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New song from Per?

Written by tevensso on June 18, 2010 to . Source: Aftonbladet.

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - At the party for Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel Per Gessle surprised them both with a song especially written for them. Aftonbladet describes it as a romantic ballad. And for the party tomorrow, where Roxette will perform several songs according to Expressen, there will be another new song.

Update: SVT ended its broadcast after the traditional wedding waltz. After that the party ensued where Roxette performed as planned. Swedish singer Carola performed her song "Evighet" shortly after 1 AM, but the party didn't take off until Roxette entered the stage. According to Aftonbladet the Crown Princess really rocked her butt off to Roxette. The band performed several of its greatest hits, among them "It Must Have Been Love". "That has got to be the ultimate song" commented Anders Borg, Swedish Secretary of Treasure. 

Per Gessle left the party at 6 AM.


it won’t be the same song as it was yesterday about Ockelbo municipality? A new Roxette song then?

It’s not known.

Is going to be broadcasted over the internet?

Oh yes I just heard about it on TV and decided to switch on the computer to check that out.
Wow this is great!!! I’m afraid I will spend the whole day in front of the TV tomorrow

Sounds interesting. Maybe we can expect first new single during summer with premiere this weekend as a surprise (taster from new album, promo for live gigs, and also some songs has been mixed already, normaly are songs mixed when all recordings are done, plus Per wrote about 2 singles this year). Exciting moments these days. We’ll see. :)


I think the party today will be broadcasted live on, click on “Det kungliga bröllopet”.

Roxette just performed The Look! It was amazing the audience stood up and sung along, especially the dutch prince and princess seem to have enjoyed it!

I think that this is great news!
Have Fun!!!

Is it one or two new songs from and of Per? Is these downloadable somewhere soon you think?

Thank You =)

Join the Joyride!

Still watching the wedding live but haven’t seen no Roxette yet.
Did I miss something?
I am dying to hear any new song!

After I woke up this morning I immediately turned on my computer to see
if there’s any news about Roxette’s performance at the royal wedding last night...

It seems that SVT didn’t broadcast the artists’ performances. Malena Ernman has mentioned Roxette on her twitter.

Bit by bit we’re getting some more news but up til now, but not a single word or
clue about a new song. Maybe it didn’t happen at all....?

They played:
Om Du Bara vill
The Look
Listen To Your Heart
and as encore It Must Have been Love.

According to Magnus Börjeson, it was a brilliant party and the gig was super!

Per says he did not perform a song for the couple on Thursday.

Funny, as it looked like an eye-witness report in Aftonbladet. 2 times Rox should be enough anyway. ;-)


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