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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Tour plan so far, updated

Written by tevensso on December 16, 2010 to and . Source: d&d management.

28 Feb Tatneft Arena Kazan, Russia

3 March Palace of Sports Samara, Russia
5 March Palace of Sports Yekaterinburg, Russia
7 March Siberia Arena Novosibirsk, Russia
10 March Exhibition Center Kiev, Ukraine
12 March Minsk Arena Minsk, Belarus
14 March Siemens Arena Vilnius, Lithuania
16 March Arena Riga Riga, Latvia
18 March Saku Hall Tallinn, Estonia

01 Apr Vive Cuervo Salon Mexico City
04 Apr Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
05 Apr Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
07 Apr Orfero Córdoba, Argentina
09 Apr Movistar Arena Santiago, Chile
12 Apr Pepsi on Stage Porto Algre, Brazil
14 Apr Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, Brazil
16 Apr Citibank Hall Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17 Apr Chevrolet Hall Belo Horizonte, Brazil
19 Apr Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, Brazil

10 May Grand Arena Cape Town, RSA
11 May Grand Arena Cape Town, RSA
14 May The Superbowl Sun City, RSA
15 May The Superbowl Sun City, RSA
27 May Terra Vibe Park Athens, Greece
29 May Nat. Palace of Culture Sofia, Bulgaria
30 May Zone Arena Bucharest, Romania

1 June Budapest Sport Arena Budapest Hungary
3 June See Fest Festival Graz, Austria
5 June O2 Arena Prague, Czech Rep.
6 June Steel Arena Kosice, Slovakia
9 June Plenen Bergen, Norway
11 June Zitadelle Berlin, Germany
12 June Hessentag Frankfurt, Germany
15 June Völkerschlachtsdenkmal Leipzig, Germany
16 June Tanzbrunnen Cologne, Germany
19 June Torwar Warsaw, Poland

7 July Stavern Festival Stavern, Norway
9 July Bospop Festival Weert, Netherlands
16 July Nordkalks Dagbrot Pargas, Finland
22 July Tivoli Copenhagen, Denmark
24 July Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg, Sweden
31 July Suikerrock Festival Tienen, Belgium


C’mon Per announce a UK gig soon!!!!!!!

For the first time in Slovakia! Thanx a lot Per & Marie!
If we changed it back, things would never be the same

Still nothing in the UK, Australia or Spain though...


I think this update is just a general update in order to iron out some changes that have happened!

I CAN´T BELIEVE you’re FINALLY coming to Mexico! I will be there for DAMN SURE! Thank you so much for coming!!

Come on guys dont make us suffer, when London is coming up?? or Italy, Spain.


Still waiting in hope for a UK date - get over here already :)

They still need to add PERU on that list !, C’mon we are waiting for you here !!!

Another show in São Paulo (so good to be true). I was with my whole tour (tickets, hotels and airline tickets) reserved, but now need to modify the plans to get out of Belo Horizonte to Sao Paulo. My wife will kill me ...

Dubai is cancelled?
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Dubai shouldn’t be removed........please... We in Pakistan have only Dubai as closest vicinity to go and attend Roxette concert.............or at least make something in China

Dubai is not in the list anymore.

For me it is not an UPDATED LIST until I will see a date in Italy!!


Steel Arena Kosice, Slovakia
1st time ever in Slovakia :) but why not Bratislava/Preesburg?

i think until june Samsung Arena (O. Nepela Stadium) will be completed

About cities not included in the list: Where Halmstad?

Certainly, this list is not definitive. I just hope there are no cancellations of concerts in Brazil.

@ Kecho: Ahojky, chystas sa? Ja som povodne chcela do Prahy, ale zmenila som nazor a idem do Kosic. Tiez ma trosku mrzi, ze to nebude v Blave, ale na druhej strane som vdacna i za Kosice...:-))) Ak este nevies, listky idu do predaja 20.12. cez Ticketportal.
If we changed it back, things would never be the same

@ Tevensso: You said you were going to talk with Per in the coming week?

I would like to know where Per stands on publishing more photos. I know it sounds silly, but some of us do collect photos of Roxette. Isn’t it possible to publish nice wallpapers or just high res. photos from the various different photo shoots they Look Sharp!, Joyride, CBB, Room Service, HAND, etc....
I publishing them all... Maybe making them available to download.
I would LOVE to see all the photos from the different photoshoots!

And onother thing....Where did they come up with the title ’Charm School’ and who designed that cd cover?

On topic again: I see on the Roxette Blog site they mention that Roxette’s shows in SA for the 11th in Cape Town and the 14th for Sun City SA is sold out. But according to Computicket those bookings are still “active”, meaning there’s still tickets available. Who is right?

Good questions. I will use them. Regarding the Charm School sleeve I would say it’s Pär Wickholm’s work. It’s very much his style.

@Coyroy Go to computicket and try to buy a ticket. When you try to but a ticket for the 11th or the 14th it will say “The performance is sold out.”


Yep, these links on Computicket are still active, but just try to book any ticket there. You will get an info that the showa are sold out. And this appears on every ticket category. So at the moment Rox have 4 sold-out show out of 42 in total (so far).

@ dubacik: este neviem, ale este tam vidim male miestecko este pre jeden koncert medzi Kosicami a Bergenom :)
btw. podla ticketportal - “spevák, gitarista a skladateľ Per Gesler” :) a listky od 35 €
dalsie info je podla - listky od 29 €
ako som pozeral, tak promoagentura amadeus sidli v Kosiciach, takze asi preto US Steel Arena a nie Bratislava :(

Ok....I’ve seen....
wow!! This is GREAT!!! without any promotion at all, Roxette have sold out!!
truly remarkable!!

Kecho.....ENGLISH, please!!


Stick to English only, please.

If there’s any SA fans out there who would like to chat sometime and just be friends, please contact me at the following addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]

don’t forget italy please!!

@CoyRoy sorry :) try to translate:
“i can see a littel space for one concert between Kosice and Bergen :)
according to ticketportal - “singer, guitarrist and composer Per Gesler” :) and tickets at least 35 €
another info according - tickets at least 29 €
the promo agency amadeus is from Kosice, so i think this is reason for US Steel Arena a not for chosing Bratislava :(“
satisfied? :)

Thanx Kecho!! Wow, if I calculate right, the tickets aren’t that expensive....GREAT!!! So, everybody, even your grandparents, can afford it. Take them along!! hahahaha

Me heart broken:-(

Am I wrong or was the Swiss date on the 14th of July 2011 really removed? Hopefully it’s not because of Bon Jovi at the same day in Zurich. This would be too sad since Moon & Stars Festival in Locarno is quite different from BJ’s Letzigrund Stadium show. Unfortunately Roxette doesn’t suit to OpenAir St Gallen (usually held by the end of June) but it would suit perfectly to Summer Days Festival in Arbon (held by the end of August). Last year “The Baseballs” ended the whole Festival with an extended version of “The Look” and everyone was singing and dancing to this classic. If anyone wants to see that video please contact me. I am really hoping for at least one concert in Switzerland.

C’mon Per add the UK to your list please (preferably Sheffield ;) )

Imagine Roxette’s new album selling more than 6million copies....and suddenly Roxette is BIG again.....I had this dream last night. And suddenly the whole tour sells out....

Wasn’t the concert in Sofia moved already to Georgi Asparuhov Stadium? The Palace of Culture was reported to be sold out.

( Anyway I have noticed some typing error in the list:
28 February: Tatneft Arena (
08 March: Tallinn
01 April: Vive Cuervo Salon )

@CoyRoy : here is Kosice’s pricelist ;) 35, 39 & 49 €
i think it is arena for concert for cca 3500 people, so i stil hope for concert in Bratislava (june 7?:) in bigger Samsung arena )

@Kecho, I don’t think Blava will be added... Two concerts in Slovakia? It would be miracle! But anyway, hope to see you in Kosice. Btw. yesterday I called Ticketportal regarding VIP standing tickets as they are still not on sale and the guy asked me: “Are we selling tickets for Roxette concerts?” This can happen probably only in our little country!
If we changed it back, things would never be the same

Kecho. It seems that some Bratislava fans can not “eat” that Roxette will perform in Kosice not in Bratislava. Capacity for of Steel arena is up to 8.000 people.


@ dubacik - it is unreal, ticketportal si selling tickets and they don’t know it :))) yes, this could happened only in our country... btw. in Norway there are 2 concerts, so they have 2 free weeks also between Warszaw june 19 and Stavern July 7 ;)
@ kilasir - it is not I can’t eat but I don’t understand it and I’m sad of it... why Rox choose Praha and Budapest or Athes, Sofia, Bucharest, Vilnius, Tallin, Riga, Minsk, Kiiv, Warszaw... but in Austria and Slovakia the missed the capitals? and other thing - why they sell 3500 tickets in the 8000-people arena? ;)

@dubacik do you think that VIP tickets could be get for example by radio-competitions, promo-partners or they will be in sale also for normal people?

@ Kecho. I suppose that if 3.500 ticket will be sold they will open other sectors of Arena for selling :). BTW new track is fantastic

@ Kecho. I suppose that if 3.500 ticket will be sold they will open other sectors of Arena for selling :). BTW new track is fantastic

Wow, we are glad that Roxette will come to our hometown Košice (Slovakia) on 6th June 2011!:-)

@Kecho: For the concert in Prague both standings tickets went for sale at the same time. As the guy in Ticketportal was totally out I tried to call Amadeus but nobody answered so I sent e-mail to them regarding VIP standing tickets, so let’s wait what they answer to me. I will let you know... Anyway I try to call them tomorrow again. But I really hope there will be chance to buy VIP tickets. Otherwise it will be not fair to us:-)))
If we changed it back, things would never be the same

@Kecho: Good news, I got answer from Amadeus: “We will sell also VIP standing tickets, so you better wait:-)))”
If we changed it back, things would never be the same

Yet still no concert date in Australia? It is a shame and I do hope they find their way here for a show, though my hopes a fading. So many artists have recently toured here to packed venues - artists who enjoyed far less success in their prime than Roxette. There is no doubt that Roxette would fill venues without any problem. They still receive regular radio play & have a large support base. Financially, the Australian dollar is currently equal to the US dollar, so would be profitable from that point of view too. Even if it were just one city.

Despite contacting all major tour promoters here, I haven’t received any response.

I will remain hopeful.

So the concert in Samara has been moved to another venue? And still no information about tickets sale in Russia. My friends in Samara and Novosibirsk don’t know anything either. Now I’m getting worried(((((

8.2 Tatneft Arena, Kazan, Russia |, (10,000)
03.3 Palace of Sports CSK VVS, Samara, Russia | (6,000)
05.3 DIVS, Ekaterinburg, Russia | (11,000)
07.3 Siberia Arena, Novosibirisk, Russia |

Done!!!)))))))) Thank you very much Ivanych!!!!!!!!!Kisses!!!!!!!!)))))))))

I think managament of Roxette should start to think about to cancel show in Minsk. Lukashenko acted these days as a criminal person and i have feeling that Roxette´s gig will be one of the oportunity for him to present Belarus to the world as a standard country.

Well, certainly great news about a “world tour”, but alas, no conerts planned within 2,500 miles of my home town of Portland, OR USA. Has anyone heard if there’s a reasonable chance of adding any dates in the US or Canada? Given Rox’s history here in the US, I can unsderstand not undertaking a 30-40 state tour, but surely a small sample of big cities would be a decent idea. And, even if no US, what about Canada? Seems they’ve had more succuss there than in the US recently. Vancouver, BC would be a great location I’m sure. Such a large international population there and I know Rox is very popular. Anyway, I sersiouly do not want to break the bank travelling to Europe again to see them (as I did in 2001) but I may have to start saving if they’re not going to add any more North America dates:(


This list doesn’t have the foot note “dates to be added” is that something to be concern about?

Got a Göteborg ticket for Christmas :-) Who’s going as well??


I went to GB for the room service tour so would like to see somewhere different. I just wish someone would make a defninitve statement about the UK, I’d be happy with “we are considering it”


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