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Roxette goes retro - take a look at 2010 tour merchandise

Written by tevensso on August 12, 2010 to .

(Updated) - The 2010 Roxette merchandise features old album covers and re-uses old Roxette logos from the past years. The items will probably be sold on at a later point.

Update: New PDF uploaded.


I do want the black hoodie...I’ll try to buy it by all means

Thanks for the material! The grey shirt, hoody and the girls top could be nice. No sales at

Yes!! finally a black joyride shirt...always wanted one in black..I have a white one, but black is way better

The new logotype is absolutely hideous...

and I was hoping they managed to do a new photo session. Then I read the title again and read “retro.” There is nothing about 2010 there, right? It makes it look like Roxette is ashamed of their age or something. C’mon, they still have got the look. Give it a try.

-= tridy =-

the hoodie looks cool, but priceeeey.. will have to check it out, the logo in the back (if that is the one) is ugly... :S
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i wonder who’s decision this was? kind of a let down really tho the hoodie has caught my eye. i just want an as promised single before december. so say we all

The hoodie is ugly! If I remember well, I’ve read it costs 700 sek (just ridiculous). And the T-shirts, well. You can even make’em yourself, if you know a nice place where they print clothes. And it will be a lot cheaper.

I like the hoodie, it’s perfect for when I start uni next month! Yes the retro t-shirts a little boring but they seemed to be selling well!

The blue t-shirt seemed to be missing last night!

I hope they will sell online, as I want another hoodie, I bought one last night, but want another and some t-shirts!

the blue t-shirt is my fave (and the most relevant to the tour)...i think it’s awesome. I’ll definately order one if it appears online (and they will ship it to Canada)

I’m wondering if this new logo is the one likely to be used for the new album/singles...i like it way better than the “HITS” logo with the star in the O.

jag vill känna tro

The blue t-shirt was nowhere to be found and the ROXETTE logo on the hoodie is the same as on the greatest hits album - nice. And the keyring is not in color, but metallic.

If the blue t-shirt was not in Sundsvall also, maybe it’s going to appear in Russia... or just forsale online (if the items go online!)

New PDF uploaded - no blue tee there...


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