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Roxette performed “The Look”

Written by tevensso on June 18, 2010 to .

On royal request Roxette performed "The Look" before Crown Princess Victoria and soon-to-be-prince Daniel and most of Scandinavia's and Europe's royalty tonight. The occasion was the Swedish parliament's concert-gift to the couple. This reporter does not lie when he says that most of the audience looked quite thrilled when  Roxette, which came on last, rocked the house, literally! People were standing, clapping their hands and singing along.
Marie ended the song going into The Beatles' "Hey Jude" as she started to do during Night of the Proms.


great performance, simply fantastic, great great great
by from italy

The performance was great. Marie is always beautiful, but tonight she looked AMAZING. Her clothes was really nice and beautiful, fitted her perfect.

We can see the Argentine Princess Máxima from The Netherlands clapping and going na, na, na, na, na. Nice.

This Performance is amazing!
Have Fun!!!

I must admit i was sceptic at first, Mary didn’t seem to want to sing but, as the song went along the performer in her was back and she was knowing it. She was enjoying it. Great to see you back... Must say that she doesn’t look 50...

soryy i’m still very skeptical she was out of breath often and seemed reluctant to sings i don’t forsee the live shows being alot of her handling songs alone

so say we all

It´s great to see how queens and kings, princesses and princes and all the european royalty stood up to acclaim and cheer Roxette. Felt shivers down my spine!!! Well, yes, they are normal people just like us... but isn´t it sooo cool ;-) I´m so proud of you Marie & Per! You really rock!!!!

Let’s face it Marie will never be who she was before the illness, that’s just life unfortunately. Yeah sure i miss her running around the stage & being confident in her voice as she was up until the mid 90’s but I don’t think any of that matters anymore! She very well could not have been with us today so that she is standing up there rocking it out the best she can & looking amazing at that is a testament to the strength of this woman imho :)

BTW: I don’t think she was reluctant to sing, I think she was trying to almost whisper it so the royals could have their turn to sing ;-)

Marie was superb!!!

She still got the look!!

Roxette really rocked the place!!!!


Great performance!! At first I wasn’t sure if was an appropriate song for Royalty, with their reluctance to ’rock it’, but it was funny to see them loosen up as the song progressed (pretty hard not to with such an awesome song, it grabs everyone) lol. Oh and I do feel sorry for poor Helena singing into an empty microphone stand - how funny does that look!!! Also, was that Australia’s, I mean Denmark’s Princess Mary in the audience?

Great stuff, can’t wait to see what the months ahead bring.......

Yes it was, Denmark’s Crown Princess.

Thanks Tev. I saw her face and thought, she looks familiar, is it her?

looked like maxima and alexander where really enjoying themselves and ofcourse princess mary from denmark was, She always enjoys herself with good music like roxette and sanne salomonsen

Also nice to see Marie pointing on Victoria and singing you got the look baby! Seriously, this is such a boom for Roxette. All of the big german television programmes, magazines and newspapers reported previous to the wedding about Roxette beeing part of it. It seems even more promotion than the Night of Proms. Now a new single ;)

For all you sceptics out there who didn’t have the chance to visit the NOTP don’t know really what you’re talking about...SHE IS ABLE TO PERFORM LIFE AGAIN!!! Not like in 1991 but didn’t really expect that I hope. Welcome in the year 2010. 1991 is loooooooooong ago and history!
I guess the nananananas yesterday from Marie have been a bit more silent partly cause she was listening to the audience . To me it seemed like she wanted to chek out if they were really singing along or not cause it took some time until everyone stood up and started the paaaarty... :) But yes she sometimes appeared a bit breathless.

Thank you for the link! It was kinda funny to see Roxette perform for such an audience. It seemed that Victoria would start jumping! Really what a promotion for Roxette!!! Can’t wait to see Per and Marie in Moscow!!!

I must honestly say that I’ve never seen Marie so great!!!! She looked so HOT!!!
And I think her voice was GREAT!!! Where the hell does she get her great outfits???
I loved the idea of the orchestra playing the parts where the guitars usually would go. Great version of The Look!! Roxette (and Marie) is back, BABY-BABE!!

And any idiot can see that Marie sang the “nanana’s” softer so she could hear if the croud was singing with ther. C’mon!!! Stop being so damn sceptical!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s clear she whispered on purpose... and it was awesome when she began to sing na na na na from Beatles’ “Hey, Jude”.

My scepticism vanished when i saw videos from the studio. And now i see that Mary is 100% more confident on the stage than last year! That is why i‘m longing for the september concerts with all the heart, intending to do the double. And i know that moscow-st-petes trains will carry many of those like me )))
I‘m gonna sing, laugh, cry, and frankly, it doesn‘t matter if it is 1991 or god damn 2010! numbers don‘t matter, we make the year in our hearts! )

p.s. Marie really rocked, when she asked the royal audience to sing along ) that was huge! )

They rocked!! :)
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Marie ended The Look with Hey Jude in Hamburgue’ 94 from CBB world tour too. She´s perfect!


I Agree!! Her jacket was wicked...she looked great :-)

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