozroxette We are in Country Western Australia..About 2 hrs from Perth : )

and I’m 2 hours from neilandkathie in Perth :D

Sydney here : )

Linda06, i got this message back from Amazon

...We are sorry to report that this item “Charm School” - Roxette is currently not listed on our website and I can’t guarantee if or when it will be sold by us. Perhaps you could check our website from time to time to see if this item has been listed in stock or if it is available from a third-party seller through Marketplace.

I have not had a reply to my email asking if there was a vacancy at EMI as Roxette promotor... i even gave them the release dates and artist and album title just to jog their tiny little minds.


I am from Sydney, and I cannot wait to see them in concert! I remember as a child (I think I was 11 years old) I met Per and Marie at a HMV in store appearance, that was one of the happiest and memorable days of my life! Hopefully, they will be back in Sydney this year!

hey all bout 2.5 hrs south of perth here! damn i hope this album charts im sick of flying international to see a concert and i already have to fly to LA this year or earlynext year to see dr dre.

Hopefully they come back to Australia. I had to fly to Austria in 2001 and got to meet them in Innsbruck and Marie said “you come alll the way from Australia, by yourself and your in a wheelchair” I said yes, Marie was Thanked me so much and was just overwelled that a person in a wheelchair travelled all the way from Australia to Austria just to see them.

Yeah the flying can be a killer... I flew over to Halmstad last year, though didn’t get to meet them :( That said, whilst I was over there I decided to make a killer two month holiday out of it... Was the perfect motivation to be honest. Now got that damn travel bug so I am trying to raise the funds to hit a concert or three this year as well.. Unfortunately two of my first three choices (Berlin, Prague & Budapest) have sold out or are about to . grrrrr Awaiting for more concert dates which hopefully include Australia or at the very least other cities that I would like to visit.

Per just on Facebook:

“Getting great feedback from EMI Intl re the new album. Look forward to serious releases both in the UK & Australia!”

Nice surprise, hmm? :-)

Where on FB does he say that? I can’t find it...

Up on the 101

(Amazing news btw)


Up on the 101


And this is Roxette’s new official page, if you don’t know yet:

i’m kinda confused...they abandoned australia alot sooner than the usa in terms of promotion etc and yet they get the album before the usa? don’t get me wrong you guys deserve it but seriously with the advent of the internet i have no desire to go on the self promo bandwagon i did for their usa hits push..i’m kinda tired of the hey buy the music see you in a few years attitude their management obviously has towards the states it seems


o say we all

DuncanB, thanks for sharing. Looks like the UK are one of the very few Countries who are NOT gonna promote Roxette. We don’t even know if we’ll be getting the album released here. The UK sucks big time.

and the flight prices out of the UK keep going up every day we don’t get a tour announcement! It’s bad enough that all the cheap trains within the UK sell out 3 months before they run too.

Good news!
I am living in a pleasant little town called Riddells Creek, out of Melbourne.
Will be in Tassie when the album is released, I wonder if I’ll be able to find it there!

@ditroia Thanks for the info!

I contacted EMI Canada about their plans to release “Charm School” here in The Great White North, and the reply was something like “Most likely yes, but keep checking the website from time to time”.

Oh, Canada.

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

Sorry for the double post!

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

@Anarem: Thanks for posting... I e-mailed them twice (well, used their web submission form thing, directed to Sales) and heard nothing back. Glad to hear that they at least *this* time know that Roxette is on their roster! When I e-mailed them in 2001 a few weeks before EMI Canada released “Room Service” they told me, “Roxette is no longer signed to EMI Canada”!

im from Adelaide...


I had no clue to which department I should direct my inquiry, so I chose “catalog”. Some fellow named Warren Stewart emailed me back less than a day later. Hopefully we might get Charm School released here, but there is always the option of getting the CD and LP as an import from :-)

“Où sont mes pantalons?”


Well, as I have a little too much free time at work, I just emailed, and here is the reply:

“Dear Pete,

Thank you for your enquiry. The new album and a lead single will be released here shortly and there may be some promotion involved. Further details will be announced via their website so do check that for up-to-date news.

Best wishes,

’May be some promotion involved’ - nothing changes. haha!


Up on the 101

Near Newcastle NSW here.

Oh and I like the sound of Per’s latest comment on FB - very promising indeed!

How lucky are you BWAD! I would love to meet them. Typical Marie, so kind and caring.

I think Per waved at me during the CBB concert in Newcastle lol well at least he waved in my general direction when I waved at him but I was about 50 m from the stage so it could have been someone else. I can live with that! lol. Thanx!

Was that the HMV appearance on the Liveism video Hennylam? Did you get to see yourself on it?

I have been contacted by EMI and have been asked to remove the email address for the contact from TDR. Sorry guys!

Basically had the same reply back as quoted above, just that more news will be announced ’shortly’


It just goes to show EMI UK really is rubbish... they do not want to deal with promotion, there website does not even provide email addresses for the UK, I had to telephone to obtain an email address, and it was on ’her’ voicemail...

I got the same reply back as well...

’Thank you for your enquiry. The album and a lead single will be released here shortly and there may be some promotion involved. Further details will be announced via their website so do check that for up-to-date news’

Sigh... Oh well guess CDON will get my order for an imported album as always!

im also kind of near newcastle,on the nsw central coast :) really hoping they make it to Oz...

To All Aussies: register your interest at may get (some) interest for them to call Rox downunder?

Peeps...need help here.... finally i found some “media” comment on new Roxette on Nova100... 1 comment which is not positive... if possible, please visit website and leave your mark ;)


The clip for SGNOBTR is to be shown on Rage this Saturday morning - about 8.20.

Not sure when Rage last showed a new Roxette clip - I know they refused to play One Wish. Might have been Wish I Could Fly, but I doubt even that (which would mean it was probably Crash! Boom! Bang! or Sleeping In My Car)

The last one I can remember was Milk and Toast and Honey and it was on really early about 5am for two or three weeks. Obviously, there is the occasional showing of the older songs but that is very rare. What is great is that “Radio” is on at a much better time of the morning in amongst the current and new hits.

Ok all you awesome Aussie Roxette fans out there.... I’ve started a facebook page to try and bring Roxette to Australia on their upcoming tour!!! Please “like” the page @
Other than calling and emailing Australian tour promoters a good way of trying to get Roxette to tour Australia is to call their manager in Sweden and show your support, which I’ve already done. Don’t forget, be nice!! :) x


i rung up Fish Records, Sydney today and they weren’t aware of the new roxette album. I went into JB Hifi and they stocked both versions, but I did not see any promotion at all! not even on the Australia Tunes.


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