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Hopeful fans get their wish: Roxette releases new single

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on January 7, 2011 to and .

Fans have been hopeful for years that with Marie's recovery from cancer, that Per and Marie would reactivate Roxette: take the stage again… perhaps tour… and if all that wasn't possible, at least get into a recording studio and release new material. It turns out that all of these wishes are coming true, and today marks another milestone in the duo's career with the release of the new single "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" from the forthcoming album Charm School.

The Daily Roxette has learned from one of our readers in Oz that the single is available now via iTunes in Australia, which deserves special mention only in that Australia has been one of the question marks as far as release plans and tour dates are concerned. There are other such "questionable" countries as well, including the United States where Roxette enjoyed truly remarkable chart success with four Billboard #1 singles. The track is #1 on at the moment!

If you're aware of an official release in your country, let us know via a comment on this article (and specify whether it's CD or digital only).  We'll keep a tab going…

Here are the different iTunes charts.

Roxwriter contributed to this article.

Brazil - digital - released (obviously)
Germany - digital - released - #1
Australia - digital - released - #138
Sweden - digital/CD - released - #10
UK - digital - released?
Holland - digital - #63
France - digital - released
Hungary - digital - released
Argentina - digital - released (Personal first and now Movistar)
Spain - digital - released - #12
Russia - digital - released



its available in switzerland via itunes.

Yay! Just bought it... can delete the cr*ppy download now, much better sound this file is!!

That is good news for those in Australia having it on iTunes already... nothing on the UK iTunes yet but Amazon UK have it for Monday as a digital download. There is also a Maxi CD Single on Amazon for sale at £19.99 but it says released 15th February so I think that is wrong somehow!

Zilch on HMV [I keep checking!] The same goes for other download sites, Play, Tesco etc... It seems like we are unlikely to get a physical CD release in the UK!

1991 – 2011; Celebrating 20 Years of being a Roxette Fan!

Just found two versions - the single @$2.19 and the singles plus WICF from St. Petersburg @$3.88. JOY!!!! Otherwise, I can not find any shop that is promoting it yet : ( Thank for letting us know Lars, cheers!

Finland - digital download:

Come on, iTunes Canada! (Hey, nothing wrong with wishful thinking, right?)

cd-single 28.01.11
cd-album 11.02.11

I was up early this morning to check that the single was on iTunes and was glad to see it available for download. Of note, I also had a look at the top albums and Roxette is sitting in the Top 20 albums on iTunes in Australia today with “A Collection of Roxette Hits”. I have never seen this album positioned so high, though over the last week I have noticed a gradual trend upwards in the charts. Its even outcharting Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits at present. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to impact the Australian Albums charts greatly because I believe our albums charts are dominated by physical copies rather than digital downloads, but its still impressive.

I just checked EMI South Africa’s website, and they have NOTHING on Roxette.
So, I sent them an e-mail.

Does anybody know when we can see the new Roxette video??? Seems EMI’s promotion still SUX!!!! Roxette could have sold 3times more albums if only EMI got off their butts!!!! is selling it as well, but today just the digital version is out, acc. to amazon the maxi-cd single is out 28th Jan.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

In Taiwan, the single (cd) will be released on January 14th and the album (deluxe edition cd) will be released on February 18th.

Hi guys,

just listen to SWR3 (German Radio Station), and they announced that the Radio - Premiere will be in the next two hours. Just go to their website, and click on “Mail ins Studio” and drope some lines about the Single. I´m sure it helps ROXETTE to go straight back to the Top.


RADIO is brilliant!!!
WICF live in St. Petersburg is awsome!!!

As much as I hate digital downloads (and $2 for 1 track!!) but I got it from BigpondMusic AU.

Hopefully that will entice Roxette to come down here to tour :-)

Nice words, Lars-Erik! Today’s finally the day! :-D

It has just had its premier in germany on that station mentioned about, 9:10am here in the uk,,so its now out there, but no uk yet,.

yay! I am so excited about this all :D I just feel like shouting, jumping and dancing.. no, didn’t drink anything besides a coffee ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true


Jud, I think you need to drink less coffee then, lol :-)

I just downloaded it from and now wait for the moment that I’m alone at home so that I can jump and dance and shout as well!!! hahahaha otherwise someone would call the doctors I guess :D

Well I’ve done my bit by downloading from aus site

I’d download today if I could - but being in the UK I have to wait until Monday.

This is a great day though, a new single is released. I think there is a fair chance that this could be a big song...


where can it be bought/downloaded in sweden? Only i tunes??

Probably more stores than that, but it’s not out until Monday in Sweden...

The radios already play few times the single ,but no way to buy it for now in Bulgaria.

The album will be out on 14 february .

wasn’t it 11th? :S
The new official rox facebook page also has a picture with 14th..??
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

It is just soooooooooo good! :-D

Depends on the release day for music in different countries. In Germany it’s Friday, some countries Wednesday, some Monday.

Here you have a link to what I consider a Roxette-friendly Bulgarian radio:

They announce that the single will be played today and quote the press release about the tour and the new album. YESSSS

The single is available on iTunes in the Netherlands! Get it now, it rox!

itunes-Charts Germany position: 139
Not bad for the first hours...

And now on position #38 on mp3-download-charts:

And on 3! different positions in this list:

Keep them climbing the top!

What a great day!

Nope, it’s not on number one in!
It is the fastest chartclimber of today though...

In Spain, Los 40 Principales (the most important radio station), seems to have ignored the new single. I don’t know what other radios have done... :(

The truth is that the single wasn’t really released in BRAZIL.
The site once jumped the gun in the wrong time is not selling the single anymore, even after its official release. At least, it doesn’t appear on the site.
And it seems that no other brazilian site is selling the digital single. So, it wasn’t released in Brazil yet. I hope it do anytime.
Thank you.
Alexandre Carvalho, Brazil.

Roxette are at no. 89 of the pop top 100 iTunes charts in Holland!!!

@ mareo
Did you heard it on some radio in Bulgaria?
write me on [email protected]

Jud – Album will be out on 14 february in my country ,and as i saw in some others.
In some countries it will be on sell on 11 feb.

These different dates are kind a stupid for me. Can understand why they do that in 2011.

Article in Aftonbladet today about ’mistreatment’ of extras on video shoot:

Mats Udd’s response:

I just downloaded it from iTunes in the Netherlands. Great. I am looking forward to the new album. Finally!

Does anyone know when the official video will be released?

Roll on Monday for the UK!

1991 – 2011; Celebrating 20 Years of being a Roxette Fan!

@bob26: where did you find that top 100 iTunes chart for Holland?

Roxette is going up at the iTunes pop charts in Holland to no.63

Ronney there is a link on iTunes covering pop, r&b, rock....

Yes exactly how much long would the video take to be released?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

@bob26: thanks, gevonden!

It’s now on 103 though...

Looks like SWR3 is playing “SGNO(BTR)” for (at least) the third time today right now. :-))) Not bad for the first day, right? ;-)

iTunes top charts no.86 and iTunes pop charts no.48 in Holland. Amazing for the first day of sales!!!

Digital download available for pre-order in the UK on for GBP 0.89
Now saying available to download on 9th Jan

(UK download chart runs from Sunday to Saturday)

I dl it too, both tracks, and can’t stop playing them. Can’t wait for the deluxe album, I want those live tracks!! Hope the vids released soon too I wanna see it.

That’s great news re the Greatest Hits album, just checked it and its at 19, surely someone’s gonna notice that and put two and two together and think aha tour!

what a great single!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope they come to Colombia!!!!

I haven’t stopped playing both songs!

What a difference it makes when the quality is better! Love ’Radio’ now, great track!

I wish I could have the physical single in my hands though. I’m hoping the CD/DELUXE version of ’Charm School’ will get released in OZ same time as everywhere else (or at least the standard CD), I’d hate to have to wait for it to arrive in the mail while everyone else is discussing the album! But I wont download it before cause i need the booklet with lyrics in my hand, like the good old days!! Can’t beat that first listen of a new album! : )

I know how you feel hotblooded. I’m still tossing up between the instant dl or the pretty booklet - very hard decision. I guess the deciding factor for me is imhbl live, I want track so I guess there is my answer!

downloaded it at iTunes germany.

it’s on the 99th position at iTunes charts germany.

I checked with HMV Sunderland today - nothing listed for physical releases of the single or Charm School at all. Seems they don’t want the charts to be fair anymore. Oh well - grab it off iTunes for the extras, and a copy from an’all then. Feck’em.

I suspect that £20 single might be Charm School itself...?

Nothing on the radios yet as far as I know here in Lima Peru but I already have SGNOBTR in my’s awesome! another #1 for sure!!

To all UK Roxette fans! You can download new single from Amazon or from Sunday! I cant wait to download it!

I noticed had it, but only the actual single not the b-side of ’Wish I Could Fly’

1991 – 2011; Celebrating 20 Years of being a Roxette Fan!

The single is now on Amazon UK to download, it’s priced at £1.69 for both songs and classed as an album, but make sure you click the link on the top right hand corner, otherwise they charge you the full price of £3.88 [as I just discovered if you put both songs in your basket!]

Still it is out and available... but not on the HMV digital site nor on iTunes UK!

Wish I Could Fly - Live is fantastic!

Downloaded it! I just hope some other places get it up so I can download it from their stores or at least buy the CD

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Fly Fly Fly


Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

I keep reading in reviews Per says in ’SGNOBTR:, ’Rox-ette’ in the beginning... where? I can here something but just sounds like ’Rutt, Rutt’ in some electronic sound!

Anyone know?

It’s like Christmas Day

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Per does say “Roxette” at the beginning of the song, but it seems he also does his usual “aaaaauuuuuhhhh” on top of the “ette” part.... I may be wrong.


Hahahaha kwl... it does sound like he is saying roxette.. interesting post :)

No one seems to know when the video will be released? moderators? any ideas?

iTunes MP4 is 262kb and the MP3 from other sites is 320kb - so does this mean the quality of the iTunes is worse?

I shall not be buying from iTunes for the whole album in this case!!

The itunes version will have the sequence shortened and steps removed, just like all the other utter garbage that disgrace of a firm Apple put out there. Death to the iphone.

the kb are just the pre-load for the song. (you can see it when you download songs via iphone). the song must have about 7mb. can’t hear that there is something shorted.

Sorry I wasn’t suggesting the songs were shortened I was mocking the iphone TV ads where it shows them doing wonderful things really quickly then has some small text at the bottom saying “sequence shortened and steps removed”. Not the right place for me to have an iphone rant, I apologise.

aah, missunderstood it ;-)

i don’t think you could hear any difference between 320kb and 256kb.

without my iphone i couldn’t write and read here on dailyroxette, or download the new rox-song on release date. i get my cable internet not until the 12.01. so thanks to apple for this genius toy. can’t imagine anyother mobile phone ;-)

I think the word at the beginning around 0:08 is not “Roxette”, but “Hot Stuff”. First I heard “”Blood sucking” ;-)

@AusRox The UK Amazon version is only 262kb, all Amazon downloads are!

Personally I don’t understand the difference between the numbers! lol

Jeez, I’m loving this new live version of Wish I Could Fly!!! Really looking forward to the deluxe live cd - having heard it in “bad” quality on youtube videos and such it’s easy to deduce that Marie sounded pretty good on those 3 days of recording. The band has become quite tight too.

As for SGNOBTR, I was a little dubious at first, but now it’s surpassed One Wish and has replaced it on my best of playlist (the retro guitars at the end lead into The Look quite well =p)

As for the amazon quality - mine says it is 282kbps (Variable) and Joint Stereo. Hmmm... if I didn’t have a £2 credit with them I would have got it from 7digital. Meaniwhile it also says that WIsh I Could Fly is 302knps (variable) and Joint Stereo. Sigh... I hate Joint Stereo!

On Amazon UK it is currently Number 95 in best selling ’albums’

The track on it’s own currently stands at Number 1,184 on Amazon UK in their MP3 Songs chart

Wish I Could Fly (live) is at Number 9,031 in the MP3 Chart on Amazon UK

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It’s available on HMV if you click on their MP3 store and search Roxette it will come up

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Now after listening both songs –SGNOBTR and WIsh I Could Fly you couldn’t ignore the difference in classes.
Because of too mich noise you almost can’t hear the words of SGNOBTR, especially when you listen it on the radio.
And if you somehow catch the lyrics, you will find out that they say nothing.

And i don’t like all these ohhhh,aaah , oooohh in the end.
Sorry but it’s like the end of an adult movie.

I’m sure that there were better choices for single.Can’t really understand why was chosen this one ,and in that exact version.
Anyway -we will support it ,but please Per choose something more away from PC style and near to your old roxette stuffs .

Does anyone know where I can buy the mp3 legally from South Africa??? We can’t buy from any UK stores or Amazon. Does anyone know of a store that will sell to any country?? iTunes doesn’t help either. Seems we are f*cked in South Africa..... EMI SA doesn’t even LIST Roxette as one of their artists.

The article is stating that it is #63 in dutch digital charts. That’s not correct. It WAS #63 in the iTunes charts, which is something different.
By now the single is already gone out of this chart.

Number one on the UK Amazon movers and shakers chart!

I agree, about the chart numbers. Better remove it. The #1 in Germany was Amazon “movers and shakers” as well, not general downloads. works from Denmark as well.
I think they sell to everybody who wants to pay.

I kinda like it like that!

Emil__BG said:
“Now after listening both songs –SGNOBTR and WIsh I Could Fly you couldn’t ignore the difference in classes.
And if you somehow catch the lyrics, you will find out that they say nothing.”

You’re comparing completely different styles of songs. Compare it to The Look, June Afternoon, TCOTH. It’s very much a Gessle-penned Roxette song.

Do you really thing the lyrics of the The Look make more sense? If you use your imagination the lyrics actually make alot of sense. Someone mentioned it seems like Per is singing from the perspective of stalking a woman...

It’s about a girl who has a lot and should share with people, she has given everyting she owns, even the clothes on her back and now all she has is the radio. All she has left is like gold dust and she just wants to be left alone, just listening to the radio!!!

The giveaway off all her stuff was the agenda no-one quite knew what to make of it.

She also seems pi**ed off that a painting and poem were left behind in her big give-away to charity!! She just cant understand why they were left there!!

It’s 320kb on HMV Digital so I downloaded there as well as Amazon UK!

I have to say that I love SGNOBTR after initially being really skeptical! It’s definitely Roxette! The lyrics while nothing new & exciting actually do make sense now that i have paid more attention to them. I believe it’s about a girl who wont give herself to Per & Per is frustrated : P Then the middle 8 is the perspective of the girl who apparently has no clue or just doesn’t want a bar of him ;-)

The song is definitely better than ’One Wish’ which was basically horrible! Time will tell of course if i grow tired of it but for now I love it! I think it will be great live!

Still pinching myself that I’m listening to a new Rox single!!! : )

The song has been released in Sweden now. The digital download is now aviable at I just downloaded it from 3Musik (A music service for customers of the teleoperator 3).

It’s also aviable at and Bengans download (

Daniel.can you post link? im in sweden and i cant fint it anywhere:(

Hotblooded said:
Time will tell of course if i grow tired of it...”

I’ve been listening to it at least 5-10 times a day for the past few days... and still loving it! The last song I think I did that was OppNox.

Rob, I think the same too!! One Wish was Rox worst song to date!! But I can listen to it now and then. Loved Op Nox, when it came out.

@RobS: I’ve been listening to it almost that much everyday since Sat & I’m not tired of it at all! The chorus is so damn catchy! OppNox is still a great song to listen to all these years later where as ’One wish’ though listenable is not a song I care to play much.

BTW: The single is also available on I think this site is for Australian residents only but I’m not sure.

Song was #83 on Itunes in the Netherlands
and #85 on Itunes in Germany
Both on January 8, 2011.

Woohoo! “Radio” is this week’s ’hitvarning’ on Rix FM - they’ve been playing it all weekend (as has Mix Megapol), let’s hope these are signs of a new Swedish #1!

Edit: Ah, I’m too slow! Apologies for being redundant (-:

finally released in France today! digital download at
cd to be available on February 15.

Thanx Daniel! downloaded it from

It is great to have a new Roxette song in my iTunes library after so many years.

Simes, Roxette fan since Sofiero Slott “Rock Runt Riket” Helsingborg 18 July 1987

I’m on holiday, so can’t really check on here too much. All these comments are all so positive! It’s great!! Any update on UK charts??

In The Netherlands SGNO(BTR) is to get thru Itunes;)

Why the hell are iTunes UK not selling the single?

Gonna phone EMI South Africa tomorrow and ask them: WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!
The emails I sent them came back, so their mails doesn’t work, and there’s still NOTHING about Roxette on their site....

I want to say this for the whole world to hear: EMI is the most useless record label there ever was and ever will be!! Even Robbie Willams complains that his last 3 albums went down the drain due to poor promotion from EMI.

If I were Per and Marie I’d think carefully with whom I’d sign my next record deal!!

This is so sad...Roxette really could have sold just as much albums as Celine Dion or Madonna if promoted right. They have just as much, if not more, talent than those 2 girls!! And it’s a fackt that they have more talent in their dreams as Beyonce has in her career - shaking her fat ass like that for the world to see. Why is that so groundbreaking? Doesn’t she have more to give? It’s sad to think that 2 such hard-working artists are fading like a flower - and it’s all their music company’s fault!! Shame on you, EMI!!!

I’ll let you guys know what EMI has to say after I phone them tomorrow!!

The song is available for download in Argentina, but only for custormers of Personal (a cellphone company), through their music portal:

The price is $3.99 (Argentine pesos). Movistar has not listed it yet.

Still not on UK itunes :-S Lord (shakes head)

I FINALLY got an answer from EMI South Africa:

Many thanks for your email.

The reason why there is no information up on EMI SA’s website is because I have been on leave since mid-December (returned to work today).

The album (“Charm School”) will be released on Monday 14th February here in South Africa.

Yes, we will definitely be ample marketing and promotion from EMI leading up to, and at the time of their tour.

there you go - let’s hope EMI stick to their promise!

I was doing the same shaking of the head when I kept checking UK itunes. However, it is available download on

I have been listening to it constantly since purchasing. Welcome back Roxette!! :-)

awwww ill wait to download it on UK itunes up until 2morrow aft, if not amazon Uk it will be lol

I am contacting iTunes UK to see what there excuse is, I have just emailed them:-

“I am enquiring somewhat upset and annoyed that iTunes UK have not got listed Roxette’s new single ‘She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)’ which was released in the UK on 10th January 2010. The single has appeared for download on Amazon UK, HMV Digital and on Sunday 9th January and is widely available at other iTunes stores throughout Europe and Worldwide.

Is there an explanation as to why iTunes UK are failing to have the single listed?”

It is currently #32 on the Swedish iTunes chart, that is not bad for it’s first day of release!

I was gonna email them to ask what their game was but I didn’t know their email addy. They need to get their finger out and get it up. But anyways, iTunes loss is amazons gain as I got it there on Sunday :D

Amazon UK appear to have removed it now. Hmmmmmm.

When I search for it appears as “Not available”. See for yourself!

“She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)” has finally made the front page of the iTunes Australia page.

It’s listed right on the front in the “New and Noteworthy” section.

Also, try emailing your local radio stations, I think the MIX channels are more likely to play Roxette than 2Day or Nova

Nothing on iTunes, don’t have the live track, Amazon have pulled both of them... and they are charging TWENTY QUID for the CD single?! Bollocks to that!!!

Interestingly, however, if you go to the “buy MP3 album” option on Amazon, they’re out of stock.



I effing agree with you silverbloo!

I’m fuming!!!!

They messed up Room Service and everything after it and now this shite.

They really need a new label!

No UK tour dates. No proper single release, no radio play or promotion! Bloody ridiculous!

And EMI wonder why they make no money! Piss off you idiots, stop giving yourselfs bonuses and give your artists music the attention it deserves for once you STNUC
Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!








Are we even getting the album here?


Davidc4: Yelling in the forum is not necessary.

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

It is when your favourite band are being treated like this


What is the point anymore.

The UK is obviously not an important market in the music industry anymore.

EMI need to find what they’re good at, coz music isn’t it.

It was selling well over here and inside Top 100 on Amazon. No chance of it making Top 200 now.

Cheers EMI, thanks a million from all the UK Roxette fans, thanks for sweet FA since 2001.

Hi to all NZ Rox fans!

Yay! Roxette has made it to the New section of iTunes New Zealand, and there is also a mini ad for it near the bottom of the page!

Here is a link to a good review I found:

Still available in the UK on HMV Digital - for now. Even then you got to hunt for it. Grab it before it disappears there too...

Wow, I’m just glad I bought it on Amazon UK on Saturday, it’s ridiculous that it’s not available anymore...

antz said :
Here is a link to a good review I found:

It’s just the press release, but good to see there are people promoting the fact there is a new single and album coming out.

I would love to see it get some radio play in Australia. It’s been way too long since i’ve heard Roxette song on the radio, especially anything after Joyride.

Does anyone know what’s going on in the UK yet then?


Here’s the link for Amazon - ’Not Available’


On the Australian itunes music page aside from having it under ’New & Noteworthy’ they also have it featured underneath that with another link that says ’Roxette - new single’ Nice!! : ) BTW Roxette Hits is at 25!!

Do you need to have iTunes installed to see this?

Just wanna see it for myself :-)

If you search AmazonUK for “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” nothing comes up, but the link I put on the Roxette Blog on Sunday still works but states the single is no longer available to buy... not like they can run out of a digital download...

HMV Digital in the UK are still selling it as are Play.Com!

It never appeared on iTunesUK are all, I am hoping it has been pulled in order to release an actual single as a physical CD, but somehow I doubt it...

How odd amazon uk i cant get it off no more. What a royal Fudge up :-S

I asked the head of music at BBC R2 if he would consider the new single for the Radio 2 playlist and got this response:

“Hi Ross

Thanks for contacting us about Roxette ’She’s Got Nothing On But The Radio’.

This single will be released internationally before the UK so we’ll wait until the date is confirmed before considering for playlist.”


If national radio don’t even have release dates from the record company what chance is there in the UK at all?

I wish Per would tell EMI to get their s#%t together... pretty pathetic that they can’t even let retailers and radio stations when the release date is.

Bugger that i can wait for if and maybe it will get released in UK. Just bought it From HMV online :-P screw emi.

Thanks god for the Net or i would never have heard about roxette in first place being back lol.

What a stupid carry on. EMI UK can’t seem to be arsed to get anything right. If i was Per i’d tell them to stick it up their rear end and start his own record company.

According to Per the digital release was pulled in order to maximize the effect when the real single is released, hopefully tomorrow.

Well that’s a good move - problem is, the chances are there will be no publicity from EMI UK - the last single that had ’healthy’ publicity here in the UK was Wish I could Fly... Since then they’ve been appalling. I’m not holding out much hope for a UK top 40, but hopefully the apparent growing success on the continent will bolster their position in the UK for future singles...

Up on the 101

I told Radio 2 it was out this week and got this reply:


Hi Ross, we have just been informed that the single will be released in the UK in May.


Not sure what to make of it!

@rossyrox I emailed Radio 2 yesterday but got no reply as of yet... if it’s been put back to May then I doubt the new album will be out here next month... and if that is the case then I am sorry but I am only purchasing the album from CDON, sod the UK sales!

@tevensso I appreciate the response from Per and yourself, but singles in the UK are released on Monday and always have been, with digital downloads out on Sunday’s more recently... I somehow doubt I am going to find a physical release of ‘SGNO(BTR)’ if I was too walk into my local HMV store tomorrow...

Maybe it has been put back to May to match some UK tour dates ;)

don´t know why but by you can buy only the one single version without wish i could fly, the first day´s it was a couple with she´s got nothing on... -why is this so? -the first version was soooo popular for the “sold-rank”.

@rossyrox That thought about Uk dates just crossed my mind too. Hmm the plot thickens.

Per said “hopefully”...

My wish has come true after so many years the fab roxette are back together but the sad news is I can’t get hold Of the new single what’s going on iTunes I have checked every day nothing pull your finger out ! U would think emi would want to promote this great record and make some money obviously not !!!

@RossyRox/ScotRox: Wouldn’t that be a bit stupid, though, when everyone else is getting it now and the tour doesn’t even start until March?

@tevensso: You mean even he’s not sure when the UK gets it? EMI are keeping the band THAT much in the dark? Damn...


@tevensso You would think Per would know one way or another whether it’s being released or not, considering he is Roxette... to be honest the song disappearing from sales just goes to show how poor communication is with the artists and EMI!

The whole situation makes no sense to us at all... :(

SGNOTBR is up to #174 on the Aussie iTunes charts!!!

SGNOTBR is up to #168 on the Aussie iTunes charts!!!


Great to see SGNOBTR has hit the Aussie iTunes charts & climbing!! ;-) I was waiting for that!! It goes to show that even the slightest bit of promotion can help!! Sure it’s not a spectacular number but considering there is basically zero promotion for it aside from what’s on the net it’s good to see it chart! However without radio play & promotion the single will probably disappear rather quickly.. sad really :(

@RobS: I’m not sure if you need an account but if you have iTunes installed & can access the store I don’t see why you couldn’t see it.

I don’t have iTunes installed. I thought there may be something on the iTunes website or similar... oh well.

Someone mentioned that Hits was about #25, i’m sure if people knew that a new song is out, all these people would probably buy it as well. I think Australia is still very Roxette friendly (at least the public is, not so much the radio stations). If EMI could push just a little bit, i’m 100% certain this can make the top 40.

I’ve sent my local station an email letting them know about the new single, will see what happens with that.

EDIT: SGNO(BTR) is now at #166 on the iTunes chart i’m looking at (not sure how official it is).
EDIT2: Hits! is #17 according to my list :-)

If we don’t get the album here in the UK till May then I’ll be fuming!

If there’s a delay for possible tour dates then I’d like to know now so I can book time off work well in advance so I can guarantee I can go. Bit unfair that many countries have had dates announced as far ahead as July when we have nothing, ages after the first dates were announced.

Anyone fancy a protest outside EMI UK?


iTunes Aussie Update


Slowly moved up from it’s #191 debut.

Spread the word Aussies!!!!!


SGNOBTR now moves up to #128 on the Aussie iTunes charts



According to Roxette’s Facebook Profile “Roxette Official,” the release day for the video of SGNO is Friday: “Friday is going to be a big day for the Roxette Video Vault...” I’m so looking forward to that!

Keep the radio on ’cos this is the perfect song

Yeah, well I hope it appears on sites other than the official ones, Jeff, because we STILL don’t have the single on iTunes UK!!

Per, EMI are at it again, screwing you over in the UK. The word is that we aren’t getting the single for 4 MONTHS! Do yourself a favour and switch labels before they do you some real damage.

Roxette single is #15 on Itunes SPAIN in just one day :)

Hey, She’s got nothing on also here,
in Russia!

via digital download from Nokia’s Ovi music store.

For bevi or other Spanish members:

¿Habéis oído la canción en las radios? Es que no parece que aquí haya empezado la promoción. Los 40 Principales siguen haciendo como si no existiera... Me tiene desconcertado.

iTunes Aussie Update


What is up with the UK? C’mon EMI, Per, Marie D...let us know what is going on here? I text in to the Chris Moyles show this morning, on BBC Radio 1, and they mentioned Roxette as a result...

...Per said that Radio 1 would not play their music. But in fact a few months back they started playing a load of their songs during the breakfast show when Aled, their producer, started saying how much of a fan he was...there is an opportunity there.

Please EMI, don’t let this opportunity go...don’t be living in a box, when opportunity nox!!!!!!!!

@onlywhenidream It seems no one is bothered about enlightening us on what has happened [officially] to the UK single release... never mind eh, guess we don’t matter...

There will be more info regarding the UK next week.

@tevensso Thanks Thomas, I look forward to seeing what our fate will be! :p

Sometimes I really hate living in the UK. Surely they can’t have us wait an extra four months for the single.

I have a bad feeling that they won’t be touring the UK :S I really hope I’m wrong though cause I desperatel want to see them live again. Even if I have to go to England to see them.

Sorry in advance for what may be a silly question: has there yet been a physical release of the single and if so, what country/countries? Has anyone got it yet? Thanks.

Per did bring his Party Crasher tour to the O₂ Islington in May 2009, and had the place jumping - so he knows we’re here. I get the feeling it’s not in his hands when it comes to EMI UK, and never has been.

Does anyone know if Martin Nutley is still at EMI?

@Rox-USA: No no physical release yet. There’s a 1-track promo out, that’s all.

This is how up to date EMI UK are.... you go to there website and click Roxette and it links to MySpace, how outdated is MySpace? Plus it has a link to buy the new single [a and b-side] and says it is released on 10th January but you can’t buy it!

You’d think it would at least link to - or would that show EMI UK to be completely useless?

OH WAIT. A Myspace link shows EMI UK to be completely useless anyway...

I don’t think you beat EMI Aus. They have Roxette listed on their artist roster, but they don’t have a dedicated page or any links to anything...

Thanks Thomas!

@RobS, But at least in Aus the single is on iTunes!

UK fans we have a FB page ’Roxette Roxattack UK 2011’ :p and now have Charm School available for pre-order. It’s should be available on Feb. 22nd. It’s an Import, but still... we won’t have to pay 30+ euro to get it. The deluxe edition is available for about 25$ (USD and CAD).

The LP edition is also available for pre-order.


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