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“Sensational party!”

Written by tevensso on June 20, 2010 to .

STOCKHOLM - Most rewarding Roxette-show last night at the Royal Castle. Played 5 songs; "The Look," "LTYH," "Joyride," "DFS" + encore: "IMHBL." Started off with Daniel & Vic's personal favorite "Om du bara vill" performed by PG/Helena/Chris/Clare.
Homevids from the soundcheck will appear shortly on Snowfish.
By the way, the party was sensational! D&V are just the best!



so the stories abouta new song were bs? i‘m confused so say we all

who cares if new songs or not? ;) we aren’t going to see any video anyway, as far as i could read from Malena’s tweeter, photos/vids were forbidden and would only make people mad because they cannot hear it ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Not bullshit, just speculation (a least I just speculate). Finnish Ville Niinistö who where on the party told the newpapers Roxette really rocks, nice!

Great! Maybe some sort of homevideo will be cut and released by the palace some day. I’m sure it was filmed! Understandable that they didn’t want live coverage for the whole night.

Great to hear!! I was so mad to watch every minute until they stopped the transmission.
And what was the idea behind the separation of all couples during the banquet?

I think that’s customary. So you get to meet new people.

It’s a pity that Snowfish doesn’t function properly when it comes to watching videos. Nice piece of news, though.

was a perfect night and perfect wedding.
thank’s Roxette!!!!!


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