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Written by tevensso on August 26, 2010 to . Source: Gehrman's.

By the end of September the new book with Roxette sheet music will be released - Best of Roxette (ISBN 9789177482901). It contains 30 Roxette songs and some of which are "previously unreleased" (meaning sheet music). This is what the publisher Gehrman's write about the book:

"Roxette is undoubtedly one of the biggest bands of all time with an unparalleled international career and plenty of number ones. Now it's time for a new generation to discover their music.

Until now there has been no book which collects all of Roxette's hits in the same place. In this book there are 30 of the successful group's biggest hits, of which one third have not been published previously. All-new piano arrangements by Martin Östergren, lyrics and melody for the singer and guitar chord boxes. The book also contains photos from Roxette's career and newly written comments and liner-notes [in English] by Per Gessle."

The price will be around €30.


Just saw this on facebook: “[News] The Best of Roxette” At first I thought it was another Greatest Hits album... if we consider the trend of the Roxette Hits albums 1995 - 2000 - 2002/2003 - 2006, yup every three or four years-ish. 2010 is time! =p

Heh heh heh, just kidding. Thanks for this news. Be interesting to find out what songs it has in it! And I really like that logo from the RoxBox era.

Ive never understood why fans count DBU 2000 as a “new greatest hits”. its just the USA-version of the 95-album and it wasent even promoted anywhere else other than in the USA....

Where will we be able to buy this book??

Nothing really interesting (even quite useless if you don’t play the piano). Cool cover, but that’s all. I’d prefer a more comprehensive, up-to-date biography, full of info, gossip, tour memories, previously unpublished photos and so on. An expanded and even more complete version of the “Roxbox” booklet is very much necessary, taking into account what has been pubished till now. “Roxette - The Book”, the Swedish ’official’ bio (which was later adapted to German) was published in 1992 and many things happened since - on top of that, it was never available in English. The string of paperback books in Spanish from the 90’s is really miserable, full of inaccuracies (the one made in 1999 is, maybe, the only exception). “The Look For Roxette” is more a collector’s guide than a complete biography, plenty of info that I don’t really need: never bought it for that reason...

Conclusion: I’m still waiting for the definitive Roxette book.

Will this book being released with CD or not?

Russian: This kind of books never include a CD, as long as I know. No CD is mentioned in the description either.

Hey! That good news =) .... But I need to know if this book will be available in South America. Anyone know anything?
I have only 19 years old and I have piano lessons. I really love to get that book. I love the music of Roxette and I would love to get that book.
Please......Anyone know anything?

CD? No.

@Roxette-atic Many NEW releases don’t even get promoted. Besides, It was released in other places from the US and had different artwork and different track-listing. It has about as much in common with the 95 “Don’t Bore us” as it does with 06’s “Roxette Hits”.

I would give anything for a book filled with nice pictures of Roxette we’ve never seen. Just a book filled with unpublished pics.

but I’ll buy this book anyway.....

Nice thing !
Stay COOL during Summer and HOT during Winter !

Ive never understood why fans count DBU 2000 as a “new greatest hits”. its just the USA-version of the 95-album and it wasent even promoted anywhere else other than in the USA....

thats because it WAS marketed as a greatest hits album and only contained essentially 3 new tracks stars wicf and ydum it’s my fave cause i got it signed by them in person when they were in ny promoting the album :)

so say we all

Yea but only in USA right?

It was released by EMI in at least Sweden as well.

The American version of DBUGTTC has also been released in Argentina by EMI.

Will this Book be available in Germany?

Have Fun!!!

speaking of books - Does anybody know where I can find a copy of “Att Vara Per Gessle”???

I have a copy for sale, but it’s REALLY heavy=2.5 kgs, so shipping will be a killer.

I’ve once sent Att vara Per Gessle via Swedish mail. It cost ca 300 or 400 SEK, so it was the same as the book’s price :(

I now bought that in Halmstad! It was just 129 kronor :) ROX ON!!!

I went to the site of the people who sell THIS “Best Of Roxette” book - seems they will send you a “bill” so you can follow instructions on how to pay by credit card. Is that right??

I hope it’s available by more resellers at the actual release date.


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