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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Dates added

Written by tevensso on November 16, 2010 to and . Source: d&d management.

(Updated) - Another concert has been added to Roxette's tour schedule.  Fans in Hungary will get to see the duo and band perform live in Budapest on June 1.

Roxette's management, however, has also let us know that the rumored date for Stockholm, Sweden is not correct.

Update November 17: Athens, Greece on May 27th has now been confirmed and added to the list.



Fantastic news! My dream comes true!
Thanks Roxette!!! ROX ON!!!

JEJEJE! I’m so happy! My dream come true! I love Roxette forever! I waited for this!

that’s awesome!

Congratulations my friends!!

I’m so happy for the Hungarian fans :-)

And I keep my fingers crossed for Spain, UK and Australia!!

I’ve been waiting for this since november, 2001 (Wien). Thans a lot! See You there guys!!!

Just got the confirmation from Marie D, so Greece date is now confirmed too :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

between Dubai and Athens is still a few days space ...
where the next stop will be? Turkey, perhaps? It is on the way from emirates to greece...
Bets are taken against ;-)

the fact they are hitting some obscure locations gives me a very slight hope they are going to possible hit the usa late next year iwish they would confir so i can arrange my vacations accordingly :(

so say we all

I share your pain Coyboyusa. I don’t know whether to “bite the bullet” and travel to mainland Europe or live in hope that they will perfom in the UK. C’mon Per, give us some firm information :)

I’m still holding out hope for a gig in Liverpool or Manchester

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

Roxette in Switzerland on 14th now, c’mon give us our UK date Mr G and crew!


The Swiss concert isn’t in Lucerne. It is in Locarno at the “Moon and Stars Festival”

Gotcha, I will change that.

Hope this is true!! I can come to you if they will not come to Italy!! Locarno is only 240 km far from me!!

good! the tour is getting closer to Italy!

Locarno is a beautiful town !

There are amazing news! Hungary? I’m so happy!
We are waiting for you and for the new album :D

Great to have Roxette in Switzerland back again. Thanks to Ms Dimberg, Per & Marie and other people involved. Moon & Stars is such a prestigious festival. Please go to their website and have a look at the fantastic location (Locarno, Piazza Grande). Even though I haven’t seen all venues they play, Berlin’s “Zitadelle” seems to be my favourite. Anyway, I just wondered if anyone recongnized that BON JOVI will play the same day as ROXETTE in Switzerland (July, 14th)??? Good, we bought our tickets for the Bon Jovi Munich show on June, 12th, so there is no question which concert to go to on July, 14th.

But hey, wow! Aren’t you forgetting some place?
ISRAEL for instance?!
The country which gave you the warmest welcome E-V-E-R?
You will be absolutely -stunned- as you realize how many people here in Israel
have just been praying for *years* for your comeback!
Come on, Greece is so close... squeeze us in somehow, it just has to, HAS TO HAPPEN!

Oh my God anyway :))

@ cowboyusa & steven: I’m biting the bullet & heading to Europe. Having never seen them live, I’m taking NO chances on missing this tour. And if they do come to USA or UK, so much the better.

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

thing is i saw them live once but it wasn’t enough it wasn’t a full concert just 4 song promo during the usa hits promotional and I want to see a full show. I’m irked because live nation and tickmaster can basically put anyone they want on any stage in the states anywhere, it’s doesn’t even have to be that profitable. There are a number of small theaters in LA, NYC, Chicago,etc they could play and gaurantee to sell it out.

so say we all

I’m living in the US too but we are going to catch the tour on south America probably Argentina Chile and Brazil

PLEASE do a date in the UK! Scotland would be fantastic!

Yeah a Scotland date would be great!

Im so going to be in Athens!

I had a dream last night where I read an interview that stated Roxette wanted to cover different venues and countries to that of Per’s last tour and as such UK would miss out.

Hope it doesn’t come true!

I was probably the happiest human being under this sun when I heard about the upcoming Roxette-concert in Switzerland! Now I’ve though just seen that the date was removed again. Does anybody know the reason for that? I’m worried...

Another date!!??

25.5, TBA, Istanbul, Turkey.

could anyone confirm this???????


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