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Roxette at Leif’s

Written by tevensso on August 5, 2010 to , and .

HALMSTAD (Updated) - Roxette performed 21 songs at the Leif's Lounge dress rehearsal concert last night. "Damn this was fun!" exclaims Marie and continues "I've waited so [long] for this." "This is a miracle. You're a miracle" says Per to Marie tenderly. Per tells Aftonbladet that the concert was supposed to be around an hour but it was so much fun they played almost two. "It just grew…" says Per.

Over 900 tickets were sold in the end. Per thinks they could've played Solgården, outside of the hotel, and sold 3000 tickets. "That would've been devastating to our concert here in Halmstad."

If all goes according to plan, Roxette will go on a world tour next year. This mini-tour is sort of a test to see if a world tour is in the cards. "We want it to be as big as it can be, we always think big. Big is beautiful. It's been great digging into Roxette's treasure box of songs. I pawed some of them during my solo tour, but it sounds tacky when I do 'Listen to Your Heart'" smiles Per.

The Daily Roxette asks: So,  back on stage "for real" with Roxette, how does it feel, Per? "It was an unforgettable evening, the crowd was superb! We felt very very welcome!" says Per and goes on "The plan was to play for an hour and we played almost an hour and forty minutes. Marie was in top shape, Malin was excellent as well as Chris and the others, I just love this band! And of course my new nail polish!" When TDR asks Per if this was something he expected a few years back Per responds "No no, I thought Rox was over in 2002." Marie also seems satisfied as Per says: "This was one of the happiest days of her life, she said. I guess that says it all…" Per also mentions that he doesn't hope there will be any major changes to the setlist.

Finally, Per Gessle, did you have a good time last night? "Do fish swim in water?" Per smiles and goes off to new challenges.

And on Saturday the Sundsvall premiere awaits.

The setlist from yesterday:

Dressed For Success
Sleeping In My Car
Opportunity Nox
The Big L
Wish I Could Fly
She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love
Do You Wanna Be My Baby?
Silver Blue
Fading Like a Flower
How Do You Do!


Listen To Your Heart (view on YouTube)
The Look
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
Church Of Your Heart (with Clarence on guitar)

Erik Johansson and Judith Seuma contributed to this article.


Silver Blue & How Do You Do! woot woot!!

alltogether an interesting setlist - wish I had been there

jag vill känna tro

21 songs are great! :)
More than i hoped :)

Nice setlist, but althought I did like “(I’m not your”) Steppin Stone” during Gessle over Europe, I can’t see the reason why they should do a cover like that on a full scale Roxette concert when there are hundreds of other good songs that they can choose from instead.

Another question that comes to mind right now.... “Do you wanna be my baby?” Why? That is as far as I know a Gessle-solo song... again, don’t Roxette have enough own material to choose from? Even if they wanna put in a song that Per sings himself to let Marie rest her voice a few minutes, there must be some other good Roxette song to pick instead? Not that I don’t like “DYWBMB”, but.... it’s a ROXETTE concert, not a Gessle greatest hits. Same goes for Stupid for that matter, but in this case I seem to remember that there is a Roxette-version around somewhere... so that is ok with me then.

So, my wish is that if they will replace ANY of the songs on this setlist, this should be the ones. And I DO REALLY hope that they keep 7twenty7 and Opportunity Nox on the setlist. Perhaps I’d like to hear Vulnerable live aswell... so if there is a possibility to maybe put that one in somewhere... I’ll be happy. *smile*

Please, please, please keep How Do You! In the setlist.

Brilliant, brilliant set list. Having How Do You Do on there is fantastic. So is Silver Blue. And I even like Do You Wanna Be My Baby being on there.

Bring on the world tour!

Is it cool or is it cool? So many favourites in there and 21 songs! Almost as many as 2001. I agree to change the solo/cover songs but that’s just a detail. Xan’t wait for the world tour!

One line jumps out at me with this - in fact, not even that much; TWO WORDS just bounced off my eyes.

World. Tour.

Wallop, sir. Pure unadulterated Wallop.

Great setlist. 727, Opportunity Nox, Wish I Could Fly, She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 7Twenty7, Things Will Never Be The Same, How Do You Do, Stupid... This is really fresh setlist if you compare it with boring ’Best Of ’ setlist from RS tour. Still remember 727 or ON from Prague gig 2009, these songs were made to be played live.
Nice to see Marie and Per so happy and so satisfied again. This really looks like a real comeback. Some 6 months remains to new album release and then... see you on tour!

Who would’ve thought it! Great set-list, some nice surprises in there (Silver Blue etc) and the mention of the World Tour. Better get saving up then!!

All the doubters can now be quiet I think...

I wouldn’t mind if they left off The Big L and one of four singles from Look Sharp, it’s boring that they play them on every tour (even on Gessle solo tour). And why didn’t they play anything from RS? Didn’t they once say that this was their favourite Rox album? I personally think it’s weak, but that doesn’t matter, TCOTH is a great song. I’m really glad for Silver Blue, SDLHA, TWNBTS, 7twenty7 and ON to be on the setlist

YESSSS!! YESSSS! WORLDTOUR!! I had waited for so long to read those words I had almost lost hope but this goes torove that if you dream long enough, things can happen!!
Yes definetely Marie and Per should go on a tour because there are many fans out there waiting to see them perform, some of them for the first time. At least in my side of the world Roxette still has many many loyal fans.
I’m so excited i can’t wait!!!

To anyone that was there: Was Silver Blue done in the original way, or was it an acoustic version?? - Listen To Your Heart (Live from the Lounge)

Curious to know, which version of “Things Will Never Be The Same” was performed? The “Tourism-style” acoustic version, the full-blown “Joyride album” version or a new version all together?

Also, the order and selection of these 3 songs songs are identical to the “Party Crasher” tour.

- Wish I Could Ffly
- She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
- 727

Also interesting to note, only THREE songs post 1999 :) Which basically sums up the train-wreck that was the “Room Service” album (aside from M&T&H).

Shame about ending on “Stepping Stone” considering another Rox-number could’ve happened. Let’s hope JUNE AFTERNOON gets added ;-)

“I’ve waited so for this.”
Surely there’s a word missing there.

Yes, great setlist. A tired opener though. Why DFS again.


I don’t know, “Dressed” could become their signature opener, it’s bright, bouncy, popular, gets the crowd involved and more importantly, is a Marie number.

I don’t mind it. Not sure what else they could kick it off with though?

I find their “closers” to be tired - LTYH, TL, JOYRIDE etc.

I really feeel SAD because of the comments some people posted here....You are never staisfied???!!!

We have waited 9 years for this miracle to happen that Marie/Roxette comes back and now some of you are complaining about the opener song....

Instead of the negative attitude: We all should be very happy that we can see them on stage agin after such a long time and support them whatever songs they play.....


Calm down :-)

Everyone here is OVERWHELMED with joy, we’re all so excited that people are merely making “observations”, no one is criticizing anyone nor Roxette :)

It’s just fun to guess and speculate about songs and about set lists, we’d be happy if they got on stage and played with a yo-yo for 45 minutes! NO ONE here has displayed a negative attitude, NO ONE here has made a negative comment. Relax. Don’t be so sensitive... and let’s not remind Thomas why he so obviously got rid of the forums in the first place :)

Be happy, wah-wah, here comes the sun!

Sounds like a stormen in a tea cup :-p

I am calm just annoys me a bit that some ppl can’t enjoy what they get without any bitter taste in mouth...
I would rather hear some other song instead of stepping stone..but if Roxette wanna play that I accept their choise :)

btw I didn’t mean my comment as an offense against anybody...

YAYAYAY for Things Will Never Be The Same and Silver Blue!!!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Silver blue is very very cool ! One of my favorite Roxette‘s songs!

PS The foto on top is terrible, please, put it away.

mmm, i don’t like the setlist!! Where’s “Real Sugar”, “Milk and toast and honey”, “Anyone”, “Stars”, “CBB”????? I prefer these songs instead “Do You Wanna Be My Baby?”, “Stupid” or “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”. And the concert begin with “Dressed for Success” again!!!

soooo great to see roxette 2010, night of the proms 2009 were so cooool but marie´s voice would be stronger now. ;-))) -hope we hear new stuff in the next time, don´t let us wait to long. :-) -ROXETTE has so many cool an nice songs, they could play the hole day and any song would be great. ;-)

What’s problem with DSF?
This is a great song and ideal opening the party!
What do you want hear than opensong?

Tider12_ said on August 5, 2010 22:05:

mmm, i don’t like the setlist!! Where’s “Real Sugar”, “Milk and toast and honey”, “Anyone”, “Stars”, “CBB”????? I prefer these songs instead “Do You Wanna Be My Baby?”, “Stupid” or “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”. And the concert begin with “Dressed for Success” again!!!

LOL - Hmmm, maybe STORMEN was right after all!

WHAT A DAMNED F§$%ING GREAT EVENING WE HAD YESTERDAY!!! I still can’t believe that it was for real!!!

And you guys here who are still moaning you should think about looking for another fave band maybe!
Per and Marie and the band rocked away Leif’s roof yesterday. I still don’t believe that this was for real. Silver blue was top!!!!! Slightly slower version but great. And I never ever believed to hear Perfect day live again. This is such a damned difficult song and Marie was so brilliant that I still get tears in my eyes thinking of that.
Thanks Per for telling us last Tuesday...otherwise we would have left already in the mornings!! You are the best!!! ♥ HUGS!

a-m-a-z-i-n-g... thanks so much for sharing. Marie’s sounding in top form. :)

Sounds like it was a great evening. Would give anything to hear Rox do Silver Blue live!
Not sure about DYWBMB and Stepping Stone though- they were great on Pers tour but are not Roxette!

what a great show, atmosphere, everything.
To those complaining: it’s not even worth commenting on those comments. I’m in too a good mood ;) Realised as well some things haven’t changed, for the good and for the bad ;)))

Thanks Per (and Tev) for making us possible to attend, you made the 8 of us very very happy!!!

Can’t wait till next show in Halmstad (again) and meeting you all there!! :))))))))
(cannot stop smiling)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I knew they would be back..cheers

This is very, very good news.

the touring industry is NOT doing that well, it’s going to be a miracle if they get a world tour off the ground while promoting the new album...but i am really hoping it happens. Personally I’m a little tired of the trashing of room service, some of their best live material came out of that album, real sugar and center ROCKED live. What disappointing is that with all the rarities and b-sides they could have dug up even for one night ( as i recall they rehearsed i remember you during room service pre-tour) they went and brought out gessle tracks? It has me worried that my suspicions as to just how prominent marie will be vocally during the tour are true...i hope not because gessle over europe was an assault on my hearing

so say we all

and i just actually realized something...thesongs that promiently feature marie center around a specific time period, I know they said marie had significant memory problems perhaps and I’m just going out on a limb here she has a hard time remebering anthing from cbb rs/ hits that isn’t very simple like wish i could fly?

WICF kills your logic, that isn’t simple at all. Every chorus is different! This is roughly the 2010 setlist, maybe they’ll turn it around for 2011 totally. There may be a crisis for the tour industry, but sure nothing that can stop Roxette’s plans. ;)

Woowww!!! it’s like a dream!!! amazing!!

Sounds like Leifs kicked some ass last night and the setlist rocks, wish to god I could have made my flight down to Halmstad last night to have joined some of my friends there, shame I missed out on such an incredible evening!!!! I drowned my sorrows in the Ice Bar in Stockholm instead! :p

Roll on Sundsvall on Saturday! :)

really great show - a memory for life
But I have to agree with some of the reporters who said that Maries voice sometimes dissapeard. actusally I thought iy was something wrong with her microphone. - this is the best Rox show i,ve ever been to. but please replace do you wanna be my baby with something else.
Ẃhats all this about world tour?
in papers as I understans it they say that they will go on tour - nothing about world tour!

I wonder that no-one is saying anything about the fact that Jonas Isacsson wasn‘t in the band this time.
He has always been one of my favorite musicians in the Roxette-Band.

Also - no complaint about the setlist - but I think “Crush On You” is still the best opener there can be.

OHHHHH!!! World Tour!! I read ok?? It’s a dream.
Thanks Roxette!

I really hope DANY from Brazil also joined the party. She deserved it soooo much.

Wow! My all-time favourite track played live. Can’t believe it!!! Always wanted to hear this song live. Hopefully they will keep it in the set during the mentioned world tour (how great is this?), because I can not attend any of these years shows.

It’s GREAT to have Roxette back!!!!!!!!!! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to speculate.... it’s VERY strange that most of the songs in the list is sung by Per. Usually Marie delivered basically the whole concert (in the past). Why is this??? Is she tired to sing more or has it something to do with her ability to remember the lyrics. I noticed in NOTP she forgot the lyrics basically everytime.

I’m NOT critical towards Marie. I’m just wondering. Did her operation destroy more than just her ability to count??

Marie is a walking miracle. An angel of God walking the earth!!! Welcome back Marie!!!!

I hope to God they come to South Africa with their world tour!!! This is the greatest news ever!!!

muc_ben: I guess you´ll appreciate this:
and probably also this:

And it all begins where it ends,My magic friends!!!

so happy ,can’t wait till 14 august ..... aaaaaaaaaa

OMG! I haven’t been around TDR for ages, but I ought to comment on this article. First of all: the best set list EVER! So many cool and “rare” songs! It’s so exciting to read it and I try to imagine the excitement of the people who watched it all! Lucky ones! And about a world tour, I must confess that I don’t dream of seeing Roxette live in Brazil again anymore. I did not, cause now, with Per talking about a world tour it makes me feel like I’m turning back time, I can’t really describe it. Sounds like Roxette got back the energy they had in the 90s and early 00s when I read they’re recording a whole new album, performing and considering a world tour. Even if they don’t make it down here, all these gives me back inside a feeling that is very dear and that I haven’t felt since 2001, when they released Room Service. A little part of me feels alive again cause now I know for sure that Roxette is not over at all.


What an exciting time for us Roxers! LOL

So to you guys who were there, tell us about “Things Will Never Be The Same”. Was it the Tourism acoustic version or the Joyride album version?

Miracles really do happen..and to see Roxette up and running again is definitely one in itself. In regards to Marie; vocals, forgetting ’some’ lyrics, memory loss..whatever it is..; who really cares.. She’s alive and doing damn great for what she went through.. Like I had mentioned before–a while back–too many fans are still living in the past. It’s okay to be critical, but let’s not go out of our way to ruin something that’s so special and/or point out the obvious because in the end, it’s not going to change a darn thing. To me, seeing Marie having fun, struttin’ her stuff, SMILING and the rest of the band doing the same.. This is so angelic. In regards to songs; which tunes were picked or missed; this is definitely theraputic for Marie. Whatever Marie feels comfortable with..then so be it. YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT FOLKS... Didn’tcha ever hear this from your parents? This is the best thing (event) that’s happened for the Rox camp in a long, long time. And, for us.. let’s just sit back and enjoy this miracle come to life. ’World’ tour-wise.. I am definitely content with smaller venues because it’s intimate.. Congratulations Roxette.. it’s like the old saying: “Dreams really do come true!” Cheers and Peace! p.s. hope you make it to the U.S. of A.!!!!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the words...”Roxette will go on a world tour next year” - I hope that means what I think it means!!!! Holding my breath until then lol!!! Please, Please, please!!

Sounds like everyone had a blast!

From the LTYH clip Marie sounds in good form, would be nice to hear something more higher quality though.

Looks like the next year could be very interesting. I’m not holding my breath like bradhdyd, but will be interested to see what does happen over the next few months.

I also thought the setlist is somewhat more skewed to Per sung songs than in the past and it’s understandable. I don’t mind that at all, except maybe dropping Gessle songs and replacing them with a rox track.

Despite Per saying that will probably be the final set list, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are few changes.

Rox on!!

Things Will Never Be The Same was the acoustic version, I believe!!

yes, these 3 songs were kind of acoustic.
Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love -> the beginning of it, then it went “normal”
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true


thanks for the links. I think I have some of these tracks on cassette now i have heard them again! Might have to investigate getting them (and a whole load of video) transferred to hard drive.

“So far away” is one of my favourite livesongs. ;-)


Thanks for the update about the “acoustic” versions ;-) Really appreciate it! So it sounds like “Perfect Day” was similar to the version from the 2001 Room Service Showcase? Awesome, I LOVE THAT VERSION!

actually wicf doesnt defy my logic if the set list is worked around problems with mariess short term memory which would explain possibly why no rs songs are in the set list. and just to clarify for people who think that people like myyself are being negative you’re wrong. most of us are cautiously optimisitic mainly because alot of us who hear world tour roll our eyes because it usually doesn’t include major territories like the usa africa easter europe and latin america. and for anyone with any connection with the music business capitol/ emi is in poor condition so that also could mean limited distribution of a roxette album and you,ll argue so what theres the internet but they wont tour where theres no representation of stong album sales so im not holding my breath as to just how big this will be

@ meanttofly

Thanx a lot for the link! Never came into my mind to search for a live version of Silver blue via internet. I also didn’t know they ever played it live. I was looking for a set list of the Look Sharp!-shows, but never found a complete one. Only fragments.
Even if this you tube version of Silver blue is in bad quality, I got goose bumps by listening to it. Great!

Extremely nice setlist.

Only song missing is “Doesn’t Make Sence”
I know this is not a Roxette song but anyway...
(sorry guys - I know some of you will
hate me for wanting a non-Roxette song to be played)

I kinda like it like that!

Silver Blue:
Sorry we are on the first row! For me That song and Perfect Day were the best song on this night! and “things will never be the same” of course. The worst of the concert, as always, the education of some people. Rox-On

And Wish I could fly! Enjoy!!!

Seeing 7 Twenty 7 on that set list makes the trip from Australia worthwhile on it’s own... I am currently in Budapest (which I really don’t want to leave... such a beautiful city and very friendly people), with 2 cities to visit before heading to Sweden and the highlight of my 2 month holiday!

I just heard a snippet of the new LIVE version of Silver Blue.


It sounds so MODERN. It sounds like one of these modern-day rock bands could release, like Kings of Leon or something. It sounds so moody, so modern, so creepy, I love it! No electronics, just a thumping continuous loop of a chilling electric guitar and Per and Marie at their best. AWESOME interpretation! Release this as a single LOL

Sorry. LOL :) Me again!

I am sorry but if that version of Silver Blue is not a “Modern Rock” Chart Topper I’ll eat my left... foot.

Someone, anyone, TEVENSSO, get on to the Per right now, tell him to listen to these Modern Rock Indie style bands and tell me Silver Blue doesn’t just s*it all over their stuff! Get Per to hand over a version to Dimberrg, get Dimberg to pass it on to EMI, get EMI to pass it on to a radio station and I’m telling you, THAT IS TODAY’S SOUND!

If that song ain’t a mega rock hit may I stick a pineapple up my butt sideways! :-p

LOL at Roxwriter, I totally agree (except for the pineapple thing), that is a damn fine version of Silver Blue.

I really hope that there is at least some of these songs released as b-sides/bonuses with the new album/singles, and not the usual suspects either.

How nice it would be to listen to a high quality version....

LOL - Ok Rob, no pineapple :-) But yes, a decent recording of that INCREDIBLE version of Silver Blue would be kick arse! What would be even better is to see this song released as a single so it can challenge the likes of Kings of Leon, The Fray, The Strokes, Evanescence, The White Stripes, The Temper Trap etc etc

I can’t get over just how MODERN and FRESH and EDGY a track from 1988 can sound. I HOPE THE NEW ALBUM is in a similar vain and we don’t end up with some over-produced, childish, sing-a-long rubbish like Room Service. Let’s hope the new album’s got some BALLS like this song, fresh, honest, moody and straight-forward.

F-ing BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Bravo Roxette, BRAVO!!!!!!!!

hahhaha Really do you think that the “new” Silver Blue is like “Kings of Leon, The Fray, The Strokes, Evanescence, The White Stripes, The Temper Trap”? I hope that It not true!!! I was there and I think that Silver Blue was that the northen wind, melancolic, sadneass with a piece of hopeness, but not like the new pop. I don´t like the new pop but this version is the mix between Gessle´s swedish song and olddies Rox-songs. I think that that is what they looking for a new album!

1 gossip (sorry for Rox-bussiness, my mouth is very big) - The audio of the show was recorded( I really know), Please, let us ask everyone to Per to tell us what he will do with this material.after 10 years we need something new!!!


Gessle for President ( Clarence The King!!!)

Silver Blue is fantastic and I agree about it sounding like a mix of old roxette and new gessle (I only wish i was there to hear it live) In regards to all the speculation about song choice, I personally think the simple explanation is that they picked songs that they wanted to perform :-) Also, tons of bands from The Eagle to Spice Girls include solo material in their sets.

I also have high hopes for the second block of studio recordings for the new album. They went in fresh off of the energy from NOTP and if the energy they generated on Wednesday is any indication, they will be going back into the studio completely charged! This leads me to think that the album will sound as fresh as Tourism did back in 92 (and I don’t mean fresh in a worldwide #1 way - I’m over that).
They will also tour if they want to tour. Most bands do without the support of a chart-topping album or single nowadays.

Personally I think that this new version of Roxette is mindblowing and better than I could have dreamed of!

jag vill känna tro

Silver Blue...WOW!! Love the melody, love the arrangement, love the fresh new sound... just love the whole darn thing! Thank you.

I just watched LTYH on youtube and thought it was one of the best versions I have heard. I just wish that I could have been there. I really hope that Australia is included but you can’t always tell with record labels and the rest of it. My suggestion for the tour’s set list would be half Marie, half Per and the shared songs. I would love to hear “Surrender” but hey, whatever works....

**To the fans that were able to go to this gig.. “Thank You” for recording some of these tunes.. I have to agree with the person that mentioned the fact about ’Silver Blue’...definitely a SUPERB recording of this tune.. And I definitely want to give credit to ’Chris’ for that incredible geet ’lick’.. that was a superb choice when it could’ve gone in another direction.. That’s the wonderful thing about music.. Words (lyrics) truly don’t get tired, old.. and with the music.. it can always be updated like ’Silver Blue’ was.. I’d buy that single in a heart beat.. well, I’d buy any single from Rox in a heartbeat.. The best thing about this, besides Marie, Per and the rest of the band having a great time.. is the fact that they (Roxette) are right now.. sitting on a NEW ALBUM!! Yippie! WoOt! wOoT! Can’t wait.. Please Lord...let me live long enough to hear this album!!!!!! p.s. no i’m not dying..just the way I see things when it comes to Roxette’s music = Everything Under The Sun yet, as well as beyond this Universe!!!

This sums up my current feelings pretty well: “Yippie! WoOt! wOoT!” :D


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