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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule publishes new Per-interview

Written by tevensso on April 30, 2010 to and . Source:

STOCKHOLM - A brand new interview, by tevensso, published on, check it out!


Is it only my feelings or sounds this interview really so positive? :)
Thanks Per & tev for theese nice rows of text.

it looks only 80 mins concert, not full concert, i guess part of the festivals they attend
a bit disappointed for the effort to travel to sweden. I am looking forward for a ’proper’ one, hopefully next year

yes, is really positive news

Give them a chance to find their feet. This is the next logical step following NOTP, it might still be difficult for Marie to complete a two hour gig so why not test the waters with something a little less, makes sense right?! I’m excited Marie is pumped for this, that’s a great sign : )

an 80 minute event is a proper concert. Lots of artists only play for that time, though of course we have been spoiled with 2 hr gigs on previous Rox tours. I am just overjoyed than marie can tour at all, even if they do only do a few gigs and they are only for 60-80 mins

i can‘t begin to imagine how marie must be feeling regarding the upcoming concerts - a mixture of excitement and apprehension so she needs our support and understanding - not the negative comments that keep coming up.

I totally agree with you, Frankie!

maybe im on the fringe here but I really just don’t think a full new album or even a tour is necessary at this point. Marie got sick during night of the proms and it really skewed peoples opinions of roxette and marie as an artist. I don’t think I want my image of them trampled on by bad press or a few so-so concerts. I’d rather a new album no tour some protional and club gigs, small intimate no pressure. If I were in my 50’s survived cancer I think the last thing I’d be trying to do is be away from my family touring and camping out in a recording studio...but thats just me.

so say we all

i am reall happy that new roxette music will accomplish my life again. for me, a new album “only” — which should be by the way, also their best one, of course ;-) — would have been more than great too. i think/hope they will do great shows. however they are going to be different. it’s likely, that per will take the main role now due to the fact that marie can’t be the powerful stage artist anymore who manages crowd and band. for me, some unplugged shows — incl. an outstanding unplugged album afterwards, of course — would have been a more logical step after ’notp’. but as i said before, i am really looking forward to their big comeback ... no matter how the media reacts! but anyway: i don’t have the feeling, roxette’s time is over: just to name our local radio station: they play rox’s songs at least twice a day and: since a couple of weeks they even got “june afternoon” on their rotation again ... for whatever reason.

For me it’s enough to get a new album, new songs, just some fresh new material, another musical step of Roxette. No touring is needed. Maybe some festival gigs or some club shows. But if it’s comfortable for Marie, than it’s OK and we can take it as a bonus.

The nice thing is: Marie doesn’t have to record again, she doesn’t have to tour... But she wants! And she’s able to do. :-)

Btw. MF is still the main attraction on stage, even when Per’s role has grown since 2003. Ask the NOTP visitors!

See you later alligators :D Gessle at his best!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

whatever marie chooses to do and however she chooses to do is entirely up to her - it is certainly not up to us to tell her how to live her life. as for coyboyusa saying at the bottom of his/her message ’so say we all‘ - i can assure you that you do not speak for me.

i personally havnt been this exited since i lost my a new roxette album.,wow and if they tour in south africa it would b a bonus the 2001 tour was cancelled so would b nice if they dropped by

relax frankie the phrase so say we all is a mantra from a sci fi show talking for other people is for politicians :)

so say we all

I want to share my review about Per with you all, enjoy it!!!


Today music is plastic, superficial and meaningless. There are many cotton-candy bands and singers with trivial songs! We are really missing those wonderful artists that sealed the past with real music! Nowadays, just a few go on writing and singing such sublime songs! But incredibly there is still someone different: ’Per Gessle’.....

Who is Per Gessle ?

Per Gessle is not only the front-man from Swedish supergroup Roxette but also a brilliant solo artist. One of the most successful Swedish artists ever and one of the world’s leading vocalists. He is the mastermind behind the mellow and rocking voice, catchy hooks and contagious lyrics of Roxette! Per and the stunning singer Marie Fredriksson have reached the top of many famous charts around the world with their great songs, setting Roxette as one of the most successful bands around the world! Not only Marie’s performances in Roxette were the key but also Per taking lead vocals and Marie singing background has been the perfect blend for smashing hits like ’The Look’, ’Joyride’, ’Church of Your Heart’, ’June Afternoon’ or the amazing and timeless ’Vulnerable’ . His gravelly, rock-n-roll-ready voice is a classic on the rocking upbeat songs, and at the same time his silky smooth vocals on the ballads colour every tune he writes! His incredible singing and songwriting ability is present on every song indeed!

With his characteristic vocals, he has conquered the heart of many people around the world. What makes him unique is his particular voice. His passionate vocals will make you remember your most impressive moments in life. His songs are sticky without being trite: not only the sweeping ballads but also the uptempo ones, with plenty of edgy rock to keep your blood flowing! He sings a lot about life, love and small-town feelings. This kind of voice and music should be on everyone’s list of top artists and not the current money-making bands that come from business. But now we have someone different!

His voice…

Gessle is known for his deep, particular bass-baritone voice. He has a great husky voice, combined with his own outstanding and charismatic style of singing, as smooth as anything, and very rich indeed. When listening to him you almost can’t tell if he’s singing high or low, that’s how charming his voice is.... His booming deep bass voice is surely one of the most recognizable in pop music history, probably because he has a lot of gravel in his voice. His simple words, a neat voice and a distinctive personality enrich every song he writes, that’s why he always shines with his fantastic vocal harmonies.

His songs.....

Both Roxette and solo recordings are just great. No words to describe such beautiful tunes. You really fall in love with his engaging and out-of-this-world ballads. Although he also has many mind-blowing pop and upbeat songs, his vocals on these kind of songs, like ’Vulnerable’ or ’Late Later On’ just to mention some, are completely angelic and fragile, yet flawless. He truly does so wonderful on all the songs he performs and certainly Per has such a unique gruff voice that really sticks to your ribs! All of his albums will make up your day for sure!

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