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Roxette promoted on Aussie TV

Written by neilandkathie on May 27, 2010 to .

Australia seems to be promoting Roxette a bit lately, we have had music channel VH1 playing Roxette Live in Sydney, also played on MTV Classic and now Roxette in the 100 top power ballads on Max TV.


wow, australia love roxette.

Can’t wait for them to come back to OZ. Best group ever, best concert in 91 in Brisbane. Loved it. When are you coming back, I already have a list of people ready to buy tickets.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they can record an intimate concert for Max Sessions?

I just saw a flyer in my email and had too look twice, then realised it was just a top100 thing.

Still good to see that they’re are using them to promote it. And a relatively recent picture as well, not something back from 89/90.

I wonder if they would even consider a tour to Australia next year if they do indeed extend the tour after the new album is released? I have no doubt that these days (as opposed to say 10 years ago) they could easily sell out some smaller shows at theaters. I definitely feel their popularity has increased in recent years : )

Btw: Doing a Max session would be great, perfect for Marie!!

Max session would be awesome. A small theatre/club show would be a nice if they did decide to come down this way.

Roxette return to Australia? certainly a wonderful idea! :)
I wasn’t a fan last time they were here.

I’ve been keeping an eye on a Top 1000 Countdown of the biggest selling artists in Australia over the last 30 years. The list has been compiled based on chart positions and known sales data. I’ve been waiting for Roxette and was hoping (and anticipating) they’d make the Top 100. The Countdown has just got to 101 and Roxette have yet to appear.

The guy who has put this together looks like he’s spent a lot of time trying to make it as accurate as possible. If you’re interested in having a look try these sites.


Australia obviously have loved Roxette before and still do. You’d have trouble finding someone who didn’t like and know the words to at least one of their songs.

Wow my heart skipped a beat when I saw the headline “Roxette in Oz”! Wouldn’t that be superb if they were to tour here again!! I’m going to Sweden in August to attend the Anderstorp concert, (which I’m so excited about!) but I also have many friends who would DEFINITELY go to see them if they were to perform here in Brisbane again!!!!! Seriously, Australia DOES love Roxette!!!!

I know a bunch of people who would definitely go to see them should they make it out to our shores again. I really hope they consider it!

So far I saw:

#89 It must have been love
#55 Listen to your heart

On the top 100 power ballads on MaxTV : )

I flipped over to Max right at the last second of the fadeout of LTYH. I said to my brother “that’s LTYH”.

Maybe i’ve seen it too many times :-P

What’s really annoying is that MAX/Channel [V] only have a few Roxette videos in their archives.

I remember emailing them about this and they said they never play “Joyride” because they don’t have a hi-quality version of it (i.e. EMI have not provided them with it)

All they have are: The Look, Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love, The Centre of the Heart

In terms of genuine “Aussie Hits”, they are missing “Dressed for Success”, “Dangerous”, ’Fading Like a Flower”, “The Big L”, “Spending my Time”, “How Do You Do”, “Almost Unreal” and “Sleeping in my Car”.

The old VH1 (now MTV Classics) at least has “Joyride”.

My point is, in terms of a “power ballad” countdown, even if they wanted to, they couldn’t play “Spending My Time” nor “Fading” simply because they don’t have it.

I get a little bored seeing the only Roxette entries in various MAX countdowns as “It Must Have Been Love” and “Listen To Your Heart” when in reality, “Dressed For Success” was a bigger hit in this country than LTYH ever was! “How Do You Do” was bigger in terms of overall sales. When did you last see/hear “How Do You Do” on music TV?

Happy birthday Marie...and wellcome back,I was celebrating your birthday as a child every year ,not I m sending my best wishes to you..
P.S sorry I know its the wrong toppic for good wishes but I wanted to send my regards..thank you TDR for providing us with news.

Yeah it is dissappointing that EMI can’t organise the rest of their videos for MAX/V

But once again that’s EMI OZ for you.

Roxwriter says: “When did you last see/hear “How Do You Do” on music TV?

So true. Great little ditty and it’s unfortunate that others don’t get to hear it.

happy birthday marie
from belgium

Hi, I have to give up my ticket for Anderstorp - Aug 15th, am devastated (I have a sporting event final I’m in) If anyone wants to buy it off me just email me (I only want what I paid for it) I checked with the sellers and it’s transferrable. Cheers [email protected]


Please don’t post your rubbish here and stick on topic about Roxette on Aussie TV.

If Roxette came to Australia it would be my whole life dream realised!! It feels to good to be true though... I hope they know that they have many fans here and a small Max Sessions show sounds perfect to me!!!!

With new music on it’s way can’t we get the forums back again?

Even just as a trial run? I miss them!


Bourbonbelly : In Australia , we are deprived of great music, it’s only Thanks to Youtube that we discover old but never released material!! Roxette being one of those bands. I have discovered IT HURTS and regard this as the greatest Roxette song of all time, I heard it for the first time last year!! oh and Marie’s solo albums are exquisite, (even though i cant understand one word !!) Roxette Forever XXXXX


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