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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Tour dates added in Germany, Turkey while Gothenburg show moved to larger venue

Written by tevensso on January 4, 2011 to and . Source: Live Nation.

Three additional dates have been added to the ever growing World Tour 2011 (and others confirmed):

May 20 World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – confirmed
May 25 Macka Kucukciftlik Park, Istanbul, Turkey – added
June 24 Ingolstadt, Germany – removed
June 25 Neckarsulm, Germany – removed
July 14 Locarno, Switzerland – confirmed

Meanwhile, the concert in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 24 was close to being sold out so it has been moved to Slottsskogsvallen, which is a much larger venue! Tickets already purchased will, of course, remain valid.


Many congrats to Germany, Turkey, UEA and Switzerland Fans!

Any additional infos about the new German dates already available? Festivals or proper concerts? Locations?

Wow more dates in Germany... I’m impressed!

Any UK dates yet, or is our music scene really THAT much of a lost cause?

No, no UK dates have been added yet, keep watching!

Wow....thank you for Dubai:-D
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

Considering that time*s passing and I really would like to see Roxette in concert, would YOU please delete the tag LUZERNE on the link of the world tour and put LOCARNO that now is confirmed? Please it-s really important to have certain information I guess that Roxette won-t come to Italy again this time and Locarno it-s the closest venue to me!!
Many thanks!


F*ck still no uk ! Looks like im gonna have to try and save up to travel grrrrrrrr

No Spain yet :(

Of course it is. If your not under 18 you dont get played on Radio 1 these days. And as EMI dont have plans to release the new album or single over here I think we are shit out of luck for the minute... Hopefully a UK promoter will see sense soon and book them for a few shows. Probably only London though. Im going Germany or Copenhagen if they dont announce it soon.

in the meantime, to shorten the waiting, i just wanted to advert to my favourite live-performance of SIMC ... what an awesome band/song/sound!!

Locarno fixed.

YAY, thanks for Locarno! :D


Gessle-Girls can do it (22/7/08)

Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm? Quite small cities... Nevertheless not far away...

Curious somehow...

I too plan Copenhagen if the UK shows do not appear. Just hope the cheap flights from the North East are not all gone by then.

What about Lima, Peru? Peruvian fans have proven they do welcome Rox and love Rox music. Please someone, buy a date!!

now It’s much better!


And what about Catalonia? Will they come to Barcelona?

I’ve decided on going to bergen norway, rather than weert, If no Uk dates show up. Someone needs to give EMI UK a swift foot up the arse.

Good job I didn’t book a hotel near to the first venue in Gothenburg then!! Who else is going to the G’burg show??


I will go to the Gothenburg concert if not a concert in Stockholm pops up.

Copenhagen and Gothenburg... flights are already booked!

No SPAIN dates.. :( hope they will come, I don’t know why but I still have hopes that they will play here

Please Please add a date for the U.K. your last shows here were awesome.

I see more and more people are requesting a date in the UK... :)

Im hoping for a UK date more than ever now as I was planning to go to Sweden but due to my work having a sale during that week I cannot have time off! Absolutely gutted as I have never travelled outside of the UK and it would have been my first time.

A gig in Liverpool would be cool, failing that Manchester.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

The Per show in London sold plenty of tickets with zero promotion, in fact I’m not sure how anyone knew it was on outside of the internet, so a Roxette show (or 2 :) ) with minimum promotion would easily do well in the UK!

On top of this, I have another baby due in April so convincing my wife I need to spend money and have a little trip overseas is proving somewhat difficult right now!

I now have a spare ticket for the Gothenburg Show at ‘Slottsskogsvallen’ on 24th July, if anyone wishes to buy it – (it is a PDF ticket so no postage costs!) I am willing to let it go for £35, which is cheaper than I paid! Message me through the TDR board if you are interested! I accept PayPal! :)

Please , Please, Please add another show to your South African Tour at another venue :0)
unable to get to Sun City!! please i beg u guys!! i’m sure lots of your south africans would appreciate it !!
Can’t wait to see you guys live finally!!!!

friendlyfem South Africa

I’d like to hear good news about a concert in Barcelona... And about a good promotion in 40 Principales radio but things don’t seem to be encouraging. This radio station has not even announced Roxette’s return... I’ll cross my fingers...

Roxette in Catalonia!

The Roxette blog has written that the Berlin show is almost sold out. It suggested another site to look at, but I found that unsuccessful. Have any of the European fans heard of I found them when I visited Ebay here in Australia. They want 100 Euros + courier costs for the Frankfurt show and 350 Euros + for the Novosibirsk, Russian Fed. show. I suppose if you are deperate enough.....
I am still working on my travel plans so that I can see the Frankfurt show!! I still want them to come to Australia though....

Please come to the UK, it’s been far too long and last time you were here you were just fantastic, come back Roxette !!!!!!!!!!!

@rossyrox: Well, judging from how ’well’ Per did with his Party Crasher show in London, I don’t think you can be sure that a Roxette show in the UK with no promotion would be a success. If I remember correctly, they moved Per’s show to a smaller venue (the far-from-famous “O2 Islington Arena” - which is a club, basically) at short notice and I don’t think more than some 200 tickets were sold in the end. This was great for the audience (and for me) of course, but quite a disappointment for “The Man from Roxette”, I reckon. I really don’t think the Roxette fanbase in the UK is as strong as the comments on TDR suggest. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but that’s how things look to me.

Damn that’s bad news for me on the Berlin show. I’m still trying to save up enough cash for the trip to Europe from Australia. Have penciled in Budapest, Prague and Berlin as the three I planned on seeing as they are all cities I would love to see again. Would much rather see them come to Australia though, that way I can have a bigger holiday next year.

LexBex, the other shops sold out too after I wrote the blog entry. Have a look here, I think it’s a reseller who charges a premium but looks okay:


I feel so sad that you have a ’spare’ ticket now that I can’t come :( :( :( :( Damn it! Ah well, one day all my dreams will come true.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Sascha - Thank you for your tip :)

@mr jefferson

There were a lot more than 200 people at the PC tour in London, I even spotted two celebrities in the crowd! A UK tour would be popular with fans but it has to be in the right place, and ideally, it needs promotion just as the concerts are currently getting around the world. If EMI UK cannot be arsed it is there loss in the end. All it takes is a concert date and some promo adverts in the weekend papers as I see every week for other unusual bands that are on the road. Once word gets out people will buy tickets and attend, often last minute.

You cannot say Roxette do not have a following in the UK or older fans who perhaps once liked there music years ago and would attend a show given half the chance. My Psychiatrist remarked in December that he use to listen to Roxette in his teens and own three albums, naming them including ‘Look Sharp’ and he is the same age as me. The same can be said for my tattoo artist who only commented yesterday that he would go to a Roxette concert given half a chance since they were great in their heyday.

The O2 arena holds a maximum of 23,000 that is the same as the Manchester Evening News Arena but the Liverpool Echo Arena only holds 11,000 for concerts if you have standing or 10,600 with floor seating. Sheffield Arena holds 13,500 which is of course where Roxette played in 1992 / 1994 and finally the NEC in Birmingham holds 16,000.

In my opinion Roxette have plenty of choices for playing a venue in the UK and do not have to opt for places like London to tour, UK fans will travel to see Roxette play in their country... if they do not come to the UK then the only option open to UK fans is to travel to Europe to see them just like the many of us who have done it to see Marie, Per and Gyllene Tider for the past 10 years+

1991 – 2011; Celebrating 20 Years of being a Roxette Fan!

Please help. I need to know which is the correct date of the concert in Cordoba (Argentina): Is it April 7th or 8th? Thanks.

Live Nation Sweden says 7th. That’s all I can say.

Just looked at gothenburg it’s still available and the flights arn’t too bad either price wise.

Thanks, but maybe you guys needs to change your TDR world tour schedule, it still says April 8th (That’s why I got confused) :-)

Please please please come to Australia!
You have SO many huge fans here!!


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