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The return bigger than expected

Written by tevensso on August 21, 2010 to and . Source: Hallandsposten.

HALMSTAD - More than 17,000 in Sundsvall, almost 30,000 in Skanderborg, up to 20,000 in Marknadsplatsen in Halmstad, Sweden on Saturday and then sold out in Norway and is already stocked in Russia. Roxette's comeback has exceeded all expectations. Even for a pop visionary like Per Gessle.

- Yes, indeed. We were not prepared for it to be so big. When Anderstorp came up, we were happy if we could sell 7000 tickets, says Gessle.

- So had we known this we would have rehearsed more and had a larger production. I mean, before the last Roxette tour, "Room Service" in 2001 we rented the Globe Arena for a week.

- Because all arena concerts are so hugely choreographed, and it has to be given the lighting and camera angles. If we haven't practiced enough it's easy to run into each other. And it was a bit like that at the premiere…

We're sitting in the garden at home in the house in Sandhamn where the Gessle family has spent the entire summer.

Åsa offers freshly baked sponge cake when Per has poured the coffee.

- The advantage of living in two places is that it becomes a feast every time you come home to Halmstad. The calmness. The old friends … Yes, all this stuff, explains Per, pointing out towards the Laholm bay.

September 13, 1994 on the Crash!Boom!Bang! tour - that's how long ago it's been since Roxette last played in Halmstad. Almost 16 years ago.

- That's why it will be fantastic to do it again. I just talked with Marie and she's on fire about it, says Per.

That Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson are standing on a stage together at all again as Roxette is a minor miracle, given the brain tumor that Marie suffered eight years ago.

- Yes, one should know that five percent will survive the disease that Marie had, and she had the good fortune to belong to the five percent. Ít's in that perspective you have to put the comeback and the concerts. It is not the old '80s Roxette, but what Marie's doing is an achievement.

- Sure, everything takes longer now and her health goes in waves, but it is the reality we live in. And therefore, these concerts are more of a test to decide on how much she can handle before a regular tour. For instance, we are not doing any press before the concerts.

- So if it will continue is up to Marie. But as I see it this is good for her - it is probably the best rehab she can get.

- I mean, the reception we received has been incredible. One has become teary-eyed when one has met the response.

Also the sound has changed, more guitars and less sequencers and based on Per's band from the last solo tour, "Party Crasher".

- Yes, but it's because we want it this way, more alive. In the old Roxette I also had no real musical role, more than singing because it was Jonas (Isacsson), who played all the guitars on the albums.

The two opening concerts have received mainly lukewarm reviews. In addition, Gessle picked up two solo songs in the middle of the set.

- But it was due to Marie needing a break. Previously, she has done at most 25 minutes, this is an hour and 40 minutes. But we have changed it now, shortened it slightly.

What have you learned from the two opening concerts?

- That there is a significant difference between small and big venues and then it's only hits. Playing a lot of album tracks that we might like, but do not connect with the audience is not good as concerts are about communicating.

- It's from the audience's response that we get energy. I am extremely proud to have written these tunes that have become big all over the world. Why should I not play them? This is just snobbish.

To the Roxette concert on Saturday fans from Brazil and Argentina as well as Europe are on their way.

But the concert has thus far been overshadowed by the ticket row between Live Nation and BiljettNu when the concert in Anderstorp was canceled and another was arranged in Halmstad.

If you had had the concert in Halmstad, without letting the audience from Anderstorp in, this situation had never occurred…?

- It's never been an option. We looked at the 10,000 who bought a ticket to our concert there and we did not want them to first miss the concert and then be forced to sue to get their money back.

So what do you say to all that now stands there with the "wrong" ticket, that is, those that are purchased at BiljettNu after 9 July?

- I really hope that it will solve itself because it is terrible when third parties are affected.

Why weren't there two gigs at Brottet instead of Marknadsplatsen?

- First it was our intention to move the concert from Brottet to Örjans vall. But there was a holiday season there, they said. And because many of the crew were booked elsewhere, we could not break it in two days and then we chose Marknadsplatsen. But it's also a bit cool because it is so central, a little Central Park-feeling… Gessle laughs.

When the mini-tour is over, work continues on the new album. Six songs are completed and a further eleven are to be recorded to be released spring 2011.

- It's a pretty classic Roxette album where the "father" to the sound, Clarence Öfwerman is still here, explains Per and plays some tracks.

And yes - it sounds like Roxette.

- I have, believe it or not, actually changed the way I write songs in recent years. It has become looser, less complicated. So I have gone back to the old demos from the '80s - and '90s and borrow parts from there.

- Then I've tried to get both me and Marie in the songs. On "Room Service", it was either me or her that sang. Here it is more together, like "Dangerous". Or "Dressed for Success".

Four U.S. number ones, nearly 14 big hits and 50 singles. ABBA, The Beatles and now Queen has done it - become musicals. Can you imagine Roxette the musical?

- I can well imagine a Roxette musical if the story and the idea feel good. For although I am not a musical man, you have to find new ways.

- And "Mamma Mia" was an ingenious way to let the ABBA catalog live on. The new generation thinks that ABBA is called Mamma Mia… he laughs.

Roxette, Gyllene Tider, Son of a Plumber, Per Gessle solo in Swedish or English. What is left?

- I've actually never gone on tour where I have done both Swedish and English songs from all projects, a greatest hits. But I guess I'll do that when I turn 60

By Jan-Owe Wikström/Hallandsposten. Used with kind permission.


Well, well, well.... I’m SO glad Per went back to his “old” demos and work from there. Songs like “Dangerous” and “Dressed For Success” are such great songs! Roxette is a duo and it would be great to feature both voices in a song.

I remember when Tom Jones called Roxette “The biggest duo in the world” on the MTV Awards in 1994 - seems they still are, considering there aren’t any other man and woman act still so popular.

I really am counting the days before the release of the new album. We’ve been waiting 9 years for this!!!

Marie being one of only 5% of people to survive her illness brings tears to my eyes!! God is alive!! God lives in Marie!!!

Six songs complete! more duos together like in Dangerous...!! You make my day, thanks tevensso.
Roxette REALLY come back, yuppi!!

Most of my friends aren’t Roxette fans, and they all say that Roxette should have stuck to those “Look Sharp!” and “Joyride” songs..... Those “bubblegum” pop songs!!! I personally think “Crash! Boom! Bang!” was a step in a great direction.....

Most people I talk to about Roxette all say that their last few albums were not good. must always improve yourself in this business, I guess.
But least we’re getting some new songs to listen to. And hopefully a LOT more new albums in the future!!!

@ TEV: Can’t you ask Per to bring back the whistling in “Joyride”?? It really sounds awefull without it.

Don’t thank me, thank Jan-Owe. :)

You know what makes Roxette probably the most unique pop group to ever walk the earth?? It’s the fact that even though Per and Marie aren’t young anymore, but in their music they are still teenagers with love-sickness and pimples and crushes!!!!! And that makes me feel young, every time I listen to one of their songs.

Who needs to sing about “cosmic releive” when you can make love under the trees and get your heart broken and get a new crush on someone else again??
That’s life - that’s being a teenager.

Roxette makes me feel like a teenager, forgetting the bad things in the world.

Thanx Per, thanx Marie!!

I must say I loved the old Roxette sound of a synth bubble gum. That’s why people liked “I Want You” from Savage Garden. In Halmstad I heard Clarence trying to bring the sound on the keyboards but the guitars were too loud.

For the “Perfect Day” I think that’s Christopher that played the instrument that replaced accordion and it was used in PC tour as well. It has a great sound that drags tears out of me. I wounder if it will be used in the album.

These are optimistic lines that I have read in this article, and I am really happy to see that Marie enjoys singing live for Roxette. I am wishing them to have a good time in the studio. Did they say they have done 6 and there are 11 to do. Wow. Once Per said CBB was too long. Or will there be some leftovers for the b-sides?

When i was looking at the two big screens in Halmstad, I thought it could be nice if it would actually be recorded. Does anyone know if it was actually recorded and if we are going to see some kind of compilation of online watching or maybe a bonus DVD/BR? :)

’Yes, one should know that five percent will survive the disease that Marie had, and she had the good fortune to belong to the five percent. Ít’s in that perspective you have to put the comeback and the concerts. It is not the old ’80s Roxette, but what Marie’s doing is an achievement.’

Very true, it’s miraculous and magnificent to see Marie on stage again like she is... I look at her and think about how far she has come, how she has fought such a serious disease and illness and the treatment she has gone through. Many fans never thought they would see Marie with Per as part of Roxette again, it truly is a blessing.

Brain tumours are without a doubt one of the most serious conditions to have, my friend Zoe was not so lucky, she was just 25 when she died in October 2002, a month after Marie’s diagnosis and she left behind her husband and two year old son.

According to Per “every minute” has been recorded.

WE WANT A LIVE DVD!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish they could record the new ’orchestral’ version of “The Look” as a reprise to the forthcoming album. I never thought that an old rock song could sound so good with a string/brass arrangement. Hope Per is gonna read this and consider my idea!!!

Btw, spring 2011 is a long way to go...

I am sure it will be worth all the waiting!

“tevensso (moderator) said on August 21, 2010 20:37:
According to Per “every minute” has been recorded.”

Is it serious? Is there a hope that we can get a live DVD of the Halmstad concert??
That would be an awesome Christmas present...

“All the Rox shows are of course recorded for future thrills so pls shout your name into the closest mic!” - PG

@TEV: What does that comment mean?

I always wondered - If I were to be a famous singer and when I travel and I hear one of my own songs on the radio. What would I think? Would I be critical of my own voice? Hahaha...probably. And when I see myself on the TV, I would probably have a fit....haha....

You tell me. To me it merely means the shows are recorded.

I think EMI can release a second “RoxBox”, but instead of cd’s, they make it dvd’s with all of their major live concerts together......Maybe they can call it the “RoxLive Box”......I’m not good with titles.....

Hello ;)..... I’m from Peru ..... I’m a big fan of Roxette
Here in South America are also awaiting with joy the new album :)
Roxette Please, go back to South America, we are waiting for you since 1995!!

Please Consider it ..... ♥ Here we love you ♥

I talked last week, after the Halmstad Concert, with Jan-Owe and he told me the same, as he write down in this article. He had listen to the new Songs and he told me that this is the old Roxette and Maries Voice are exelent. I had a nice coversation with him. At last i told him he had now to write a new Roxette Book.

Great article! Thanks for the translation tev.

Exciting times for us!

I’m so proud of Marie, her story is very inspiring! To do what she is now doing despite everything that has happened to her all i can say is brave, brave woman! Love her!

I don’t know how you guys see it, but I think once their new album is out and their (world?) tour is over, Jan-Owe should sit down with Marie and Per and write a sequel to the Roxette Book from 1994. Its plot ran out at some point after 1992, closing with a chapter on Tourism and hints at “C!B!B!” somewhere on the last pages. I’m sure there would be enough material to write a follow-up trilogy by then :)

Keep the radio on ’cos this is the perfect song

Anyone here go to Stavanger last night? Any reports??

thx tev!!!!

RS was bad, but HAND was great, maybe too many ballads, but uptempos like Pay The Price, 7twenty7 and Crush On You are Roxette at their best. But I’d like to know why Roxette don’t play any RS songs live anymore! Has anyone asked Per so far?
btw Is it poossible that VFAH, SOAD, HAWHAS and Chances were performed live in 80’s? I never knew about it, I thought these songs had never been performed live...

Agree with Wicf. RS was flat album, HAND had poor ballads (exc. WICF, WFTR, BT) but fantastic up-tempos - maybe their best. If you ask me about the new sound, I really fell in love with Party Crasher synth, fresh and danceable sound (just play it on headphones ;) ). If you add guitar solos it could be really great new Roxette sound.
But looking back to Roxette history, in my opinion Joyride is their best album (rec. session), just remember those great songs such a Joyride, Things Will Never Be The Same, Small Talk, I Remember You, Do You Get Excited?, and also Comeback, Queen Of Rain, The Sweet Hello The Sad Goodbye. 4 minutes pop pearls, fantastic fresh, pop rock, guitar&synth combined, almost danceable songs. With great melody, fresh danceable sound (Clarence is a God), great guitar solos, bridges (just remember what Per said about bridge in Run To You). And more duets. If this means ’old Roxette’ then I’m pleased. Looking forvard to spring 2011.

Dear Per and Marie
I live in Brazil. I am from Minas Gerais, Varginha city. I really dream you come to Brazil to do a great show to us. Brazilian people love you. We would like to know that you intend to visit us some day.
Patrícia Meneguci

Patricia, did you have the chance to see the Varginha strange creature, back in 1996? (hehe)

@pwbbounce: Stavanger was great. A big sing-along party from the beginning to the end. I was positively surprised by Marie’s voice. Specially on the ballads. TWNBTS was amazing. HDYD was another big crowed pleaser. The setlist was the same as in Halmstad I think. A thought that crossed my mind during the show; You realize how big Roxette really are when you are standing on a windy beach on the west coast of Norway with 8000 ppl, and they all knew every song :-)

maybe its a sihn hip hop is finally dying so say we all

Stavanger show was amazing. We where all freezing, but when Rox started we all forgot about the freezing wind and the rain.
Marie sang better than ever, specially a the end of listen to your heart, we all ended up with tears in our eyes. By the way who cares if she forgets the lírics?? She makes every single show to be unique and different, and that makes it special.
The whole show sounded great, but it was so cold that i guess im not the only one who has a terrible cold today. ;)
Big L was amazing, i never really liked how this song sounded live until this concert. How do you do was one of the big ones two.

After the show we had time to remember about things that happened during the concert due to the big traffic jam.

I only watch fans vids at YouTube, but I have to agree that Marie sounded great in Listen To Your Heart, I swear she sounded just like she does 10 years ago (or maybe even better?) I DO hope, they will record ’powerful ballad’ like IMHBL, LTY, SMT in their new album, it’s a shame to waste her talent like that and make her sing a song like ’One Wish’ (not that’s a bad song, but it didn’t give a chance for her to really show us how great she could be with her voice). She still are far better than many singer nowadays, I am sure they wished they had her voice.

Yes, Roxette did perform “Chances” live in the 80’s. I have a very good high quality recording from one of their shows. “Chances” sounds better live than on the actual cd.

Yes, It would be GREAT to go back the those Power Ballads. Guitars and Marie’s voice filled with power and emotion. I still think “Spending My Time” and “Fading Like A Flower” and “Almost Unreal” are the greatest ballads ever made!!

Let’s hope Per and Marie put the “ROCK” back in “ROXette”.....

Somewhere in Europe there was this really tacky dance band, 24 Seven. I heard that the girl from that band died in a car accident many years ago, and she was replaced by another singer. But now, when I tell people that Roxette is back, everybody thinks Marie is dead - they think she was the girl in the car accident..... Somewhere somebody didn’t pay attention.....

Per said in one interview that they would like to release first single from new album before x-mass 2010. But album will be ready to release somewhere in February / March. It’s too long between single and album release. We all know that first singles are (almost) always most successfull singles. So what do you think about another ’first’ single before album release.

I mean first ’christmas’ single just before x-mass (with radio preiere month ago, late November), then second ’first’ single somewhere during early March and then after two weeks whole new album.

It has two pluses. We can get new song already before x-mass and second single will could reach highest chart positions and sales ofcourse. Some artists did it already and it works.

Regarding new album...

I was checking ’Roxette in the studio’ videos and I found these 3 videos with possible parts of new Roxette songs. Do you think that these are real parts of new songs or some kind of Per’s joke?

Check them here:

Jesus! Moscow concert was fantastic! I would say - unbelievable, because I can‘t realize that it REALLY happened! :)))
Magic Perfect Day, guitar drives, Marie ooops-alone-on-stage moment ))))) Perfect vocals and some missed words that no one noticed!

Aaaaa! ))))


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