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Video premiere to be on Facebook

Written by tevensso on January 13, 2011 to . Source:

"She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" will be released on Roxette's Facebook page tomorrow, Friday 14. The video featuring Elin Aram as well as Roxette has been directed by Mats Udd and is supposed to have "lots of blood and nudity and murder" in it, according to Per. We'll see about that…

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I love nudity! I can do without the blood though.

Blood, what is this a Lordi video? Still sounds thrilling as for the nudity I’m guessing it’s not Per stripped naked for all his female fans then?

So Friday Sweden time? Friday Australian time? Help us out here :-p Does that mean we Aussies need to wait til Saturday then? ;)

Obviously Swedish time! :) CET is it. Don’t know what hour though. Noon?

They must have filmed the nudity at Tits and Ass studios(?). I wonder why the other naughty bit wasn’t included.


LOL - Thanks mate. So that means...

12 p.m. Friday January 14, 2011 in Europe/Stockholm converts to
10 p.m. Friday January 14, 2011 in Australia/Sydney

According to

Haha, will cancel any Friday night plans (pfft, like I had any) ;-)

Enjoy the video, and in the same time surf to and vote for the single.

Vote for the song on Swedish charts? Is there even a point LOL? It’ll go Top 5 in its debut.

It’s us here in Australia and the UK who need the help and votes...

Ohh i was hoping for Per in a centrefold pose. Bugger. Maybe it will be chris and clarence frolicking through fields naked 8-0 Look forward to seeing the video.

There was a chart where you could vote for Roxette here in Sweden a couple of days ago and it didn’t even make it in to the chart.

I’ll help you voting for it in the UK and Australia to when it’s time for that.

I was just guessing about the noon thing, but I think it will be out before Oz Saturday. :)

@daniel_alv ................................................................................................................................................................

*Sorry I was holding my breath waiting for it to be played in the UK* ;)

[but I still voted cause I am nice like that] :p

@Roxerally Thank you! I really hope you guys get a release and promotion for the new single and album, and also some concerts. Living in Stockholm I’m used to get everything (concerts, CD’s, singles). so I was a bit frustrated when the germans got the single 3 days a head of us *lol* and I can’t imagen how frustrated you guys are.

Well if it’s on FB, I can download it via Safari.

Will we be able to download the video somewhere??? Would love to add it to my collection

“lots of blood and nudity and murder”
Not classic Roxette video and it’s a strange way to promote album which will be realise around 14 feb, but lets see and give it a shot :-)

such a long 24 hours!!!!! grrrr.... LOTS OF BLOOD AND NUDITY AND MURDER??? Please, LOTS PER and MARIE and a little of blood and bla bla bla ahahahaha

To be honest - I only want to see MARIE - and if she’s nude - HALLELUJAH!!!!

hahaha....I just hope it’s not so tasteless as their HAND videos - most of which got banned from MTV. I just got to say: Marie and Per holding a pumpkin and then dead fish on “Salvation” video was so out of whack!!! Very tasteless!!

I hope we will see the video on MTV too!!

The brand new video :)

mats udd should have learned from jonas akerlund’s roxette videos how to make marie look beautiful ...

MY JAW IS ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

That is a catastrophe of EPIC proportions!!


Talk about NO budget... that is utterly embarrassing :-(

Oh my god, I don’t want ANY music channel to play this... please MTV don’t show this, it’s SO SO SO SO SO bad.


If Roxette were going to look THAT awful in that video, they should NOT have appeared in it and just let it be about some girl at a party.

This video can only be described as a DISASTER! This was such a critical video for their “comeback”.

To think I used to whinge about Jonas Akerlund! Such a fool. If the video’s budget was more that $40 I’ll eat my hat!

How can Per and Marie look at the play back and think “yep, that looks great, we look good in it”.

Whatever LITTLE hope “She’s Got Nothing On” has just died a million deaths thanks to this “video”. The MTV world is a superficial, visual medium and this is a complete catastrophe!

Here’s the problem, not only does it NOT better the song, it actually worsens it, something Roxette does not need right now at their career.


P.S. What happened to the blood/nudity? Please tell me this is a fake version designed to give people heart attacks?!?

@joyrider - thanks for the link, more nightmares :-(

please... anyone... tell me this is a fake video!!!!!!!!


I hope it’s a fake :-(

But I don’t think we’re that lucky.

Let’s hope NO ONE plays this and damages the chances of a decent comeback!

I´d be alright with this party-thingy... but P&M look completely out of place. It just looks cheap. For those who recognized... the djane is elin from do it. Even she looks better in real live!! my gosh... what a disappointment...

I need of just one word to describe this video: DISAPPOINTING.

Hopefully waiting for a 2nd version (from a real director).

OMG. It can’t be truth. That’s awful.
It’s uptempo song but the video editiding doesn’t follow the rhythm. Tha’s disaster.
Per & Marie don’t match to the “something what was supposed to be a story but it’s not”
I haven’t noticed any murder, blood or nudity, but I’m affraid that’s THIS video :(((

WTF was the director thinking - hmm lets film Marie and Per on a harsh white background, that will make them look really good!!!
Half the time you cant even see Marie’s face properly! It is obscured by the light/lense flare.
You think they would’ve learnt by now, filming/photographing Marie against a white background makes her hair look terrible! Its already bleached - it doesn’t need to be bleached anymore!!!!!!

Well if the budget for this video was $40,I hope they paid the director accordingly! He does not deserve a cent!

OK rant over.

Saddened so much by this video... the worst production ever... the light behind them... what is that?

We know Roxette is better than this so I am looking forward to the Album.

I too think “Charm School” will kick ass, the problem is this video makes them look like a laughing stock!

This video will hurt the Charm School project.

P&M shouldn’t even be in the video, just keep it about some stupid teen at a party... and the whole party scene makes NO sense.

And what’s with the old dude and the crown?

This is undoubtedly one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

So much was riding on their “look” and their “image” to help convice people that Roxette are still “cool”. The song is “cool”, like it or not, the song is a pumping, energetic 2011 song.

The video is something my friends could’ve made in their first year of Film School. This is a disaster like I’ve never seen before in my life.

Can you imagine any VJ in the world presenting this garbage on their music show.

You can only go by your first reaction and by the first 10 seconds, my jaw was LITERALLY dropping as I was left gobsmacked watching the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen.

Oh Per... why did you do this? :-(

Dear God... i’ve being hit by a truck !!! Sorry, by a “Radio”! It Could be better.

To set the record straight, the “lots of blood and nudity and murder” was never to be taken seriously. It was just Per saying something outrageous... with his particular sense of humor. That would have been more obvious I suppose had it been a video interview, but in a print interview, it’s hard to judge such things sometimes.

Come on guys, think back two years ago, did we even think we’d be hearing a new Roxette song, much less a video. We are getting a new album and a tour!! Was this video what I expected? NO. Was I hoping to see more of Marie? YES. Is the lighting blending in with Marie’s hair? YES. But I love the song, I love Roxette, and THEY ARE BACK! I could care less what chart position they have, or what the story in the video is.... they are BACK, and Marie is healthy. I am so disppointed to read all of these negative things... negative things about the single, negative things about the album cover, negative things about the video. Roxette has given their fans a gift.... Marie has been through tragedy, and has risen from it. I am so excited about these new releases. Per and Marie could release a video of Polka music, riding on the back of big green frogs, and I would be happy. As people.... we are entitled to our opinion.... As fans... we should support the two people we love and respect.... Per and Marie. I hope we can all stop the negativity. If Marie read some of the things that are being posted, I am sure she would be discouraged. She is a hero.

I am glad we can agree on one thing... this video is a load of [email protected]! rather no video that this!

Gosh....i haven’t seen the video yet, but I’m afraid to look at it.....

I have adored Roxette for around 20 years now, I love this song, very catchy but I’m soooooo very disappointed with the video. I would love to see videos from Roxette that have the excellence of the Joyride video, boy Joyride was a great video and also Crash boom bang was a sensational video, I also liked seeing Per with a chess board in some of the early ones. I think this video detracts the song.
But I am still very excited that Roxette are back for all of us and seeing anything is better than nothing. The fact that a new single/Album/tour is happening is amazing.
Just hope Perth in Western Australia can be part of the tour : )


The single IS great.

The album cover/title IS great.

Roxette back IS great.

We are all thrilled. But as much as chart success might not matter to certain territories, to other parts of the world it means Roxette may or not tour there. I want Roxette to tour the world over, this kind of video hurts their chances of success, therefore hurts the chances of touring to our country.

No one had a go at Marie. We had a go at the director they were given.

Anyway, the song is great and I’ll listen to it ten times with my own pictures in my head... not the official vid.

Rox on!

Looks like they’ve gone right back to the beginning & made a worse video than ’Soul Deep’!!! Now that’s disappointing : ( (

This is by far the worst video to kick off a Roxette album ever! (ok besides SD but that was 1986!!!)

When I think of all the other lead singles the videos were great! They fit the theme, they made you wanna watch it over & over!!! But this this is just bad, really bad! I would never approve a white background with Marie’s hair! She’s almost camouflaged!!

People are just gonna laugh at them when they see this : (

The video has made my excitement level plummet : (

I only pray to God they redo the video & we can forget about this disaster!!

Still love you guys just not this video ;-)

anybody has link to see/download it,pls.? cos i havent FB profile a i dont want to make one ;)
i dont understaned why they didnt put in on the single SGNO/BTR/...

the fb page links to the vid on youtube, search for roxettevevo.

About the vid, I think its rather ordinary, it’s not bad, but I was hoping for more. I guess I’ll get used to it (at least there’s no singing ducks in it!!) But I guess P&M could have been integrated into it better, instead of performing in front of a white background. Still love the song, so that makes it watchable. Oh and I love the little head wobble by Marie and Per’s laugh at the end, at least they had fun making it by the looks.

Did anyone else spot the joyride lp? lol

YES!! I thought it was my imagination, but I DID see the Joyride LP, as well as the Charm School LP!!

I must say, the video makes NO sense at all, but I loved it! This Mats Udd (whatever his name is) shouldn’t do videos anymore, but the only parts watchable was the parts with Per and Marie in. They looked cool. I like the video.

Is this some sort of bad joke or something?

Hmmmmm... well.. I don’t know... it’s by far one of the worst videos they’ve done.

The whole party aspect just doesn’t make sense, and everything in slo-mo. As others have mentioned having P&M against a white background and with the light is just stupid, and doesn’t add anything to the video.

I’d like to know what the other 3 options P&M got to choose from were.

I did like the head shots of P&M, I think if they kept that without the stupid white background with a decent narrative that made some sense it could’ve been better.

After videos like ATAY and WICF, or HDYD, even RealSugar, TCOTH had people talking, but at least it was classy - this really just doesn’t cut it.

The song is still as good as ever though :-)

It looks like the video is about the girls entering a room where there is a pillow fight going on and all kinds of inocents things and as the song progress the attitude in the room becomes more kinky because of the roxette music and girls... anyway wasn’t that done already with COTH?


Learn from Jonas, Mats. Create mood when you film Per&Marie. NOBODY looks good against a white background, unless its a photoshoot in black&white.

They should’ve been filmed against a black background

@ everybody who doesn’t like the bright light: white hair and white background without light isn’t that cool either ;-))

hi everyone. i´m still shocked after wathcing this new video. but i guess i feel the same way every time a new video comes out. i personally don´t like this song, so i don´t think the video is bad compared to the song. the video is just different if we compare it to roxette´s previous videos, and the main reason is that Jonas Akerlund was not involved. his videos were always the same (wicf, tchth, atay). we needed something different. i like the fact there are so many teens in the video, it makes it look fresh. regarding the white background, i like it too (because, again, it´s different from akerlund´s black ones), but it´s also true that it makes it look cheap. regarding the fact that the video has nothing to do with the lyrics, well, there are many rox videos that have no connection at all with the lyrics, YDUM is one example. anyway, the fact that roxette is back is magical, no video can describe that feeling. ROX ON!

Roxette is famous about there music not for there clips i’ts just a way to promote!
But actually I like it! I’ts a positive video!
They have the currage to try different producers.
You can stick to Anton Corbijn or Jonas Akrlund.
But that’s a risk. After while they run out of ideas to.
And than you got the same sort of videoclips.
I think this is very 2011. Old school with dance rythms from synthersizers and keyboards.
So I think well done and Rox On! And I’ll go to sleep!


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