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Police fears ticket chaos

Written by tevensso on August 12, 2010 to and . Source: Aftonbladet.

HALMSTAD - Halmstad police fears chaos when Roxette plays in town on Saturday. The reason is that BiljettNu still is selling tickets to the show, while Live Nation claims that any BiljettNu tickets sold after July 9 are invalid. There will be 20 police officers, 30 guards and 100 people from Live Nation on site. "We are way more people than usual," says Carl Pernow, CEO of Live Nation and continues "we will build up different lanes for different tickets. BiljettNu tickets [sold after July 9] are not valid."

BiljettNu will also have staff on site. They are not there in any official capacity but to show their customers that they care. "Fans with BiljettNu tickets will be allowed to enter. If Live Nation won't let them in, it's up to them" says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of BiljettNu.

Per Gessle's comment is "I think it's terrible that BiljettNu continues to sell tickets they know are invalid. BiljettNu are obviously aware of that there are no contracts between BiljettNu and Roxette or the local organizer. Still they go on and it's 'Joe Sixpack' that gets to take the blow…"


Oh my gosh!!! That really sounds like chaos! I hope Live Nation / Ticnet makes the biggest signs on their entrance...not that we end up in the wrong line. The “insläpp” is the most stressfull situation for us hardcorers ....(yes our own fault.. I know ;))

I’m really afraid that there’s going to be a riot.

Wow, this is really, really, bad. If BilJettNu knows that anything they sold after July 9 is no good, and I can’t see Roxette lasting 20+ years if they were sloppy, then BiljettNu is slimy. Hope they didn’t get many bad ’tickets’ sold.

C’mon how cool would a riot at a Roxette gig be :)

The problem is that there is danger of there being a crushing stampede as in Germany recently at The Love Parade in which 19 people were killed in a crowd crush. Not cool.

Wow That’s really terrible, Why do they still sell tickets if they know those tickets will be invalid at the concert? Do people know what they are buying? C’mon Be organize and honest

why didnt live nation seek an injunction against them as soon as it was noted that they were selling tickets that were not valid? so say we all

I Hope that BilljettNu will stop selling Tickets!

@Moodysaaber: I saw on a German TV Channel that it was exactly 21 People instead of 19 People who died on the Love Parade!
Have Fun!!!

So that’s around 1 in 66666 that died so statistically at least, there should be no deaths at the Roxette gig and I don’t really think any kind of comparison can be drawn between the two. Just 1 death is tragic and too many and there is absolutely no excuse for it at any kind of “properly” oragnised event!


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