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“Charm School” deluxe

Written by tevensso on December 17, 2010 to and . Source: PG.

STOCKHOLM - The deluxe edition of "Charm School" includes a second, live, CD and The Daily Roxette can now publish the track list:

1 Dressed For Success
2 Sleeping In My Car
3 Wish I Could Fly
4 7twenty7
5 Perfect Day
6 Things Will Never Be The Same
7 How Do You Do!/Dangerous
8 Silver Blue
9 Joyride
10 Listen To Your Heart
11 The Look
12 Church Of Your Heart

Live in St. Petersburg, Halmstad & Stavanger.

The extra bonus track of the iTunes edition of "Charm School" is "It Must Have Been Love". Per also mentions that there will be no bonus tracks on the LP edition, but the sleeve is "tougher than tough". And finally Per says the radio and release date of the single is "January 7, and nothing else."


good! i like this track list, at the end 12 extra songs not 10. great

great. 13 songs live!

any ideas on what the extra LP tracks will be?

I don’t think there will be any extra LP tracks.

Somehow I like the thought that there’s no new bonus song for iTunes. The basic album should be the same perfect mix from start to end everywhere! Looking forward to the live rarities (TWNBTS, SB, PD, HDYD...) while I wouldn’t need the big hits there. But I understand it’s important for the masses. :-)

Wow! great news! it a great tracklist. she doesn’t live here anymore and opportunitty nox were left out but I think we have on the Gessle Over Europe album.

Now, anxious to know about where will be released the album! there are no much news about that.

Ohhh Yessssssss Silver Blue!!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I really really really don’t like the way Per has changed “Joyride”! It’s aweful!!
It’s not the hit it was years ago anymore, the way they play it nowadays.
I like the whistling, old guitarwork and the balloons!! Now it’s just a normal “rocky” song. I wish they would change it back and play it like they used to. Why change something that was perfect to begin with??

Silver Blue! Great!


Terrific track list! They definitely picked the most interesting songs (Silver Blue! Perfect Day! How Do You Do! Church Of Your Heart!) and the least overlap from Gessle-sung Gessle Over Europe songs which really wouldn’t sound very different anyways (such as SDLHA or Stepping Stone). Bravo!

With effectively 13 songs on the bonus disc + the 12 new songs, how can you go wrong with 25 new Rox tracks in one happy little package!!!

Now, maybe I’m just dense, but what the heck does this mean?: “... the LP edition ... sleeve is ’tougher than tough.’”

You’re not dense, it was a word-for-word bad translation by me. :) He means cooler than cool, radder than rad, etc. :)

LOL, thanks, tevensso! That helps a lot! :-D

7 How Do You Do!/Dangerous what does this means? 2 songs in one track or what?


The two tracks where played as a medley. Like Anyone/CBB in 2001.

Cool! I was really hoping they would include ’Perfect Day’ & ’Silver Blue’ so I’m happy!! Love these versions!! : )

Mr. Tev school wasn’t that charmy for you ’cos the comparative for the word “rad” is rad-der and not rad-er (superlative rad-dest) :(

St. Petersburg - best concert! Although, in the fan zone of the sound was quiet, we could even talk in a low voice! Per and Marie so spiritedly danced and sang ... cool cool!! We also sing)))) sang our hearts;))) That’s right, had to be perpetuate this....

I wonder why they dont play Stockholm...I mean...wouldent it be an obvious place to play in? The Globe?

call me a whiner but personally, I woulda rathered a dvd instead of the audio cd. Only because well there are no true quality live dvd’s by roxette.

so say we all

I agree!! I wish Roxette would release a dvd box set with ONE concert from EVERY tour they did!! Would be great. The only live dvd we have is “Unplugged”.

thak God they´re back

deluxe version - 31 € on but no snippets now :(

EMI Germany confirmed today that the release date of the new single will be 2011-01-28 !!!

Here’s the e-mail in German:

“Hallo Herr Barth,

vielen Dank für Ihre Mail und Ihr Interesse an unseren Künstlern.

Wir können Ihnen mitteilen, dass die neue Single von Roxette am 28.01.2011 in Deutschland veröffentlicht wird.

Ein genauer Termin für das Album steht derzeit noch nicht fest.

Die Homepage wird mit allen Informationen demnächst aktualisiert.

Viel Spaß mit Roxette wünscht Ihnen,

Ihr EMI_Team”

i like the fact that it´s 12 and not 10 songs, but i hate it that fading like a flower is not there!!! anyway, they could have released the whole concert separately (not a as bonus to the new album, i mean) and a dvd, why not?


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