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VH1 Australia to air Roxette special

Written by Roxwriter on April 3, 2010 to .

Australian Music Cable Channel "VH1" will air a Roxette Special on April 18th at 7:00pm EST.

Basically, they're playing Live-Ism.

The promo begins with crowd shots and text that reads "Over 50 million albums sold" … "20 million singles sold" … "are you ready to join the joyride?"

Then "Joyride" begins to play and the voice over is as follows… "Recorded live in Sydney in '91, don't miss Roxette belting out their biggest hits!"

Dressed for Success then plays.

"Catch the pop perfect duo at the top of their game in Roxette, Live in Sydney".

Pretty exciting for Australian Roxette fans to receive primetime attention and the promos are on high rotation. Also, VH1 are running a "Top 500 #1's" countdown and in their promo they feature a clip of "It Must Have Been Love" in amongst Katy Parry, Pink and U2.


Note to self: check the torrent trackers after MinamiCon 16 - and for a change, not for the anime...

good, this is important spot for roxette

Great piece of news! Vh1 Latin America has aired a Roxette videography about a month ago. And at present they use a clip of The Look in their institutional promo. They used to do it with Joyride a couple of years ago.

I swear it seems Roxette are slowly becoming cool again!!! This is the first time ever that I can recall an actual Roxette special airing on Australian television since like 1992!!! And I hear their songs a lot more on the radio than a few years ago. Prime time for a new album me thinks : )

Any chance of any1 recording the promos? would be interesting to see as I don’t have cable.

I can record them on my Foxtel IQ but have no idea how to get them off the Foxtel Box hard drive and upload them to youtube. I would if I only knew how :(

If anyone has a Samsung combined HDD/DVD recorder, they can try this (it’s what I do with QI...):
• record it to the hard drive
• burn it to a DVD
• run the DVD through something like DVD Decrypter, concatenating all the separate VOBs into one
• run the resultant über-VOB through the video convert ability in something like JetAudio, to convert it into an AVI / MP4 / whatever format one desires

Exactly SilverBloo... not possible :)

Of course if its too much trouble, then don’t worry bout it, I’m not that desperate for it. Thanx anyway.

Just noticed that the show goes from 8-11pm. That’s 3hrs and Live-Ism was only about 80mins, from what I can recall.

Does VH1 cram in alot of ads or do they mix it up with video clips? Or is this in fact something else?

I noticed that too RobS! If it were my fantasy then it would be the entire Sydney show & actually include FLAF & LTYH which lets face it are amongst their biggest hits (why they were never included on LIVE-ISM I’ll never know!) however my guess is that they’ll play live-ism straight & then some videos?! Still 3 hours is a lot to fill! Not that i’m complaining!

So i’m guessing no one had the opportunity to check this out?

It was basically a cut down version of Live-Ism. The back stage vignettes were removed, Soul Deep and Perfect Day were cut. All in all it ran for 60 minutes with commercial breaks.

But still, Roxette on Aussie TV I suppose.

There are of course a SY0-101 few requirements that have to be met: since it’s a full Roxette concert and EX0-101 not an acoustic set, you need to provide at least 15.000 Watts for the PA system, 642-446 and you need to cater for the band and the staff of 30 people.642-426 You also need to have a stage handy, 10 m (30 ft) wide and 5 m (15 ft) high, alternately a local pub/bar/club or similar. But other than that, the band will provide.


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