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Roxette reborn?

Written by tevensso on August 8, 2010 to , and .

SUNDSVALL - In perfect weather in Sundsvall, Sweden, at 22.17 Per and Marie finally entered the stage for the long, long awaited real reunion of Roxette. The Daily Roxette was there too of course. Roxette started 13 minutes early (probably due to the midnight curfew) and played 20 songs for the 16,000 in the audience. German rockabilly act The Baseballs was the opening act. "I made a classical mistake this time" says Per "I thought it was so much fun I was exhausted after the first two songs."

The question on everyone's lips is "will Marie be able to handle this?" This reporter thinks that if nothing drastic happens, Roxette will once again travel the world in 2011.

Marie was doing terrific and she was beaming on stage looking stunned, happy and amazed. Everyone could see how she loved being back, and when the final chord of "Church of Your Heart" faded and the applause wouldn't stop, Marie had tears in her eyes.

Roxette this time around is Per and Marie, of course, with Pelle Alsing drums, Magnus Börjeson bass, Clarence (with a brand new fez) Öfwerman keys, Christoffer Lundquist guitar and newbie Malin Ekstrand backup vocals. They all performed greatly.
True, there were kinks, Marie forgetting lyrics, someone (Per?) playing in the wrong key on "Sleeping in My Car" and some other small things. But as Per says to TDR: "This isn't a tour so much as a handful of concerts flung together." Probably it will be different even tonight as Roxette plays Denmark. "I don't want to call it a test, but it is a test to see how much Marie can handle." says Per and continues "We'll have to evaluate this at a later point. Both of us want to continue doing Roxette stuff. There is a huge interest in the world. The album is halfway done, and when it is done it would be nice to take it on the road." Marie adds "It's good that one has performed as much as one has in one's life. It's in the body so to speak."

The only difference to the setlist this time was that "Things Will Never Be the Same" was cut. "Steppin' Stone" was performed in the honor of The Monkees this time, instead of Paul Revere like during Per's solo tour. Roxette is not happy with the tracklist, there will be changes according to both Per and Marie. They are open to more covers, but won't reveal which. Per also mentions that Roxette has loads of other hits they can play on a "real tour".

The concert opened with "Dressed for Success" which went well, but the band seemed a bit nervous. After that came "Sleeping in My Car" where someone played the guitar in the wrong key for a few bars. Then when "Nox" came along the whole band seemed to settle and then the hits just rolled out. The setlist was, as mentioned, basically identical to the secret concert in Halmstad. The audience appeared to like "It Must Have Been Love", "Listen to Your Heart" and "The Look" the most judging from the noise. This reporter's favorites were probably "The Look" and "Silver Blue". "I don't know about this Internet vote, there's a thousand, maybe more, fans that have voted and there always comes up weird song choices like 'The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye'" laughs Per. "We played 'Silver Blue' since that song won. We did it in a new arrangement that was nice." "The Look" had so much energy and even though the band "cheats" by playing the Roxette hits like they did on Per's solo tour it still is a freight train on the loose. Yes, the band plays Roxette's hits more or less like they did on Per's European solo tour last spring. And 15 of the 20 songs were on that setlist as well. "Silver Blue" has an absolutely fantastic new arrangement. I say put that out as a single, and do it now! The song is hauntingly beautiful in spite of Marie's lyrical problems.

Like in Halmstad, Marie went off stage when Per played "Stupid" and "Do You Want to Be My Baby?" and while this reporter absolutely loves those songs he, like many others, feels that there are Roxette songs that could do the job just as well as those solo songs like "June Afternoon" or "Crush on You".

And at the end of the concert it just takes off with hit after hit - "Fading Like a Flower", "How Do You Do!", "Dangerous" etc… "HDYD!" and "Dangerous" are interlaced brilliantly.

While the songs played are the basic variety; there are no longer endings, not much sing-along, or different versions, the audience gets a real treat.

I dare say: Roxette is back for real this time! 

Dressed For Success
Sleeping In My Car
Opportunity Nox
The Big L
Wish I Could Fly
She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Perfect Day
It Must Have Been Love
Do You Wanna Be My Baby?
Silver Blue
Fading Like a Flower
How Do You Do!


Listen To Your Heart
The Look

Extra extras:

(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
Church Of Your Heart


Thanks Tev for fast and great review early in the morning!!
So happy to read such good news.

yeeeeeeeeee –long waited reborn for real!!

....And it all begins where it magic friends...

A magic evening at Norrporten! It was the first time that i have seen my idols in concert and despite that Marie sanmg the wrong words on Silver Blue (one of my favorites) i have nothing bad to say about the concert. Ok the sound made that the voices were not always heard but it was so for The baseballs as well and maybe Marie could be more personel with the audience. Best was “It must have been love” and “sleeping in my car” worst was “Church of your heart”

Of 5 hearts thet get 4 from me. A wonderful show and i look forward to seeing them again in the future.


I hope Things will never be the same will again in setlist in Halmstad!

I am SO MUCH waiting for the world tour!!! (Actually I am fantasizing with the idea of travelling the whole tour...)

Btw. The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye is one of the best ballad ever come from Per’s pen. Really love that one.

all sounds exciting - any recordings to listen to back here in the UK?

marc-rox -> I found these by searching

I kinda like it like that!

wow! I got goosebumps when I saw the pictures of the stage. This is Roxette back!!! What a difference to the secret concert at Leif’s.
Too bad Things will never was not played, it was amazingly good in Halmstad on Wednesday. And yes, my fave is Silver Blue as well. What I don’t understand is the part about the voting “i don’T know about this internet voting”?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

wow great news, the roxette era are back!

found some stuff:

Sleeping in my car:

Fading like a flower:

Dressed for success:

Listen to your heart:

Thanks to the uploader!

I’m feeling 16 again! ;o)

Excellent work Thomas, and fast work... I was perhaps sleeping as you were typing!!!! Mind you I needed my sleep after a 6am start outside the arena yesterday! The concert was indeed an amazing night and it was like being cast back 20 years to my teenage years again, I felt the whole band were on top form and Marie just took to the stage as the performer she ever was, she owed the stage like the star she truly is, the crowd just love her!

“Silver Blue” is one hell of a song to be performed live, I didn’t record it but people did so I am sure it will soon surface as an MP3! The performance of “Perfect Day” was also amazing, and there were tears just hearing Marie perform that song during the soundcheck from outside the venue, let alone watching her perform it in from of us! I honestly would have liked to have heard “Things Would Never Be The Same” because it is one of my all time fave songs, but 20 songs in one evening for me is just fantastic and I am more than grateful to Marie, Per and the band for that.

Performance of “Steppin Stone” was amazing, very rocky and seeing Marie involved in the performance showed great power, obviously Marie was not there in the cover version on thr PC Tour, so it took a new take on this version, and she really kicks ass on the stage! :) I think more different covers would be good.

I love to see Per performing his solo music, it’s done to give Marie a chance to change and take a break, so I see nothing wrong with that, and I am sure any fan can respect that!

Clarence has a new Fez! Pelle is released and freed from his drums during Church of Your Heart and given a tambourine! Malin has a lot a energy on the stage and knows how to encourage the crowd to get involved, I miss Helena, for me it will take time to get use to a new face, but many people commented on how good she looked on the stage!

This concert for me has been an experience I shall never forget, from the moment me and my friend arrived at the airport in Stockholm for the flight to Sundsvall, thank you Per, Marie and the band... the memories I have are priceless!

I have taken some great photos of the show, I’ll post a link when I can in the week so people can see, I am home for a few days to sort out some university things, then back to Sweden on Friday for Halmstad!

Until then... Alison \ Roxerally x


One question to all who attended the concert yesterday: Was there any merchandise article on sale? If so, please describe them & the price/item. Thank you :)

Yes, there were a few t-shirts and sweatshirts. Retrostyle, with the Look Sharp! album sleeve and some shields from Room Service. Around 300 for a tee and around 700 for a sweat. They also have the remastered albums for 100.

The concert was briliant. I didn’t even notice the mistakes. :-) Marie was really brilliant as if she hadn’t had break becouse of her tumor. She really enjoyed performing again. Per was also great. It was wonderful to them live again!!! :-)

On the other hand, it was quite a disapponting experience for me to see that some fans from South America were treated as if they had been VIPs or something: the security staff served them with food/drink and press stuff also - in a way - idolized them as well, though there were some fans from other contries (Hungary, Russia, Germany, UK). But it is NOT Roxette’s foult, anyway it was really disappointing.

what is wrong with bringing them food and drinks? if they felt like doing it, why not :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

firstly thanks to fans for posting video so fast. That being said I’m actually surprised by what I’m seeing outside of the night of the proms setting they still sound amazing. maries range has changed again orddly enough it seems more so the bottom of her range? I’m gonna go out on a limb tho and say a world tour the scale of the cbb tour isn’t going to happen, but a tour the scale of say RS might make me go get a passport and actually save up to travel, with the album half done 2011 might be one of the best years in music unless the damn new ace of base album screws them over.....hopefully NOT.

so say we all

I checked out the merchadise after the show, the t-shirts have a retro feel one has the Look Sharp logo, the other the Joyride logo, the hoodie is rather nice, 700 SEK, neckbands are 60 SEK, there are also some pin badges, CD’s 100 SEK!

Thanks very much for this great review! Looking forward to 2011 so much! :D

If the merchandise is nice, I hope picks it up as well. Retro LS could be cool.

Coyboyusa, I don’t know what the Dot of Base album has to do with Rox? Don’t think thery’re under any competition.

I think it’s fantastic that Roxette seems to be really back.

I saw Per in Amsterdam last year and was thrilled to see Marie there as well.

Hopefully the band will come to Holland next year.

One thing that did cross my mind though, why isn’t there any new song being played during the concerts? Surely, with half an album finished, they should be able to play at least one new song?


@TEV: Can’t you put some more pictures of the concert on Roxette’s site???
And do you have, maybe, a wallpaper of the picture Roxette used on the back of the stage - I know it’s the pic from “the Videos” cover, but they altered the pic. Do you have it - it looks nice??


I guess we’re going to have to get used to the fact that Marie is going to get the lyrics wrong - but HEY - she’s up there enjoying her life and making us all happy.

You go, girl!!!!!

I can put up more photos for sure. I don’t have the backdrop, but I’ll talk to Per see what we can do.

Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll hold my breath in the meantime..... Thanx man!!!

The photo for the backdrop is one of the best pictures of Roxette. I’ve always loved it and I think it was a good idea to use it. The lighting was great, too.

Thank you all for videos! Speechless! Roxette are winners! So happy with the setlist too (actually any setlist would be great for me). And I’m really glad there will be DYWBMB, always loved that song. Imagine Marie joining Per on this, how great that would be! Can’t wait to September 10!

To all Australian and New Zealand fans please visit and click on contact and ask, plea, beg them to bring Roxette back to Australia, like they did in 1991 and 1994. As this is the only way I think that we would gt to see Roxette back in Australia.

I don’t see any reason why they should play a new song - neither new album, nor new single have been released so far.

Rox played Dangerous all through the ’87 tour and that song wasn’t out until October ’88. They even promised it would be the spring single. (It wasn’t.)

I hope it won”t be like that in Halmstad. I think that even fans from Europe have to travel quite a long way.

what would be real nice isif they dug up a few songs where they would duet especially weight of the world which i’d give my left nut to hear live. or a piano solo version of salvation. it would be nice if they veered away from an all hits list to something more varied and heart of gold would be a nice cover for them to take on the road so say we all

because many reviews about the concert yesterday (Skanderborg) evening talk about flop? watching videos on you tube, I do not think that everything is going so badly

A few more photos up on

coyboyusa said: “would be real nice is if they dug up a few songs where they would duet especially weight of the world”,”would be nice if they veered away from an all hits list to something more varied and heart of gold would be a nice cover for them”

A few duets would be nice, and I have to agree with less hits and more “not the usual suspects” songs. But I think you have to take into account they have to keep the public happy. Not everyone that goes to a concert is a big fan and would be more familiar with the hits rather than an album track or some obscure b-side.

+1 for Heart of Gold.

It was sooooo amazing to see a proper Roxette concert one more time, and I really hope that this will repeat next year also (preferably also in Finland!)!!

I uploaded two videos to Youtube, hope they work as I am new to this, just wanted to now share these as I think they are quite nice.
I wish I had recorded more, but jumping and shouting and singing along was much more fun ;)

Short clip of Perfect Day


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TOUR! Marie, you are simply amazing! It´s a miracle that you are so strong. I hope you will come to Prague soon!!!

thanx 4 the pics TEV, hopefully you’ll post even more!! Thanx dude....

Yea, I think it’s great to see Marie on stage. She really really sings well!!!

Does anyone have a mp3 of the live version of “Silver Blue” yet?? And maybe “How Do You Do!”?

I’ve noticed that Marie is walking around a lot on stage - and she walks around like she normally would, not like someone who’s struggling to see. She’s getting stronger and stronger!!! GREAT!!!

I think “Fading Like A Flower” kicked ass. Hopefully we’ll get a full download or even a DVD of some of these live events..... PLEASE!!!

I am sorry in case I overlooked it, but what was the setlist in Skanderborg? The same as in Sundsvall?
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Did someone want the backdrop for the tour... my pleasure.... taken from Sundsvall! :)

Enjoy! :)


* Dressed For Success
* Sleeping In My Car
* The Big L
* Wish I Could Fly
* She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
* 7Twenty7
* It Must Have Been Love
* Silver Blue
* Fading Like A Flower
* How Do You Do
* Dangerous
* Joyride Joyride
* Listen To Your Heart
* The Look
* Church Of Your Heart


I took a lot of photos from Sundsvall, but here are a few for those who cannot see my FB photos...

Enjoy, happy to share them!

If anyone wants the backdrop picture from the stage bigger for wallpaper email me [email protected] only to happy to provide it for you!

Alison / Roxerally (UK)

Thomas, could you please reply, may be you know, why Roxette have chosen so strange and distant places for their concerts? Why not to play in Copenhagen, Oslo or Göteborg? Is there a “plan”? ;))) Thanks!)

No I don’t know. I’ve been wondering myself. I guess these were the opportunities that were available at this time.

Thanks @ abysmo. Quite a bit shorter and more standard than Sundsvall, but probably due to the festival and not being a full “own” concert.

With regards to the locations: My (completely wild) guess would be that they/D&D never announced to be “bookable” again in order to reduce the publicity and the chance of a huge load of requests, which would have to be turned down. Instead they just replied positively to the organisers that “gave it a try” based on the NOTP concerts, and they could easily/quietly pick the requests that suited best: within 2 hours flying from home, some festivals with shorter playing time and not only them performing... could that be?
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

You’re welcome. More about shows on and .

You can share you facebook photos and/or galleries without adding people as a friend using public link under every picture / gallery. It’s simpler that uploading pics to another storage. ;)

My guess for the reasons for the distant/strange places is that Roxette wanted to stay out of the typical pop hotspots because this is a warm-up/try-out tour where they didn’t know how it turned out. The ticket sales could have totally flopped and/or they could have failed to deliver proper, complete concerts. In the non-metropolitan places the casual audience may be less spoiled by the come and go of many big acts and the media may have overlooked a failure easier. I agree to the already mentioned reasons as well.

Backdrop desktop background courtesy of Per:

Thanx TEV!!! You’re the man!! Say thanx to Mr. G too!!

Great photos!!

Thanks very much! Is the logo on the stage version as well? Didn’t notice.

No, just on this.

And in the meantime Mr G (and Mr E?) has been kind enough to also add a larger and widescreen version:
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

anyone else have to bufer those 2 videos for what seems like forever great clarity tho so say we all


I haven’t checked this page for months, suddenly... THIS!

I don’t believe any other topic could have made me (literally) dance in my room such as this one just has!

I can only pray they’ll remember how much Israel loves them,
and get back here once more to give the most kick a$$ing concert
EVER, so that we won’t know what hit us :-)

Smiling Shira

@abysmo I know.... but not right now... I’ve not stopped since I got home... I’ve not unpacked... but somehow managed to fit in getting two new Gessle tattoo’s today! Photo sharing will have to wait till I am back from Halmstad next week, I am off to bed and have appointments tomorrow and Thursday!!! All this Joyriding is driving me crazy!!!!

Hi guys,

can anyone translate, or let us know what is wirtten in this swedish newspaper:


Just used Google translator and it’s in your best interest if you don’t read the translation... :(

Nothing new, nothing surprising. Critics wrote that Roxette were bad because of Marie cos “Marie is a shadow of former herself and she don’ t have her old energy”. Fans were enthusiastic and satisfied enough. Yes, we all (even critics) know that Marie will never jump again all over the scene. We all (even critics) know that Marie is after heavy surgery and heavy cure. So I really don’t know what they expected then. I saw many videos from those two gigs and there’s nothing so “tragic” or “embarrassing” what they are writing about.


Well, well well....I knew it was bound to happen - some BAD publicity!

I wish I understood Swedish to read the article. Who wrote the article??
Any contact details?

We as fans must keep supporting Marie. We know her situation and we must keep letting her know that no matter what others say, WE will always be there and we will always buy everything she/Roxette has to offer.

I mean - it’s just a living MIRACLE to even have Marie on stage again. It’s God’s work. We must let Marie know that we will support Roxette’s future and she must not let this get her down. Keep Roxetting and keep rocking!!

I personally think that the clips I’ve seen so far, Marie is in better shape than on the Room Service tour!! Who cares if she’s not running around like before, who cares if she forget the lyrics???? She’s up there giving her best and we must give our BEST back to her. MARIE FREDRIKSSON IS A BIG DEAL AND SHE’S HERE TO KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JOIN THE JOYRIDE, for those who aren’t afraid!!!!

It’s a Swedish summary of the Danish reviews that were downright awful.

It only proves that the world is run by the Anti-Christ!!!

here‘s the translation from google regarding the ‘write up‘:

Danish fiasco for Roxette
COPENHAGEN. Roxette’s comeback is described as a tragic fiasco in Denmark.

“Tragic,” “embarrassing,” “unworthy,” “pathetic”. The Danish newspapers were unanimous in their criticism of Roxette’s appearance at the Skanderborg Festival in Jutland at the weekend. The critics say consistently that Marie Fredriksson is a shadow of its former self and so marked by his cancer that she never would have stood on a stage. Ekstra Bladet concert called “an insult to both the audience and Marie Fredriksson” and writes:
“He played both in appearance and vocal still clearly marked by his illness. She was virtually unable to move on stage, let alone to sing “.
“Roxette was tragically bad” is the title of the review of the policy. “It feels like a small tragedy to experience it once so strong singer, but even something that recalls her former voting power,” wrote the Journal hopes to cancel the tour for Roxette Marie Fredriksson’s sake.
Berlingske Tidende calls the concert a classic clash between the pub ¬ corpses and critics. For the first bar was the audience of over ten thousand of the notes. We sang with the lyrics and waving lighters during ballads.
“The audience response was on the whole, both incredible and impressive. Especially since the musical was so miserable, almost tragicomic bad, that you almost thought you were with the hidden camera, “writes Berlingske Tidende.
Roxette was the festival’s finale with Kent. And Eskilstuna band saves the Swedish honor and receive the highest scores of almost all newspapers.
Although Swedish national newspapers gave Roxette very warm reviews after this weekend’s concert in Sundsvall. The exception is the local newspaper Dagbladet in Sundvall premiere tour which gave five stars out of five. “An almost perfect popshow,” wrote the newspaper.
On 14 August Roxette occur in Halmstad, the only appearance in southern Sweden. Then continue the tour to Russia and Norway.

I think they exaggerated to write certain things, because it was obvious that the ’exhibition of Marie could not have been that of a time and consequences Gessle had to hold the scene for most of the show ... could also remember the sacrifices’ s commitment, passion and strength that puts marie in returning to the stage for the fans and music. This means to love his art and I think that few other artists would. Today more than yesterday Roxette I think are true myths.

ps translate with google translate sorry for any mistakes!

So what!!! I saw Marie performing at NOTP last year, and yes it’s true, the way Marie performs changed! But then again, to be honest, Roxette never was loved for their great danicing and stylish moves, but for their ability to having a blast on stage with their music and having people a blast while watching a singing along. And at NOTP that was exactly what happed, in spite of Marie moving less.
I liked what I saw in the videos so far!
Therefore, Marie and Per, go on with this joyride and not listen to those critics, listen to your fans!!!!


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