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Roxette to play in your living room?

Written by tevensso on April 1, 2010 to and .

(Updated) - You heard us right! You can now hire Roxette to play in your living room.

"It's been so much fun to play live together that we wanted to offer our fans this special opportunity", said Per in our short phone interview. "It's not even that expensive to get us to perform to your friends."

There are of course a few requirements that have to be met: since it's a full Roxette concert and not an acoustic set, you need to provide at least 15.000 Watts for the PA system, and you need to cater for the band and the staff of 30 people. You also need to have a stage handy, 10 m (30 ft) wide and 5 m (15 ft) high, alternately a local pub/bar/club or similar. But other than that, the band will provide.

The form for setting up your personal concert date will be available at later today. 

However, we've heard a rumor that it's not only for the fun of performing that Per is organizing this. Christoffer Lundquist, who owns the Aerosol Grey Machine studio that Roxette has used in recording their forthcoming album, is demanding rent for the studio for the previous 7 years and is asking such a high price that Per is in desperate need of cash. Per's assets are locked in his companies and properties and the band will be kicked out of the studio if he can't get the money soon enough. So you better help him out!

Update: Hmm, yes you may or may not have figured out the date of this article… April 1!


Fantastic, I meet the criteria, Roxette will perform in the UK this year, in my back garden!

Christoffer you are such a bad boy!

April april din dumma sil, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill...

Hello, April Fool, I love you! XD

actually metallica played for a fan once, so the idea isn’t that bad, to bad that it isn’t true...
But it’s their loss, i would have paid a million bucks to see them by my self

hahahaha!! Actually that would make an awesome prize for some sort of’s hoping!!

Hey Tev!

You seriously need a better imagination... he, he
Thank God you have a whole year to come up with something better for next year ;)
Well, I couldn’t have come up with anything better...

I kinda like it like that!

The best one i’ve seen all morning! LOL!

I’m sad to say I actually fell for this, I’m so stressed with my studies I forgot the date (and that’s with flying on holiday tomorrow!) I got excited about planning a UK come back for Roxette, a concert in Manchester, then two hours later the date dawned on me and I realised. First I fell for another April Fool in my local paper, even more stupid than this involving a story about a left handed sandwich (don’t ask!) and then I realised this was an April Fool!!! You got me this time TDR, this first time ever, and you know what it made me laugh and smile and I’m still smiling... nice one guys!!!! Lol

Reminds me of the Facebook group I did some weeks ago (We want Roxette to play in Judith’s living room) after Judith wrote in her status update something like: “What’s next? My living room?” as a reaction on many other groups demanding Roxette to play in Argentina, Italy, Germany and so on.. ;) Well done, TDR.


Gee T, I must admit you have gotten me in the past for some of April Fool’s Day Jokes. But this one didn’t get me at all. It was a good try though

I actually believed it for a moment :P
until I read the part about Per needing the money - there’s no doubt that that’s not possible, considering he’s the richest man in Scandinavia (even more so than the King of Sweden).
Then I remembered the date and it fell into place. Silly really.
But when I was much younger I actually did have dreams of Roxette playing my living room. Nice to dream again.

April Fools !!! hahaha !!! Would be nice though....
Jennefer - Rotterdam (NL)

@ Jules...
I know what you mean, I had those dreams too... Good old days, different time, same fabulous music...
Jennefer - Rotterdam (NL)

Jules-SouthAfrica, well actually Per isn’t richest man in Scandinavia, not even top 100 :) But rich he is.

oooh..didn’t have time to be online yesterday..LOL
Had to think about our “Rox-in-Judith’s-livingroom”-group on Facebook immediately.
No need for so much technical equipment I think... :D Just a guitar and Per and Marie would be fine!
Nice joke...but who knows..maybe one day... ;) ;)

This was a fun daydream... alas... Closest I’ve ever been to Roxette is when they were in Hong Kong in ’94 or ’95; I was in Korea. Doesn’t look to good this time either, now in the middle of the US. Glad to see them together again!

I’ve recently found out 646-205 that I cannot make it to the Sweden show. I know Norway is sold out but does braindumps anyone know of some place that I could get 1 ticket for this show? I’m not as 642-642 familiar with 3rd party ticket sale site for internationial events. If you’ve got an extra,642-436
I’m willing to trade for me Sweden ticket if it helps! Thanks. Daniel


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