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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Roxette to play Russia

Written by tevensso on February 19, 2010 to , and . Source: d&d management.

This just in! Roxette is to play Russia this fall. So far dates confirmed are:

September 10 - Moscow Mega Sport Arena
September 12 - St. Petersburg New Arena

Per comments on

It feels fab to start the new year announcing live concerts by Roxette. Both Moscow and St Petersburg should be great fun! And if we're all lucky there's even more to come. By the way, the new recordings are going great, we'll continue sweatin' it out for the next six months or so. You'll find videos/pics from the recordings on Snowfish.

Cheers, P. 




O my God............. IS IT OFFICIAL???????????
Actually we here in Russia already can see tickets... but only in one internet tickets seller website... But still I can’t believe...

Will Roxette play really live or just a performance like Latvia?

Wooohooo that sounds like my summer break sorted then... I don’t think uni starts till the 20th! Anyone confirm if it’s a solo Roxette concert or part of something bigger!

That’s good news, can’t afford to go to Russia though (I don’t think)

Would be good for a few UK shows, one in London and one in Manchester (hints) :)

OMG!!! it’s almost unreal!!! great great great news! i’ll be there

GREAT news!!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!!! this is a real roxette comeback! i hope roxette come here in Italy for a concert (i doubt), or to promote the new album (this is more probaby).
I’m so happy roxette are back!!!!!!!!!
i wish you all the best.

Everyone is going to want Roxette to come to their country... !!! lol

is true: everybody want roxette!!!!!!!

Where did this come from? Seems very out of the blue. But good to see :-)

Russian version / Русская версия

For those who decided to attend Roxette’s live gig in Moscow:

WOW! Such great news. Things are really starting to happen now!! This is cool, so much going on. No doubt they’ll be performing here in Oz b4 the year’s over :P (I wish!!) I just hope that there’s heaps of video/audio recordings of all these concerts made available to us unfortunate ones on the other side of the planet. Here’s to good times ahead!!

are these normal Roxette gigs or they are part of some kind of event like The Legend Race?

The Race Legends is only Swedish thing. These two Russian shows seem to be organized by Roxette management. I can only assume that it’s the part of some kind of mini-tour which will promote new single and album.

i know it’s Swedish. It was just an example of “some kind of event” :)

They said to me in they’re going to start tickets selling for Moscow show next week (no info when exactly).
Whole country is shaking awaiting for the first Rx shows since 2001!!!

And if we’re all lucky there’s even more to come” indeed sounds like a Gessle-ism for “don’t worry, more dates will be added soon”...
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Too good to be true! I’ve been a fan since 1995, but couldn’t afford going to Moscow back in 2001, when they were here with the RS show. And then I thought that even if they continued with Roxette after Marie’s illness, they would hardly be doing big shows anywhere, especially in Russia. And now they are coming, and I even live in Moscow in the meantime!! What a chance! I’ve already pre-ordered a ticket :)

It’s great to here Roxette playing some live shows. I feel good for the people in Russia, I do hope they come to America because I’m sure there are many people over here that would really enjoy a Roxette concert. I’m almost 20, and I want to see Roxette!


does Roxette intend to come to Romania? it will be a huge event if so. it will a big dream came true

This is fantastic news, not sure why just Russia but let’s see. If this is more than just Russia, it is essential they announce the full list at the same time as people will be booking tickets and flights all over the place only to find something is announced in their home country 3 days later. This has happened to me before with other bands and it is really frustrating!

Totally agree Rossy. I’m hanging back. Not holding breath for UK concert but Germany or another Swedish date would be cool!

I agree as well, I’m holding off booking to Sweden or Russia in case something closer is announced. But, with my luck, nothing will and when I get to book Sweden or Russia it will all be sold out! ha ha

I’m the same, holding back as well as I found the flights too expensive for Russia, well not expensive as such but the cheapest at around £250 had an 8 hour stopover in Helsinki and I don’t fancy spending so long in an airport! I’m even debating deferring my uni place till March 2011 to fit in a possible tour in the Autumn...

I am sure more dates will be added soon in different countries!

It would be great to see a tiny little venue and Roxette in the UK, going off how successful Per’s PC date was in London last May... didn’t he comment how much he loved playing here... imagine how much fun he would have playing as Roxette in a similar venue, I don’t think the fans would expect them to do a big arena but a smaller venue like where Per did last year would be rather amazing to say the least... :)

Yeah, If Roxette for some reason came to the USA, I wouldn’t expect them to play a huge arena. I would expect them to play a small theater, which I wouldn’t mind at all. Its more fun that way.

Frankly, I‘m suprised about choosing Megasport arena. Though I haven‘t seen the plan for this exactly venue, the arena itself is huge and is less attractive as for exmpl Olimpiisky, where Roxette performed in 95 and 01.
When I dreamed of Roxette coming to Moscow, I imagined a club or a medium stage. Lots of pop artists perform in B1-club, which has large floor for the fan-zone and seats above the floor for those who like to sit. It is more easy to get to and doesn‘t frighten as the mentioned Megasport.
As to the tickets, guys, don‘t be scared. They are usually sold out slowly. Russians seldom book out the whole venue during several hours.
If Rox management ever reads comments, I would strongly recommend to look out for some other stages in Moscow. And to control the ad-campaign :)))) As they usually start 2 weeks before the show and lead to the mass of tickets unsold.

Nevertheless, I am anxious for the Moscow-Petersburg double and happy to see the guys again! :))))

Roxette in concert ! but in Romania.... when? because Romania Loves You!

OMG OMG OH MY GOD!!!!!I can’t believe! Is this really true?!?!!! Thank you Per and Marie!!! See you in Moscow!!!!

Certificates for tickets in the dance stalls are subject to mandatory exchange (not valid as tickets!)
Share certificate for the ticket will be made from 8.09.2010 to 10.09.2010, at the following address: Moscow, Leningradskiy Prospekt, 37, 9, office “KASSIR.RU” from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 8 pm on weekends and holidays. Tel. (495) 730 730 0

Certificates and tickets with corrected (sealed) price are not accepted to exchange and refund.
KASSIR.RU is not responsible for tickets purchased from unofficial distributors!
RED Ramp Sector 3: 3000.00 RUR - 4000.00 RUR
RED Ramp Section 1: 5000.00 RUR- 6000.00 RUR
RED Ramp Section C 21: 2200.00 RUR - 2500.00 RUR
RED Ramp Section C 22: 2500.00 RUR - 3500.00 RUR
RED Ramp Section C 23: 2500.00 RUR - 3500.00 RUR
BLUE ramp Sector A 0: 10000.00 RUR
BLUE ramp Sector A 2: 7000.00 RUR - 8000.00 RUR
BLUE ramp Sector A 3: 7000.00 RUR - 9000.00 RUR
BLUE ramp Sector A 4: 5000.00 RUR - 6000.00 RUR
BLUE ramp Sector A 24: 2200.00 RUR - 2500.00 RUR
BLUE ramp Sector B 1: 3000.00 RUR - 4000.00 RUR
BLUE ramp in Sector 22: 2200.00 RUR
RED ramp Sector C 0: 10000.00 RUR

Hello everyone. I want to order tickets for the Rox Concert in moskau. Now it don´t know if its possible if this site will deliver to other countrys ( Germany). Does anybody know? I don´t found anything in the order system

Hi everyone. I would like to order tickets for the Roxette concert in moskau but as Goetzi1009 I’m not sure if thats possible from the website. I hope someone can help me and tell me where it’s best to order. THX already in advance

Russian site is holding a contest. The prizes are tickets to a concert Roxette in Moscow in Mega Sport Arena on 10 September 2010. Everyone can participate.
(For translation, you can use



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