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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Concert added to the tour

Written by tevensso on April 20, 2010 to and .

(Updated) - Roxette's tour keeps on growing. Norrporten Arena, Sundsvall, Sweden, August 7 has been added to the schedule. Tickets are released on Ticnet Friday 23.

August 7 - Sundsvall, Sweden
August 8 - Skanderborg, Denmark
August 14 - Anderstorp, Sweden
August 21 - Stavanger, Norway (sold out)
September 10 - Moscow, Russia
September 12 - St. Petersburg, Russia 

Update: According to a brief notice in Musikindustrin Roxette will play Germany in December. Per, however, says that as far as he knows there are no German gigs planned in 2010.


Damn I would like to know if they are coming to Finland!!!

But of course it’s good to know that the list of concerts keeps growing :)

wow! another one!!
please... come to Spain ;)

I can’t aford to travel, especially now I have Blondie tickets!....please come to the UK!!!

There is a new article in the news today, gives more information, it’s a massive arena which is outdoors and holds 20,000 people! It’s going to be a music festival with other people but Roxette are the main artists...

Tickets go on sale on Friday!

Main article here:-


Roxette exclusive makes comeback in Sundsvall

Roxette make live comeback - in Sundsvall.
On 7 August at one of the world’s greatest pop band in the North Gate Arena.

There will be a musical festival on and around the stadium with tents, food and drink, “says organizer Anders’ Tjacka” Soderberg.

By Gatufest The General “Tjacka” Sundsvall has provided a series of major concerts in the 2000s - among other things, Elton John, Gyllene Tider and Rod Stewart performed at North Gate Arena in his house.

The issue is not about his latest booking surpasses most.

On 7 August will be one of the world by history’s greatest pop band to the stadium - Roxette.

Only two gigs in Sweden

And it is an exclusive gig - Roxette’s first in Sweden since 2001 - and also one of only two gigs that the band does at home.

- I’m incredibly happy. Roxette is a band that I have always wanted to stay, that’s one of the largest bands we have, “says Anders’ Tjacka” Soderberg “.

• Was it difficult to get through the nights?

- We have been working on this since last year and it’s many people who wanted them. That we succeeded because we have always done well when we organized these big concerts, the artists have been happy with our arrangement of boxes and transportation to the hotel.

- The arena is also very good as it is in the middle of town, something not available in most places in Sweden. In addition to the well is located in Sundsvall, Sweden in terms of the other scheduled gig.

“Tjackas’ view is that the concert August 7 is framed with a rich feast.

Apart from Roxette is the popular German rockabilly band The baseballs to practice and around the stadium to be built up tents with food, drinks, cover bands and guest artists.

- It should not just be a concert, there will be a musical festival in and around the stadium, says “Tjacka”.

The capacity of the stadium will be on 20 000 people and the event will be marketed in Sweden and in Norway.

Hoping for increased trade

The concert is presented in cooperation with the North Gate and both Tjacka property and hope the whole town will see positive effects.

- For us at the North Gate, it is important that all of Sundsvall can benefit from this kind of events. We hope to be understood fully booked hotels, crowded restaurants and increased trade during this weekend, “says Åsa Hansson, CIO at the north gate.

Tickets for the concert go on sale on Friday.

I am going from the UK, booked my flights and hotel last night! :)

Tickets will be sold via

Germans from The Baseballs, known from “The look” cover, will be supporting act.

The stadium holds around 20,000.

And yes, it’s very probable that the whole gig will be in the dayligh :)


It sounds like a festival, does that mean that Roxette will perform few songs? or a 2 hrs gig?

Would be very logical to add also Finland to the list already, please... Would like to know for sure if that will still happen or not, as I need to plan my summer vacation from work in about a week, and it’s so hard to decide... Should I go to Denmark, or to Sweden or should I still wait for possible concert in Finland (which wouldn’t necessary require vacation days if it’s on weekend...) hmm, difficult ;)

It should be a regular Roxette concert.

Good to see that two full concerts are planned on two consecutive days (August 7 and 8) and a few hunderd kilometres apart. It shows that they/Marie feel strong enough to take on such schedule - while they could also have picked shows that allow more rest- or travel periods in between. Another good sign that Rox comes back stronger and stronger!
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En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Only standing tickets left now. It looks like people wants to see Roxette. The question is, should I book a standing ticket or wait and see if they’ll play in Stockholm?

Train from Helsinki to St-Petersburg - 58 euro one way.
Visa - about 35 euro.
Concert - 90 euro for fan-zone

Chances are :)


there are cheap jets to Riga from Kopenhagen. I guess they fly from Germany and Netherlands too.
Train from Riga to Moscow - 16 hours, from 90 euros one way.
Visa of course.

There is express from Berlin to Moscow. From Kiev to Moscow.

Fan-zone ticket - 90 euro (3 000 roubles)

There is as far as I know no Stockholm gig planned.

@tevensso: Does that answer mean you know of plans for other cities? ;-)
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En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Wow, Germany? Keeping my fingers crossed!
What more surprises do yo have for us, Roxette?

Thought they would do a German show. Would be much more interested in that- although you can not get anywhere cheaply from the north-east of England!!!

I was planning on maybe going to the Sundsvall show, but think I’ll hold off now to see if german dates are announced as I think I’d rather go there

the more lives the better

Has Marie Dimberg confirmed that german date?

@breathe8: I’m quite sure it would have been mentioned in the article/update if MD would have confirmed it, so I don’t think so.
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En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

I’ve rephrased Per’s answer. Maybe it’s clearer now.

Steaming hot Per-interview by Mr. Evensson in

hm.. something went wrong with the deletion of comments, I wanted to delete the double comments by Tider12 and somehow not only did these disappear, also the ones below.. I think by ncurran. Sorry :S

PS: I think I may know why, the other comments were “linked” to the one I deleted.. I suppose. :S
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

How can I buy a ticket for the concert (Sundsvall) from Hungary? Do I really need a Swedish bank-account?

Where should I buy a ticket for the concert in Skanderborg?

@soli It appears so.

Could someone please answer my question too?
I am sorry if I am just overlooking it....

@Sandyam: not sure if this links keeps working:

Otherwise start from here:

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En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Thanks, Remco!

By the way, any Dutch fans going to Denmark by car for the Skanderborg show?
I would like to carpool in that case. Of course we can share fuelcosts.

Many years ago you came in Montreal (Canada) in March! I missed your concert...I was, at that time, about 15 or 16 years old (Now, I’m 33!). It would be nice, if you could come back in Montreal! This time, be sure I won’t miss it!!! You are one of my best group from ever! I usually speaks french, but I grew with your songs and it makes me learn english (maybe there is some mistakes ;o)...unusual way to learn english in a bilingual city!)...I can’t say my favorite song from your group because there’s so many...I can’t limit my choice to only one song...Per and Marie : Have a nice weekend! ;o)

I’m glad Russian fans are getting some concerts but honestly what drives a band to perform in another country’s capital rather than their own when so few gigs are planned?


Russian site is holding a contest. The prizes are tickets to a concert roxette in Moscow on 10 September 2010. Everyone can participate.
(For translation, you can use


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