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Roxette to play “secret” gig

Written by tevensso on August 2, 2010 to and . Source: Live Nation.

HALMSTAD (Updated) - Like in 2003 (Per Gessle), 2004 (Gyllene Tider) and 2007 (Per Gessle again) there will be a secret concert, like a dress rehearsal if you will, in Halmstad August 4! Roxette will play Leif's Lounge at Hotel Tylösand on Wednesday night. 600 tickets will be released on Wednesday morning, in order to stop ticket scalpers, and will cost 295 SEK. Tickets may be bought in the reception of Hotel Tylösand starting at 11.00 AM.

The concert starts at 10.00 PM.

Update: At 1.25 PM the concert was sold out. Doors open at 7 PM.


wow, I just want to be one of those lucky 600 who will be attending tomorrow night !!!!!!!! How nice Roxette are back !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish I could be there!

i hope that someone makes photo’s of the concert.

Sooooo cool. Have fun everybody!

waitin for HD videos

FFS Roxette are an international band. If you are going to pull stunts like that in Sweden, at least give international fans half a chance.

Don’t forget the secret (legendary) tylösand-gig with Gyllene Tider ’96.

@rossyrox - Take a chill pill ... it’s a dress rehearsal show, like they have done in the past, it’s not for international fans... it’s for the band and Per and Marie to do a full warm up in prep for the tour and the first real show on Saturday! If you want to see, them do like everyone else and travel!!!!

Would love to travel, just can’t afford it :(

I agree with Roxerreally, it’s just some kind of reharsal..

Though..I think it’s not that easy to say, “I’m going to travel to see Roxette perform”...If I had the money I’d take off to Sweden straight away...But I’m not rich and I know what my limits regarding money are...I’d be happy if they consider to do at least that kind of show in Argentina and other countries, and I know they’ll do it, it’s just a matter of time, we have to wait and enjoy the process of the new Roxette era

C’mon! Wake up you damn Europeans! It’s already Thursday afternoon here in Sydney, Australia and we’re all dying to hear about the gig!!!! What songs were played? What did Marie wear? How did she cope? What was the set-list? Who’s got photos? Who’s got videos? Arrrghhhh, quickly, sleep it off and then log back on here and share share SHARE :)


Hi Roxwriter:

Dressed for success
Sleeping in my car
Opportunity nox
The big L
Wish i could fly
She doesn’t live here
Perfect day
Things will never b the same
It must have been love
Stupid (marie was not on stage)
Do you wanna be my baby (marie was not on stage)
Silver blue
Fading like a flower
How do u do
Listen to your heart
The look
Church of your heart
Stepping stone

Thanks Nox1983. Nice list, and good to see at least some little surprises inbetween the “greatest hits” (727, SB, TWNBTS). Looks good.

Any further info worth mentioning here?
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg


Thank you SO much!

Can I ask, what version of “Things Will Never Be The Same” was performed? The “Tourism-style” acoustic version, the full-blown “Joyride album” version or a new version all together?

Also, Silver Blue and How Do You Do! Wow, what a nice surprise. Did the audience go nuts? :p

Shame there was no Spending My Time nor June Afternoon, but hey, we’ll see what happens :)

Thanks for the info again!!


I just noticed that the following order and selection of songs are identical to the “Party Crasher” tour.

- Wish I Could Ffly
- She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
- 727

...not to mention opening with “Dressed” ;)

Can’t wait to hear more updates fro you guys!!

Also interesting to note, only THREE songs post 1999 :) Which basically sums up the train-wreck that was the “Room Service” album (aside from M&T&H).

Shame about ending on “Stepping Stone” considering another Rox-number could’ve happened. But nonetheless, all VERY exciting and fun to think about and analyse! Exciting time once again! Hoorah! :-p

Sorry, I meant by my first comment that they should give international fans a chance to buy tickets, not give them a chance to see Roxette.

Bourbonbelly ; Lol,, yes more please!! I except the fact that we are soooooooo FAR AWAY, but please come over :-) We love you guys dearly , you JOYRIDE our souls, It is Love, and it AIN”T over now!! COME BACK BEFORE YOU LEAVE, Be our SALVATION , IT HURTS real bad if you dont !!!!


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