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No Roxette album in 2010

Written by tevensso on April 18, 2010 to and .

STOCKHOLM - After a great time in the Aerosol Grey Machine studio down in Skåne, and after a not-so-great time driving up to Stockholm due to the fact that all airports in Sweden are closed, The Daily Roxette has gotten hold of Per Gessle. Per says that the studio work goes awesomely and that they have a "killer album" on their hands. "Most things feel tremendous! We'll record 16 tracks, I think." On the question if the album will be out before Christmas Per responds: "We're taking a break over the summer, and we'll be done in October the way it seems now. But no, the album will likely be released in February 2011. And hopefully we'll pop out a single for X-mas. Oh and by the way, Marie's vocals are exceptional."


that’s also fine, we’ve waited so long, some more months don’t mind :)))
Looking forward to Summer 2010 and 2011 :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

sad... but what can we do than wait. :))

We shouldn’t be sad at all. Of course we’re all excited about the upcoming
album, but what about the concerts this summer? Let’s not forget about those!
I am so looking forward to see Roxette live in Sweden.
(Already dreaming of a Christmassingle....)

So they’re back to the traditional recording/release schedule! ;-) No problem! Early single for christmas sounds great. :-)

yeah! great news :)
Do you think that we will be able to listen to one single in the summer gigs?
I hope so... and I also hope that there is no more volcanic rain in Europe...

a xmas song = a ballad ??

I hope mother nature will be with us:-)

If we are perfect in something then in waiting. Take the time you need!!! Hugs

I think I just haven’t realised about what is in front of me, and it’s as Per exactly said, this seems to be a “killer album”. Some time ago I dared to write in a forum, that the best of Roxette hadn‘t been recorded yet. Maybe I was just trying to calm the anxious and uncertainty down of some fans who didn’t believe in the Roxette future. The past of Roxette has been incredibly famous and talented, but they really seem to comeback with a lot of that makes me think we will be surprised in all aspects.

That means that the summer concerts will be full of old good hits, esp. HAND, Room Service, etc.
I hope that volcano will stop its activity for we could fly to Sweden as we’ve always used to.... =)))))

what’s a few months after all these years? and it’s a great beginning for 2011..
this way we can enjoy 2 roxette years, This year and next year!

single for X-mas? IMHBL 2011? %)

Gyllene Tider forever!

I can wait for the album, though would’ve been good to pick it up while holidaying in Europe.... And hopefully the airlines and governments have sorted out something by July 26 (which is the day I fly out of Australia) otherwise I’ll have a Roxette concert ticket currently sitting with my passport that I wont be able to use :(

Nuuuu~~~ Don’t do the single in December, guys! Do it around October time. Haven’t you seen the wasteland that is the remains of the UK music scene?!

Anyone who has an ounce of sense goes nowhere near the Christmas releases, because they know that Simon Cowell’s just going to buy the #1 spot again with his ridiculously overhyped I’m-Going-To-Tell-You-What-To-Think-You-Pathetic-Sheep “reality” shows. Rage Against The Machine only won last year because so many were hacked off with him.

I sincerely hope that the new album was ready for October November, now we wait a long time and although it is also delayed the release of only a few months seems an eternity! Hopefully at least a new single later this year.

What is a couple of months in almost a decade? All I care about is our expectations to be fullfilled: Killer ballads (like A thing about you , Wish I could fly or the classics from the 90´s) and good uptempo songs. Take your time guys, and give nothing but the very best of you.

Yes, it’s a decade of waiting without two months. Let’s hope that Per is right and new killer album will be really killer. But 12 songs and 42 mins seems not enough this time. We’ve been waiting for so long. What about 15 new songs like in good old days? Or what about add one more song and make a double album? Latests Roxette/Per songs are shorter than they used to be in the 90’s, so 12 songs makes only about 40 mins, it’s too less for so long waiting. But let’s wait and we’ll see.

Exactly. Don´t get me wrong, i enjoyed Room Service, but I want a really good album that remainds people how amazing roxette was. Spending my time, Sleeping in my car, Dangerous, So far away, that´s the kind of songs I want them to release after so long.

@abysmo, do you remember the time when we wished to hear anything about Roxette?

@Breathe8: Yes I do.
Now it seems we’ll get brand new album. Just remember. There were times when regular Roxette albums were long around 55 to 60 minutes. I still remember disappointing when 43 minutes long Room Service was released. This is normal, if you get less then usually.
Ofcourse, we all are extremely happy for new album. It’s great that Marie and Per can still enjoy their work. Our dreams come true.
So the only thing what I’m saying is that 15 tracks album is better than 12 tracks album. I think it’s normal that we want as much new music as possible after so long quiet. What I’m saying is that I’ll be extremelly happy for 40 minutes long album. But I’ll be much more happier for 60 minutes long album. Simply because there will be more 20 minutes of their fantastic music. And I will miss these 10, 15, 20 minutes if album will be shorter than Joyride, Crash! Boom! Bang!, Have A Nice Day, Look Sharp!. Naturaly. In these missing minutes could be another great songs we will never hear. And we could.
I can’t advise Per and I don’t want do it. He and Marie are the only masters of their work. But if Per read this forum, and he does, I can only imagine that this MAY can make that he’ll say something like: ’OK, we have so much great material, so let’s record two more songs to make this killer album little bit more killer. As another big album, like with Joyride once ago.’

i have to wonder if this has anything to do with the recent troubles at emi after a 2nd round of merger talks died? I really wish they would shop a distibution deal out to another label only because emi is in no contition to promote what might be their best album in years

so say we all

Abysmo -> In the article above Per actually says that they’re going to record 16 tracks, he thinks.
I kinda like it like that!

@Gabba77: Exactly. For 14 tracks HAND album they recorded 30 songs back in 1998. But yes, there is ofcourse possibility to put 15 of them on the album.

Where did you get the “30”? Never heard that.

For HAND were written 40 songs and finalized 20 songs. OK. I mistaked demos with final songs. My mistake, never read this article for some years. Sorry.

per himself stated in an interview 35 songs were written for hand however it was later revealed alot were originally demos for world according to gessle

so say we all

“We have worked with the album from late January and recorded 19 songs from the 42 songs written. According to the happy mathematician Clarence Öfwerman, we have spent over 200 days in the studio...”

Per’s comment about HAND from January 3rd 1999 message to TDR.

So 14 album tracks plus 4 known tracks from 5 more finished songs: It Hurts, Makin’ Love To You, Little Miss Sorrow, Happy Together if I don’t count demos (according to RoxBox and HAND 2009 tracklists). What a pitty if they forgot to, for example, such a jewel as Little Miss Sorrow, my probably all time Roxette favourite song.

OK, my last words, to make my thoughts clear.
I’m really happy that there will be new album, I was waiting for this moment 10 years.
But in my personal opinion 12 3-minutes long songs is too few music for an album, especially for ’10 years long break’ comeback album (furthermore if previous albums had 14-16 4-minutes long songs). My opinion.
Some fans thinks that One Wish is bad song. Some fans thinks that Reveal is bad song. Thier opinion. I think 40 minutes long album is too few. My opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.
Talking about album lenght is uselles discussion cos we are talking about something that we will put in our hands as late as next year. No more to say, it’s too much ’abysmo’ under this article. Maybe only last sentence to wish Per and Marie good time in the studio.

Thanx for explanation! I’ll enjoy whatever comes out, but hope for a hit filled longer album of course. ;-)

Btw. I recently came across several 10 track albums by other artists, for example A-Ha’s...

Don’t get me wrong, I am waiting for the new album of Roxette and I am more than happy because of Marie’s comeback. However, I hope Gessle would decide to record again a personal album without the pressure of what Roxette fans are waiting for. Maybe in 2012, after the Rox fever, P, C & C could join to record an album in Swedish together, since English albums seem to be “Rox-space” again. And Helena should be there. Just one opinion, I don’t want to cause any controversy anyway.

Per from Twitter: “Day off from the studio today. Start again with vocal sessions on Monday. Double album, anyone?”

Although I highly doubt they’d do a double album, just doesn’t seem Roxette-y to me, wouldn’t it be great!

This is great news! I’m already excited, but still I can wait a few Months longer!

Have Fun!!!

Christmas single?

Happy Christmas everyone!

February album?

Well a very Happy Birthday to me I think!

As has been said already by Per and co. They wanted to do a back to basics type album like Look Sharp! If it gets 15/16 tracks then I think that’s plenty, quite generous in fact :)

Wonder if there’s any name for it yet? working title etc?

@davidc4 said on April 26, 2010 02:21:
“Wonder if there’s any name for it yet? working title etc?”

What about “Roxette 25 - It was 25 years ago...” ? ;) if you count Heartland as Roxette album...
but really i think it will be one or two words in the name of the album - Roxride or Hands Up or Monster Hangover? ;)
I know it won’t be form live concerts, but if it would be, then maybe TouRoxIsm ;)


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