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Victoria wants Roxette

Written by tevensso on April 12, 2010 to . Source: Aftonbladet.

STOCKHOLM - According to an article in today's Aftonbladet Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria has requested Roxette to play "The Look" the day before the wedding, June 18.


No Doubt C.P.V will get her wish granted as she is the C.P. of Sweden and I have never heard of anyone saying no to a Royal Family.

Well, at least she got good taste! i wish we had royal like that..

Chilean most read newspaper has the same information. Click on Benny Andersson article...

Yeah.. we all were sure about this before!! I can understand her request so well!!

and I vote for Peter Jöback to perform Benny’s song ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I vote for Agnetha Fältskog & Anni-Frid Lyngstad to perform Benny’s song.

little mistake: it is June the 19th! :))

The day BEFORE the wedding...

Great, if Roxette are doing wedding requests I’ll get remarried :)

Would be sad if they perform on request of royals. Based on which exceptional talents can one say that royals are more important then everyday commen people like you and me?

I think that the Crown Princess Victoria has a very good taste!

According to her official website, Helena Josefsson will be there:

HJ: “Singing backing vocals with Roxette when our Princess gets married!” ( 2010/05/24 13:54)

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