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Per: Roxette iPhone app will be taken down

Written by tevensso on October 8, 2010 to and .

The Roxette iPhone app called Roxette Lyrics Studio is not offical or approved by Roxette and will therefore be removed from iTunes, says Per Gessle in a message to The Daily Roxette.


Thanks for the information!
I’ve just updated the post on RoxetteBlog with Per’s comment.
Anyway, are there any official plans to release something for Apple users?

I’ve asked the question.

Maybe an app for Android also? Please, Per...

How about a TDR app too?

Hmmm, Gessle is such a character. What a sour, crying, egoistic, arrogant child!!!!


How old are you? Wake up. Did you ever heard something about copy rights. Why should somebody earn money for Gessle lyrics? There’s no problem to make an application with permission of Gessle/EMI. But in this case it’s a pirate application.

A pretty naive idea it was to call it Roxette Lyrics Studio. Instead it should have been names Lyrics Studio and had some kind of open format so everyone could be able to specify url of the video and a local lyrics file. Someone got him/herself into trouble.

-= tridy =-


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